Top Ten Games To Watch in 2019

2019 has so many great games yet to be released, it is hard to remember them all. As we look forward to another great year in games, we take a look at what will be releasing and when. The below is in date order only and in no particular order of preference.

Resident Evil 2 Remake – January 25th

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Resi 2

2019 will be kicking off with a bang as Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield and other familiar faces of the 90’s return to our living rooms. Resident Evil 2 Remake is an incredibly true to form, from-the-ground-up remake of the original classic from the 90’s. Capcom’s RE Engine, which debuted in Resident Evil 7 (if you got a PSVR this Christmas, waste no time playing it. It is the best PlayStation VR experience available on the market!) and making a return for Devil May Cry 5, will also feature in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Suffice it to say, the game looks gorgeous, bringing moody and modern lighting techniques to Resident Evil 2 Remake’s creepy and claustrophobic environments. 

Kingdom Hearts III – January 25th

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III will be Resident Evil 2 Remake’s direct competition on the day of January 25th and battle of the sales this will be! Kingdom Hearts III has been development for a very, very long time with fans having waited since 2005 for this, since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2. After years hype, it was only recently we were finally graced with a release date so this will be a huge day for Kingdom Hearts fans. Judging from the trailers, time has been Kingdom Hearts best friend as, in the years since 2005, plenty of Disney adventures have graced the silver screen and are translating beautifully to the universe of Kingdom Hearts

Metro: Exodus – February 15th

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Metro Exodus

While struggling to garner a very large following, the series of Metro games based on the books by Dimtry Glukhovsky have gradually earned the recognition they deserve for being some of the most atmospheric games ever made. In Exodus, our hero Artyom dares to emerge from the metro tunnels in the wake of nuclear apocalypse with his fellow Spartans, in search of a new life topside. The third entry in the Metro game series is looking to amp the series’ realistic gameplay up several notches with on-the-fly weapon customisation, open world exploration, stealth and survival mechanics. If you’ve missed out Metro until now, it's is a great time to pick up on this underrated gem of a franchise. 

Devil May Cry 5 – March 8th

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - DMC 5

Need the Son of Sparda require any introduction? Devil May Cry 5 will take fans to the latest part of the Devil May Cry timeline, with returning heroes, Dante, Nero, Lady and Trish. Some newcomers are along for the ride too as DMC5 introduces tech savvy Nico and the mysterious V to the roster. Dante, Nero and V will each be playable and, knowing Capcom, generous future DLC involving Lady and Trish will likely be involved. Don’t miss out on this long awaited return to form for the beloved DMC franchise. Over the top action and endless quips await! 

Mortal Kombat 11 – April 23

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - MK11

The famously over-the-top brutal fighter will return in April and it baffles the mind to think how creator, Ed Boon, could possible come up with more creatively disgusting fatalities to subject poor beloved MK characters to. Following on from the events of Mortal Kombat X, Mortal Kombat 11 takes us the furthest the franchise has ever gone in its chronology. Ed Boon has stated there will be a bigger focus on online and community elements for MK11 but fear not, more juicy story and lore is on the way. The roster of playable characters remains unannounced, so stick around at KeenGamer to catch up on the MK11 live stream gameplay reveal 11am, January 17th PST.

Rage 2 – May 14th

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Rage 2

Rage 2 takes everything we love about a Mad Max style, vehicle oriented post-apocalypse and amps it up massively. From the team that brought you DOOM, you can expect intense and smoothly controlled gunfights in Rage 2, carefully crafted by the grandaddies of the FPS genre, iD Software. Rage suffered under the poorly optimised iD Tech Engine 5 but as we all know from DOOM, iD Tech Engine 6 runs like a dream! Rage 2 will offer an open world with various environmental biomes, RPG-lite upgrade features, vehicle customisation and of course – crazy combat!

Shenmue 3 – August 27th

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Shenmue

Shenmue is fondly remembered by its cult following and for good reason. It was the game that wrote the book on today’s basic third person mechanics and went to great lengths to focus on realism and immersion in its game world. It’s safe to say, we’re all keen to see how that attitude in game design that broke so many barriers will translate with modern day technology. The story continues teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki's quest to find his father's killer in 1980s China and fans have been waiting since Shenmue 2 in 2006 to find out just how that’s going to play out!

Unannounced Dates For Games Confirmed in the 2019 Release Window

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Jedi: Fallen Order

In recent years, Star Wars fans have been disappointed to see very little from EA on this front, since their deal with Disney. The games that have come out have released to their share of controversy, with no thanks to EA’s marketing practices. That said, Star Wars is Star Wars and we can’t deny being excited for another game. The next one is is called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We know next to nothing about the project, except that it is being developed by Titanfall 2 developer, Respawn. Judging from the title, it will be based somewhere between the first two trilogies and will undoubtedly look gorgeous with EA’s Frostbite Engine. Could this be the re-formed Project Ragtag

Psychonauts 2

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Psychonauts 2

For many fans of Psychonauts, it was assumed the franchise would end up in gaming history books as a one hit wonder. The recently released VR title, for all of its charm, Rhombus of Ruin, flew quietly under the radar with few critics bothering to mention it. Now, sometime in 2019 we can expect a full fledged sequel to the original 2005 game. Developed by Double Fine, players can expect all the witticism of Monkey Island and Brutal Legend as the videogames hero that is Tim Schaffer will likely not disappoint.

Code Vein

An exciting title for fans anime, RPGs or Dark Souls type gameplay punishment, Code Vein has been quietly getting polished off in background behind various delay announcements. The stylish post apocalyptic vampire saga has been pushed to some time in 2019 after holding back on the original release date of September 2018. Worry not anime fans! This just means that when Code Vein does finally release, it’ll be one polished piece of gaming magnificence.


Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - MediEvil

The dastardly undead, vocally challenged Sir Dan is gradually making his way back us in another faithfully crafted remaster. MediEvil is fondly remembered by fans of the original PlayStation classic as another title from back in the day that never took itself too seriously. Packed with puzzles, action and a consistently hilarious narrator, the return of MediEvil is a welcome one and will likely play on the nostalgia of many to make a killing when it releases some time in 2019.

Special Mentions

The below games have no current release date but, with a little luck, will arrive sometime in 2019. 

Metroid Prime 4

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Original Metroid Prime

Metroid is a hallmark franchise of Nintendo and has rightfully earned its survival alongside icons like Mario and Zelda. Unfortunately we know very little about Metroid Prime 4 but you can rely on KeenGamer to bring you all related news as soon as we learn anything. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Cyberpunk 2077

As CD Projekt Red would tell you, Cyberpunk 2077 will release “when it’s ready”. You can be sure the developers behind The Witcher game franchise will do a great job pushing boundaries of what is possible in gaming. The Cyberpunk gameplay reveal was certainly impressive and its scale could offer clues as to when it will arrive. There’s every chance that, if it releases late 2019, CD Projekt Red will pull a GTA V on us and release the game across two generations, with the 9th generation of consoles set to arrive in 2020. 

Death Stranding

Top Ten Biggest Games Releasing in 2019 - Death Stranding

Several trailers later, Hideo Kojima’s flagship title as Studio Head of an independant Kojima Productions remains a mystery. Heck, it wouldn’t be a Kojima game if we knew exactly what was going on. Kojima has recently stated that Death Stranding “will transcend established genres”, which is very exciting indeed given the man’s penchant for video game trickery. Aside from any fan theories to delve into, we still can’t honestly tell you what it is. Regardless, the trailers have us hyped and we all want to see what Kojima has been cooking all these years. Check out the recent trailer below and join us in crossing our fingers for a 2019 release. 

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