Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games

Sultry, seductive, and just a bit dangerous, vampires make for very sexy and alluring characters. We take a look at the top 10 of the sexiest female vampires in the history of video games in this spookiest of seasons!

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games
Happy Halloween! On this, the spookiest night of the year, I felt it a perfect time to take a look at some of the sexiest vampires in the history of video games! While vampires aren't just known for their sex appeal, like the raw power and terror the Unseen Elder of Witcher 3 exudes, of all the monsters in fiction, vampires are by far the most lustful. Vampiric women make for great femme fatales, being confident and powerful, having given in to their darker side and projecting their desires onto the world. Without further ado, let's start counting down our list with an entrant who doesn't quite have the vampire-look, but certainly has the traits…

#10: Betty from Killer is Dead

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Betty
Killer is Dead is, like most Suda51 games, interesting to say the least. Getting a contract on a mysterious man accused of brutally attacking a vampiric woman, then, doesn't feel out of place in this additional content pack for the action game. Betty makes no reservations about her vampire-status, despite not looking the part (compared to other entrants on our list). Her sultry gaze and smokey voice fit the vampire-vibe perfectly, however. 

Betty strides confidently and mysteriously, clearly holding something back but giving just enough to whet the appetites of those who see her. Like most vampires, it may not too wise to trust the mysterious stranger, especially when they ask you to kill a man. Even with her 1930s damsel aura, Betty never seems defenseless or weak.

#9: Alysa from Blood Knights

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Alysa
While the game, Blood Knights, itself is not worth special mention, one of the two main characters, Alysa, was certainly worthy of notice. Cold and calculating, Alysa is somewhat unique in that, unlike other vampires, she doesn't need to lure prey in before going in for a close-range kill. Instead this killer woman uses dual crossbows, a method even more impractical, and cooler, than using dual pistols. 

Alysa has the common outlook on humanity vampires have, which is seeing them as little more than stupid cattle, ripe for the slaughter. Thanks to some magical shenanigans, she is bound to a human, unable to harm him and forced to go along with his crusade. Her outfit certainly screams "vampire," being nearly all black and barely covering her sinful figure.

#8: Tala From Darkwatchers

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Tala
Yet another game many may not know due to its poor reception, Darkwatchers' Tala has two claims to fame (one of which she shares with another entry on this list). Tala is one of the few Native American video game characters, sharing the small spot with the likes of Tommy from the original Prey (I'm still sore we didn't get the Prey 2 we were promised). She also made a notable appearance in Playboy. With a voluptuous figure and sultry personality, she was tailor made for the pages of a gentleman's magazine.

Even though she's manipulative and, ultimately, evil, it's hard to resist the charms of the busty creature of the night. The players in Darkwatchers get one of two endings when deciding between two love interests, one of which being Tala. Rejecting the raven-haired beauty does not go well, but then neither does accepting her offer. Still, there are worse reasons to doom humanity.

#7: Mona de Lafitte – A Vampyre Story

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Mona
Released back in 2008, A Vampyre Story is an adventure game following the escape of Mona de Lafitte, an opera singer turned vampire. Lighter in tone compared to other vampire video games, Mona faces comedic challenges in her quest to escape the clutches of the enamored vampire who sired her. 

Mona is surprisingly high spirited, with ever a song in her heart and skip in her step. Combined with a French accent and figure modeled after Jessica Rabbit, and it's easy to fall head-over-heels for the Parisian vampire. Sultry but sweet, of all the entries on this list, your life is likely most secure trying to enter into a relationship with her than any of the other vampires.

#6: Mira – Killer Instinct

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Mira
In 2013's Killer Instinct, Mira hits most of the familiar beats of vampire characters. She loathes humanity, seeing herself as superior, and serves a dark master and his wishes. Cunning and cruel, Mira attacks and dispatches her foes with relative ease, employing both combat prowess and dark magic to meet her master's goals.

Though her personality is somewhat, well, basic for a vampire character, it's those traits that usually make vampiric women so interesting. Still, despite losing some points for her by-the-numbers story, Mira's look is great, a character design that helps to make up for some of those lost points.

#5: Eliza – Tekken 7

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Eliza
The second fighting game vampire on this list, Eliza is literally a fan favorite, making it into the top 3 of a poll conducted for Tekken 7. Her popularity earned her a spot in the game as DLC, and the horned-goth became something of a selling point for players.

