Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG

The Battle Royale genre of video games is undoubtedly blowing up these days. With titles such as the massively popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) taking the genre to new heights, there’s truly no better time to be a fan of action-packed, shoot-'em-up titles than right now.
Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG

PUBG is a game that’s way ahead of the curve. It’s not surprising. With over two million players a day, PUBG’s undeniable draw is evident both regarding numbers and social relevance. From video uploads to the availability of outlandish PUBG skins, there’s no masking the fact that PUBG is the undisputed king of the hill of Battle Royale games. There is a multitude of other titles that have the potential to rival PUBG and dare I say possibly beat it at its own game.

Here’s a look at the top ten last-person-standing shooting games that, given enough traction, may just do that:

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale Mode – If there’s a game that has the clear potential to unseat PUBG from its lofty throne, it’s Fortnite. With its Battle Royale mode, Fortnite finds itself at the opposite end of the spectrum to PUBG regarding visual realism and creative approach. With a faster pace of gameplay due to its smaller map, Fortnite is an ideal choice for trigger-happy players.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. FORTNITE: BATTLE ROYALE

Grand Theft Auto Online: Motor Wars

Grand Theft Auto Online: Motor Wars – The edge this game has that can give it leverage over others on this list—and perhaps even PUBG—is that it has more of a team-based feel. Players who are big on the cooperative style of gameplay will have a riot playing it as they try to mop the floor with the opposition.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE: MOTOR WARS

Arma 3

Arma 3 – The mere fact that PUBG started off as an Arma 3 mod—a quick trivia that hardcore PUBG fans surely know of—is enough to catapult it into the top tier of this list. Arma 3’s Battle Royale mode is the classic that will always have a loyal fan base.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. ARMA 3


H1Z1 – This game is so fast-paced that you can expect a heap of player deaths within seconds of the game. Depending on which side of the coin you happen to be on, this can either be a good or a bad thing. H1Z1 combines the best elements of a zombie game along with that of a shoot- ‘em-up game.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. H1Z1

Ark: Survival of the Fittest

Ark: Survival of the Fittest – This game drops you on an island infested with dinosaurs and other fiendish monsters. You need to gather your wits and survive the primordial landscape quickly. And did I mention you have 71 other players who spawned in the game with you?

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. ARK: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

The Culling

The Culling – This game pushes the action right from the get-go. With lobbies of only 16 players, matches typically last no longer than 20 minutes, leaving no time to rest for your itchy trigger finger to enjoy. That said, players still have ample time to set their strategies in motion. What sets it apart from others on this list is the abundance of blood and gore.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. THE CULLING


Rust – Armed with nothing but a bandage, a torch, and a map, Rust is an immersive survival game where you’ll run around trying to smack your opponent’s unconscious with crass, primitive weapons such as rocks. Oh! And did I mention you won’t be wearing anything but your birthday suit? Now that’s what I call a jolly good time!

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. RUST

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing – While some may refer to Last Man Standing as the poor man’s PUBG, the fact remains that what it lacks in glamor, it more than makes up for in terms of gameplay. That it also happens to be free to play gives it easy accessibility for players to enjoy.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. LAST MAN STANDING

Minecraft: The Hunger Games

Minecraft: The Hunger Games – As the only kid-friendly game on this list, Minecraft: The Hunger Games is a welcome treat for parents. The fact of the matter is that Minecraft had already been holding last-man-standing games for years—long before PUBG’s conception.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. MINECRAFT: THE HUNGER GAMES


Unturned – Fine. Realistically speaking, Unturned may not beat PUBG for the top spot. That, however, doesn’t take away from the game’s playability and overall allure. Think Minecraft and PUBG with Unturned being its zombified lovechild.

Top 10 Battle Royale Games That Can Rival PUBG. UNTURNED

The world of gaming is all about breaking new ground and setting subsequent trends for others to follow. PUBG has surely done this. However, this doesn’t mean its developers should rest on their laurels. All I know is that PUBG Corporation better stay on its toes if they want to stay ahead of the pack. With a little tweaking and the right dose of luck, one of these ten games just might have the moxie to jostle PUBG out of the tops spot and emerge as the new king of the proverbial hill.

Stay tuned to see who’s left standing after the smoke clears in the war for the top spot!

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