Top 6 Gotham Villains

Since the Pilot released in September 2014, Gotham has developed into one of the most loved shows on television. Being over half-way through its fourth season, I thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase some of the best villains in the show.

Top 6 Gotham Villains
Once again, like other opinion articles, the opinions below are solely my own. Therefore, if you disagree with any of my choices, feel free to comment down below. Additionally, there are some spoilers in this list – so, I urge caution if you're not fully caught up with the series. Besides that, lets get on with the list. 

6) Sal Maroni

Top 6 Gotham Villains - Sal Maroni
During the first season, Sal Maroni (portrayed by David Zayas) was one of my favourite characters. His classic Italian mobster persona, reminded me of the likes of Tommy DeVito from the 1990 classic Godfellas. He alongside Fish Mooney, effectively made Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) the criminal overlord he currently is. However, despite his great character, I feel he will always be remembered as the guy Fish Mooney shot in the head at the end of the first season.  

5) Barbara Kean

Top 6 Gotham Villains - Barbara Kean
Like many other characters in the series, Barbara Kean has undergone a dramatic change. After being brainwashed by the Ogre to kill her own parents, its no wonder Barbara Kean has one of the darkest backstories in Gotham. Rumours did arise that the character would become Harley Quinn later in the series, which would be a huge change from the comic book version of the character. However, that mantle appeared to go to Leslie Tompkins in the fourth season. 

4) Jerome Valeska

Top 6 Gotham Villains - Jerome Valeska

After Theo Galavan killed Jerome Valeska in the second season, fans were shocked as they felt Valeska (masterfully played by Cameron Monaghan) would be Gotham's answer to the most famous Batman villain of all time – The Joker. His return in the third season, where he staples his face back on, is magnificently disgusting, but possibly one of the greatest scenes in the history of the show. I eagerly await to see what the show runners do with Valeska's character. 

3) Theo Galavan/Azrael

Top 6 Gotham Villains - Theo Galavan/Azrael

After being brought to life by Leeds born actor, James Frain, Theo Galavan was one of the most thrilling villains to watch during the second season. After becoming the evil Mayor of Gotham and attempting to kill Bruce Wayne in an attempt to avenge his Dumas ancestors, Galavan was killed by James Gordon, but was then brought back to life by Hugo Strange at Indian Hill to become Azrael. Strange's creation saw Azrael become one of the most ruthless characters on the show, even going to lengths of stabbing his own sister to achieve his ultimate goal.  

2) Edward Nygma (The Riddler)

Top 6 Gotham Villains - Edward Nygma (The Riddler)

Since the start of the series, Edward Nygma (aka The Riddler) has gone through a massive identity shift. Starting out as the lovable GCPD forensic scientist, his transition towards villainy gradually heightened. Nygma officially becomes The Riddler in the third season, and is undoubtably the best incarnation of The Riddler fans will ever get to see.

1) Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin)  

Top 6 Gotham Villains - Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin)
Penguin has been great since he was first introduced as Fish Mooney's devious umbrella boy in the first episode. By carrying out Petyr Baelish styled manipulation he was able to rise to the top, where he eventually overtakes Carmine Falcone as the King of the criminal underworld. But, what makes Penguin so unique is his emotion. Most villains are usually coldhearted, but Cobblepot seems to have emotion dictate to a lot of his decisions. This was particularly highlighted after the death of his Mother and in his love for Edward Nygma, which a lot of fans did not see coming.