We Need To Talk About Marvel’s Avengers

I've been keeping an eye on Marvel's Avengers since its announcement, and ahead of its release, I'm worried. A lack of detail on the structure of the game has left a lot of people scratching their head as to what they would be getting. Two months before release, we need to talk about Marvel's Avengers and why it might be doomed to failure.

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I wasn’t sure whether or not to write this article as I try to avoid judging something too harshly before I play it. With that said, we need to talk about Marvel’s Avengers. Ever since the teaser reveal in the summer of 2017, this project has always been somewhat mysterious. Several years of silence elapsed until 2019, in which we got our first look at Marvel’s Avengers – the story, graphics and gameplay. The reveal was met with a resounding “Meh!”. What had gone wrong? Well, several things. Character models were just different enough from their MCU counterparts not to be considered theft. Gameplay appeared lively, but no less generic from any other superhero game. Voice acting talent is top-notch, but their praise of the game felt hollow. Most importantly, we were left scratching our head as to what the game was?

War Games

The developer heard the criticism and promised to remodel the characters, but as we stand, just two months before release, none of these criticisms have been dealt with. Marvel’s Avengers appears as obscure as ever. New gameplay has shed light on the game’s narrative, but whether this is a narrative-driven game with multiplayer elements or not, hasn’t been answered. I’d go as far to say that the developer and publisher have been deliberately secretive of what the game’s true nature is. Please don’t misunderstand me; I’m all for a challenge mode that allows me to be my favourite superheroes. I want cool customisable outfits that embrace their comic book history. My question is, is that all the game is?

Marvel's Avengers looks almost like a looter-shooter with a tagged-on narrative.

Marvel’s Avengers looks almost like a looter-shooter with a tagged-on narrative.

Will Avengers follow a simple structure of story cutscene followed by a challenge mode? If so, why not be honest about it? I want nothing more than this game to succeed, but I’ve no time for developers hiding facts from potential customers that would help them in their purchasing decision. Games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Batman: Arkham franchise have proved that you can implement fan service elements like costumes and gadgets without relying on multiplayer or god forbid, microtransactions. Avengers seems to have thrown that idea in the trash in what I believe to be a thinly veiled story, hiding a grindy, generic multiplayer game. I hope I’m wrong, but Crystal Dynamics has done nothing to change that opinion.

Success & Legacy

A failure to be honest with what your game is will not be forgotten by gamers. We might have another Anthem on our hands. 

A failure to be honest with what your game is will not be forgotten by gamers. We might have another Anthem on our hands.

As things stand, Marvel’s Avengers is the only major game releasing in September, so far. That’s a dominant market position to hold. Regardless of whether my fears are born out or not, I fully expect the game to do gangbusters. It’s the legacy that the game leaves which will dictate its future and whether we’ll see a sequel. I hope this much-anticipated game isn’t a disaster, but everything I’ve seen points to that conclusion. I’m not alone in my worries, but I’m sure there are lots of people looking forward to the game. Will you be buying Marvel’s Avengers? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below.

Marvel's Avengers - FULL War Table Gameplay Reveal Event

Marvel’s Avengers is available to pre-order for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.  

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