Even with a demonic-goth appearance, the typical vampire palette of red and black working together, Eliza never fails to be somewhat adorable thanks to her nacroletpic habits. After waking up from a 600 year nap, Eliza still manages to doze off in the middle of conversations, her seductive voice trailing off into a brief snore before being woken up by some insulted person. Pale skin, dark hair, smoldering eyeliner and sexy purple lips, Eliza is as captivating as she is cute.

#4: Theresa & Jeanette – Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Theresa/JeanetteArtwork done by Nuclear-Tan.

I may get some flak for putting these popular characters so far from #1, but I have to stick to my guns on this one. Even though they're not in the top 3, Theresa and her twin sister Jeanette are still in a respectable position. Theresa is the calculating and responsible owner of a vampire-friendly bar in the cult classic RPG, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. It's in this same bar you meet Jeanette, dressed in an outfit stolen from a porn set, her smokey mascara and plunging cleavage play off of her friendly and flirty personality well.

Both sisters made it to this list because I just couldn't choose between the two to say which is better. Though twins, they dress very differently, but both styles attract differently but equally. Jeanette with her naughty school girl look, and Theresa looking like the sexy librarian working at that same school. Even their personalities, different as night and day, work on different but equal levels. It's a shame they're never seen in the same room together, because I'm sure their interactions would be great.

#3: Serana – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Serana
Thanks to the modding nature of Skyrim, Serana can easily cheat her way high onto this list by players modding her to fit their ideal vampire-look. Even ignoring this substantial leg-up, it's Serana's personality that helps elevate her so high above the others.

The pale beauty is actually quite friendly, finding a kinship in the Dragonborn after she's awoken. Though her persistent complaining about caves and dungeons can be irksome, especially in a game where cave and dungeon exploring is the main attraction, her wit and charm give her a winning personality. It's no wonder so many players looked for mods that would allow them to romance and marry the dark-haired vampire, taking their relationship from friends to something more.

#2: Rayne – Bloodrayne

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Rayne

Some may be surprised the protagonist of the Bloodrayne series didn't make it to the number 1 spot. She's arguably the most famous video game vampire on this list, and certainly is the most well known video game vampire, second only to Dracula himself. There's no denying the allure of Rayne, though, so anything less than #2 would be insulting.

Situated in the era of World War II, Rayne is a nazi-chomping vampire, wearing skintight pants and corset while wielding both guns and her beauty as deadly weapons. Popular enough to earn herself a movie, sadly it was a Uwe Boll directed piece, which may account for her series falling into obscurity soon after.  Though most vampires have dark hair, Rayne breaks the mold with her bright red locks, cutely cut and matching her red, often blood-stained, lips. Despite being a video game sex symbol up there with the likes of Lara Croft, Rayne still lost the #1 spot to arguably the sexiest of the video game vampires…

#1: Carmilla – Castlevania Series

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Carmilla
Carmilla, though some say Camilla, is a recurring antagonist in the Castlevania series, even appearing in the revamped Lords of Shadow2. Carmilla is almost always depicted as possessing great beauty, giving succubi a run for their money with her curves and charm. Her attraction is exclusively placed on Dracula himself, though he's not always receptive to her desires.

What gives Carmilla a leg-up on the competition is her many iterations and design changes, allowing her to appeal to more demographics than others who are more consistent with their appearances. Though she originally appeared as just a spooky face, most of her appearances since then depict her as a nude woman riding atop a giant skull. Casltevania Judgement allowed her to mix things up with a spiky dominatrix costume, and Lords of Shadow 2 (pictured above) had her take on a more traditional vampire ensemble. yet even her breasts-flattering corset couldn't woo Dracula in that title.

Honorable Mention: Alucard – Castlevania Series

Top 10 Sexiest Vampires in Video Games - Alucard
Though the top 10 was exclusively for female vampires, special consideration should be given to Alucard, the son of Dracula, especially his Lords of Shadow 2 appearance. Despite some bizarre muscles going on with his torso, there's no denying that the ivory-haired vampire makes it work.

Whether you agree or disagree with this list, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

The opinions expressed in this article are that of the author and not necessarily shared with the rest of the staff at KeenGamer.


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