What Nintendo Should Do With the 3D Mario Games

The biggest rumor of the week is that the 3D Mario games are getting remastered by Nintendo. If this ends up being true, Nintendo should go a certain direction so that these games can be even better than their original counterparts.

Mario's 35th anniversary: What should happen

The word on the street says that Nintendo is remastering some of the 3D Mario games for the Switch. Whether this ends up being true or false, just the idea of that happening makes me excited. However, Nintendo should handle this correctly to please not only the fans, but the series as well. Here’s our thoughts on what Nintendo should do with the 3D Mario games.

Remake instead of Remaster

Many people get confused on what remakes and remasters are. Let me clear things up on this. Remakes are games that are made from the ground up with an updated engine, mechanics, and visuals from the original game. Games like Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening are examples of remakes. Remasters are games that have small changes to, but overall look and play the same as the original. In other words, a remaster is kind of like a port. Games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Sonic Adventure DX are examples of remasters. Nintendo should remake the 3D Mario games, because it’ll be visually better and they could add in new details to them.

The following Mario games are my picks to remake and how I think Nintendo should handle them:

Combine Super Mario 64 and DS into one game

What Nintendo should do with the 3D Mario Games

Mario flying around with the Wing Cap

Super Mario 64 is the only game out of my list that’s already gotten a remake. However, for whatever reason, Nintendo thought it’d be a great idea to remake it for a handheld system. With that, Super Mario 64 DS was born. The game is fine, but it has some issues with the camera and controls. Nintendo should remake Super Mario 64 with a few elements from the DS version. Add in the multiple playable characters, the 30 new stars, the new levels, and mini-games. Doing this would give Super Mario 64 the proper remake it deserves.

Fix Mario Sunshine’s many problems

What Nintendo should do with the 3D Mario Games

Mario in Bianco Hills

Super Mario Sunshine has a mixed reception with a lot of people. It is one of the most unique Mario platformers in the series because of the introduction of F.L.U.D.D. and how Mario moves around with him. However, people have many issues with this game. The camera in a lot of areas is bad. Controls and physics are flawed for the most part. Also, most of the shine sprites were annoying to get, especially the shine sprite in the infamous watermelon mission.

However, the hub world in this game is big and beautiful. I like how the hub world is just a big beach players can explore around. There are also very few areas in the game that feel linear. All Nintendo needs to do is fix the issues I mentioned and upgrade the graphics. Super Mario Sunshine would then be met with more praise than the original game.

Include both Mario Galaxy games

What Nintendo should do with the 3D Mario Games

Mario with a group of Lumas

Super Mario Galaxy was a great game. It was so well received that Nintendo made a second one. It wouldn’t make sense to only add in the first game. Nintendo might as well include both since they’re similar in gameplay and platforming with minor differences. Both games have aged well despite both being over a decade old. There’s barely any issues with these games to me. All Nintendo needs to do is to remake the game on the same engine as Super Mario Odyssey, along with the other Mario games I mentioned and they’re golden. 

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