Three Reasons to Try a Game Server

Most of the time, game servers are priced on a fixed slot basis, to ensure that users get the best flexibility, but also the best performance available. If you’re interested in trying out a game server, check out these top three reasons below and see if you want to step up your gaming experience.
Three Reasons to Try a Game Server

There are few things that can make such a difference to the online gameplay experience like running your own game server. As Destiny 2’s servers continue to malfunction, we check out just a few of the reasons why it makes sense to play on your own server if possible. Plenty of game server hosting providers offer complete server packages to rent. These packages provide the user with admin rights over a pre-existing server; you basically rent it from the provider. With a game server, you benefit from high-end performance hardware and industrial scale connectivity.

Total Control

A dedicated game server comes with a lot of advantages. This is the first and most obvious benefit of having your own dedicated game server: total control. With your own game server, you’re in charge and free from many of the restrictions and controls that can make online gaming a sometimes frustrating experience. For instance, with your own game server, you’re guaranteed slot reservations, a stable location, and reliable connections. If you use a trusted provider, this will ensure that you can have the best technology out there for your gaming experience, without having to set up a server rig – or pay for one – in your own home. Furthermore, you can set the rules by which you and other gamers play by, whether it’s your friends or just online strangers.


Whatever your game tastes, you can satisfy them with your own game server. For instance, you could run a casual FPS server on a headshot-only-deathmatch in CS:GO, build a project in Minecraft or have an epic EVE Online session, all according to your preferences and those of the people you’ll be playing with. Additionally, your gaming experience won’t be limited by the hardware you have at home. High-end servers mean that you don’t have to worry about poor connections or lag, at least not from the server end. Game servers are generally larger than usual hosting servers, so that they can store the data from thousands of players. This means you can play the latest online games as they were meant to be played.

Play with the People You Want to Play With

The gaming experience online depends largely on having fun players to play with. With your own dedicated game server, you can control who you play with and, more importantly, kick off anyone you're not a fan of. Your and your friends’ enjoyment of a game comes down to playing with people they want to play with. Of course, there’s the danger that you might get a bit too tyrannical and go on banning sprees (like EVE Online's case), but then if you’re that way inclined and can still find people to play with after the carnage is over, why not? A game server means you get to play the way you want.

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