Top 10 Maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 contains some of the greatest maps in the Call of Duty franchise. From Highrise to Terminal, here are the top 10 maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With the Battle Royale mode added to the newest Modern Warfare game, it's time to look back at some maps that could possibly come to the mode.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has some of the best maps in the history of the franchise. It’s one of the most memorable and requested games for a remaster. Released in 2009, the game quickly became one of the most influential first-person shooters ever made.

Some of the top maps in Modern Warfare 2 are constantly requested to return in new games. It brought an amazing campaign, filled with moments straight out of a blockbuster movie, and of course a phenomenal multiplayer that is still played to this day by thousands. Here are the Top 10 maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

1. Highrise

Modern Warfare 2 Highrise

Modern Warfare 2’s Highrise, a great 6v6 map with open areas great for snipers

This map is often remembered as one of the original trick-shotting maps that helped evolve the sniping community. It’s quite an open map with a lot of potential for holding angles and has several spots high enough to hit insane trick shots. Without this map, it’s possible the sniping community wouldn’t be where it’s at right now, or it just wouldn’t be the same. One of the buildings has a secret way of getting on top of its roof which was a very cool thing that most fans will never forget. Highrise would be great to see make a return in a future game.

2. Terminal 

Terminal MW2

Terminal is one of the most memorable maps in the Call of Duty franchise

This one is no stranger to the Call of Duty franchise, appearing in almost every Infinity Ward created game so far. It’s probably the most likely in this list to come to Modern Warfare (2019). It’s set in an airport with an outside and inside part that is great for close-quarters fights. The inside part has a destructible glass ceiling that allows for big killstreaks if you’re able to secure a chopper gunner or AC-130. It’s an overall great map and we’d love to see it return.

3. Favela

Favela MW2

Favela in Modern Warfare 2 made for some intense battles for the high ground

This is another map that’s often requested to come to Modern Warfare (2019). It has tons of buildings with a lower ground and higher ground, leading to fast-paced fights. The map is vertical, which could lead to slower gameplay and strange scenarios. However, it’s done in a way that balances out everything pretty nicely. The buildings and tight corners make for intense fights. It’s one of the best maps ever made in Call of Duty history. 

4. Quarry

Quarry MW2

Quarry in Modern Warfare 2 was amazing for snipers and had cool hidden areas

Quarry is such a fun map to play on that mixed a perfect balance of low-ground and high-ground battles. It isn’t too big, but definitely not small. It’s a little bland when it comes to color, but not so much to the point where it hurts to look at. It’s great for domination and has plenty of spots for snipers watching flanks around the map. Quarry may not do well in regular multiplayer in Modern Warfare (2019), but it would definitely be great for the Battle Royale mode. 

5. Scrapyard

Scrapyard in Modern Warfare 2

Scrapyard in Modern Warfare 2 was great for chaotic domination matches and CQB

Scapyard is one of the few classic maps that made it into Modern Warfare (2019), sort of. It appears as part of another map and is also in the Battle Royale mode. That version isn’t a carbon copy of the original but it’s still quite cool to play on. The original version was complete chaos, especially if someone managed to get a big killstreak such as an AC-130. Besides the buildings on each side of the map, there wasn’t much of a place to hide in when death was coming from above. It’s an awesome map and it’d be great to get a proper remake in the future. 

6. Underpass

Underpass MW2

Underpass is another great map that would fit Modern Warfare (2019)

Underpass was a pretty gloomy map that’s often remembered for its terrifying Search & Destroy matches. There were just a lot of bushes and spots to camp in which made it scary to cross any of the open areas. Even with the camping that usually happened on the map, it was still fun to play on and was great for custom games. Michael Myers was amazing for this map and if a remake came to Modern Warfare (2019), there’d be so much potential for Infection mode on this map. 

7. Invasion

Invasion MW2

Invasion was a large map with long sightlines and made for fun Domination matches

Invasion was one of the more colorful maps in Modern Warfare 2. It’s a close-quarters map that was great for Free for All and Domination matches. It seems like most of the maps that had a lot of buildings in this game still played pretty fast-paced compared to Modern Warfare (2019). It would be interesting to see how it would play now that the community has evolved. This is also another map that could be a great addition to Battle Royale. 

8. Afghan

Afghan MW2

Afghan is another iconic Modern Warfare 2 map that’s been requested to return

First of all, Afghan is probably one of, if not the most recognizable map in Modern Warfare 2. The number of sniper clips you can find on this map is insane and it makes sense considering this map is very open. If you find yourself caught in the middle of the map, you’re most likely going to die unless you make it into the underground cave in time. Overall, it was just a fun map to play Domination, Search and Destroy, and really any game mode.  

9. Rundown

Rundown MW2

Rundown was commonly known for its intense Search & Destroy matches

Rundown was a somewhat frustrating map. It had a bridge that separated the two sides of the map and it played a bit slow. However, it did do well in Search and Destroy and competitive online matches. It was one of those maps that put your awareness to the ultimate test. It seems like more of a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map than a Modern Warfare 2 map. Aesthetically it didn’t offer much besides a rundown town, but gameplay-wise it was a blast to play on. 

10. Derail

Derail MW2

Derail was a very large map but had beautiful scenery and made for fun custom games

Who doesn’t love snow maps? Derail is a huge map that’s great for snipers and larger game-types. Playing custom games such as Michael Myers or hide-n-seek was a ton of fun on this map. Overall, the map was a bit campy and played pretty slow on regular 6v6 game types. It’s just a pleasant map to play on. The main building of the map in the center was always a control point that allowed you to pick up a lot of kills from the distant spawns. Considering Modern Warfare (2019) doesn’t have a lot of snow maps, this could be a good addition. 

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    I loved Terminal and it brought me joy. Glad you put it up there!


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