Where is Bayonetta 3? No Release Date Confirmed Yet

It has been a while since we heard anything regarding Bayonetta 3 and its release date. The lack of news has fans of the famed witch worried. So, here's everything to know about a possible release window for the third instalment of this wicked franchise.

Where is Bayonetta 3 No Release Date Confirmed Yet

After nearly complete silence on a Bayonetta 3 release date since the official first look at the new game, fans of this beloved franchise begin to wonder if it’ll ever surface. It has been seven months since the First Look gameplay, and four years since the original announcement. So, where is it?

We know that it has a 2022 release date. Platinum Games set this in stone in the ‘first look’ gameplay trailer. For anyone questioning whether or not this is still a potential release date, take a look at Nintendo’s recent financial report. It states that 2022 is still the goal for this title. Although it is not as specific as other game release dates, so we’ll just have to wait and see just when it will release. Rest assured, if Platinum Games was going to delay the game, they likely would’ve stated this in the report.

Multiple times throughout 2020, Hideki Kamiya stated that development was going well amidst rumours that the game was cancelled. It’s clear that the approach with the development of this sequel is to keep heads low and work hard. Though, this can be a frustrating method for those of us on the outside. We’ve heard very little about it and fans highly anticipate its release. There is, however, a timeframe that seems plausible for the hack ‘n’ slash, judging by its predecessors’ releases.


As an arguably more autumnal game with its gothic horror themes and fall/winter settings, the Bayonetta series has always been released in the later months of the year. With 2022 still being the confirmed release year for the game, it wouldn’t be a stretch to estimate that a fall 2022 release date is on the cards.

It seems she's unfashionably late

It seems she’s unfashionably late

Bayonetta came out in October 2009. Its sequel, Bayonetta 2 was released in September 2014, five years later. This third instalment, however, has taken eight years. This is more than likely due to the pandemic, which affected much more than just the video game industry. Hopefully, we’ll see a Bayonetta 3 release date sometime spring to life sometime in Fall 2022, which, as stated earlier, is the season in which the last two games came out.


In all her glory, Bayonetta is returning. This time, however, she seems a little different. In her voice, appearance and personality. As previously discussed, it almost seems like this is another Bayonetta from a different timeline, and that it’s some sort of Bayonetta: Into the Bayo-verse, No Way Home game.

Welcome back, Gomorrah

Welcome back, Gomorrah

Could we see multiple Bayonettas teaming up to fight a new type of evil? Much like she teams up with Jeanne, her best friend, in the first game and Balder, her father, in the second. Now, she’s teaming up with… herself? Apparently, she’s fighting a new type of foe that is neither angel nor demon. So, where exactly do these new foes come from? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.


It’s true that Platinum Games have gone relatively dark on the subject. We don’t get many updates, and when we do get them, it’s usually something along the lines of “It’s still coming, development is going well.” While this is reassuring, it would be nice to hear a little more about how close it is to completion, or how far along it really is. This is just how the development team works, however, and it doesn’t indicate how well the game is coming along behind the scenes.

It's nearly time to dance the fight away...

It’s nearly time to dance the fight away…

We need to take their word for it and expect another trailer closer to the end of the year. I’d wager a bet that sometime in late summer, we will start to see much more advertisement for the upcoming hack ‘n’ slash as we near that fall period. The witch is coming back to the switch, rest assured, and I truly think we’re in the final stretch now, until we’re given a reason to believe otherwise.

So, are you excited for the Bayonetta 3 release date to be announced? I’m desperate to see some more gameplay and learn more about the story myself. With any luck, we’ll see some news relatively soon.

First Look at Bayonetta 3 Gameplay – Nintendo Switch
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