What a New Batman Game Needs

Since their last Batman game in 2016, Rocksteady have been rather quiet. Around a month ago, a leak suggested that a new Batman game named "Crisis" was rumored to be in the works. Though it’s deemed by many as unlikely, a huge Batman fan like myself can only dream! I wasn’t content with the way the story ended in Batman Arkham Knight and was disappointed in some incredibly monotonous gameplay choices that featured throughout the game (hint: BAT-TANK). Here are some things us Batman fans want in a potential upcoming game!


No More Riddler Challenges

Ok, I think I speak for everyone when I say ENOUGH WITH THE RIDDLER CHALLENGES, PLEASE! The Riddler challenges that feature throughout the games were initially a fun way to get side-tracked from the main missions but became incredibly tedious due to the sheer volume of challenges. It also doesn’t make sense, e.g. the Riddler has an underground race track with challenges placed around for Batman to complete?
What the? How the? What?
Being a trophy head on PSN myself, anyone who wanted to platinum the Arkham games knows what I mean when I say Riddler trophies got boring quick.


Co-op Mode

In Arkham Knight, we occasionally dabble in co-op activities with AI, including fighting mobs of enemies and combining moves with the likes of Robin and Nightwing. Though creating a full-scale co-op story mode is a bit of a stretch, there are some simple ways a co-op mode can be incorporated into a sequel. For example, challenge modes where you fight waves of enemies could be more enjoyable if you were able to take on different types of enemies together with a buddy. This combined with the existing leaderboards system and updated challenges we see in fighting games such as Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2 could prevent the mode from feeling repetitive.


Gotham City

Arkham has always been a fun playground throughout the games but I feel as though a jump to an open world Gotham will be refreshing for all fans of the series. Due to the story line, Arkham didn’t really feel like an open world, as the city always felt empty due to the evacuation of all civilians. Recently, Spider-Man’s Queens was excellent open world, and I feel as though interactions with civilians and how they react to you traversing around the city has a significant impact on genuinely feeling like a superhero. An open world Gotham with citizens to interact with is needed in a potential sequel/prequel.


No More Joker

Being a massive Joker fan and the works of Mark Hamill, typing this paragraph hurt the most. But I feel as though it’s time to say goodbye to the Clown Prince of Crime. The way in which Arkham Knight incorporated the Joker into the plotline was great and as much as I appreciated it, I think its time we focus on a new villain. Batman comics have many interesting villains with deep back-stories that the Arkham series could focus on.

Suggestion: Deadshot.



The Batmobile was something many fans wanted in a new Batman game. The way it was incorporated into Arkham Knights gameplay was… well… let’s just say it felt like World of Bat-Tank. But the Batmobile isn’t the only thing fans wanted in a Batman game. We want a Batcave! The Batcave can serve as a HUB where players can customise the suit, upgrade gadgets, interact with Alfred and the gang, and set up missions. The Batcave plays a central role in Batman’s success in fighting crime throughout the comics and movies, which begs the question: Why is it absent from the games? The Batcave is a character itself and deserves some screen time with significant contributions to gameplay. It also links up perfectly with my next suggestion.


Full on RPG game

A Batman game with full on RPG mechanics would be a love letter to all fans of the Caped Crusader. Though the Arkham Series do have decent upgrading systems with interesting gadgets, it didn’t feel like we were fully in control of our style of combat. With a full-on RPG game, players will have the freedom to control style of combat including damage, defence and stamina stats. A cool iteration of a stats-based format can be seen in Injustice 2 (screen shot above), in which players are given the freedom to customise the batsuit which affects the players damage and defensive output stats.

An RPG Batman game combined with a Batcave HUB and a well incorporated Batmobile will be key in the success of a new Batman game. This combined with a new villain and a refreshing new setting such as an open world Gotham City would be a perfect way for the Dark Knight to make a return to video games.

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