Top 5 Of The Best Games That Were Cancelled

That crushing feeling when you get hyped for a game, only to have it cancelled. Today we will pay homage to the best games that never were.

5 Of The Best Games That Were Cancelled
Let's face it, when a game gets announced or concept art gets leaked and it just so happens to peak your interest, there's only one thought that goes around in our head; PLEASE DON'T CANCEL, PLEASE DON'T CANCEL! Here's 5 times where that unfortunately happened. Please keep in mind that this is my personal list and don't forget to tell us your favorite games that were cancelled!

05. Silent Hills

Silent Hills \ PT (PS4) - TGS 2014 Trailer

So let's get this heart ache out the way. It's already on everyones list (for good reason) so I will be brief with this one! Silent Hills (or P.T) was set to be the reboot that the franchise needed as it seemed to be heading straight back to it's roots. However the relationship between Konami and Hideo Kojima turned extremely sour and the game (as well as Kojimas career at Konami) was cancelled. To this day we don't know what kind of game Silent Hills would have been. My guess is that it would have focused on a hand full of specific characters and their stories (similar to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem) and their own personal Silent Hill. However we will never know for sure.

04. POTC: Armada of the Damned

Armada Of The Dammed would have been an amazing game. In fact now would be a perfect time to release it. Why? Because this game would have been a prequel to the entire franchise but also separate to the movies. You would play as a new character and You would have been able to create your own crew and decide whether to be evil or not. Seeing as the movies have wrapped up (probably… maybe) it would have been a perfect time to release a game with an original story. Maybe one day we will see a game like this but for some reason I just can't see it happening soon.

03. Megaman Legends 3

Direct-Feed Mega Man Legends 3 Gameplay Footage and Screenshots for the Nintendo 3DS
The Megaman Legends series is a spinoff of the Megaman series. The games are Action RPG/Adventure games and have quite a large cult following but never had the commercial success as the original Megaman or even the X series. I would even call them hidden gems (Megaman Legends 2 is one of my favorite games on the PS1). So naturally, when Capcom announced a 3rd entry in the series after decade since the last entry, there was a lot of excitement from the fans! The game was set to be released one the 3DS, footage had been leaked and there was even a competition where you would draw up your very own character and if you won he/she would be put in the game as an NPC. But while all this attention was being generated it was a different story behind the scenes over at Capcom. While the developers were hard at work, some of the higher ups disapproved of the fact that the game was a sequel to a spinoff series and perhaps they didn't feel comfortable in investing as much money as the project need for that reason because soon after the winner for competition was announced, the game was cancelled. This caused a lot of distrust between Capcom and their consumers due to how they handled the fan backlash. Capcom have since cleaned up their act but one can only wonder if another Legends game will ever surface!


Resident Evil 3.5 HD All Beta

So, Imagine Fatal Frame, Devil May Cry and Resident Evil came together to create a dark, Gothic, supernatural survival horror starring Leon S. Kennedy. That's what awaited us at Resident Evil 3.5. Now sure, this cancelled game did give us the Devil May Cry series and sure, Ghosts in a Resident Evil game? That would never happen (wink wink). But come on how amazing does this look!? Not even a Resident Evil spinoff?
Fun Fact: Originally the 1st Resident Evil was going to have supernatural aspects to the game, like messages appearing in blood on the walls.

01. Primal Carnage: Genesis

Primal Carnage: Genesis GDC Announce Trailer

Oh boy… this one, for me is the one. The one game I was looking forward to the most. This is Primal Carnage:Genesis. If you are unfamiliar with the Primal Carnage, the series is an online multiplayer survival game where you fight or fight as dinosaurs! However Genesis would have broken the mold of the series as it played as a first person survival horror… WITH DINOSAURS! So far there has only been one true survival horror with dinosaurs and that just so happens to be one of my favorite games of all time (Dino Crisis). So you can imagine the hype I felt when I first saw this trailer. But just didn't come out. set back after set back, Hiatus after hiatus. and here we are 5 years later still waiting for… well something! The game has not been officially canned, but let's face it… Primal Carnage Genesis is the Half Life 3 of Dino games!

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