Three Predictions for Attack on Titan’s Final Season

The second half of the last season of a world famous anime is underway. Here are three predictions for Attack on Titan's final season. Viewers could see a long forgotten character return and the truth about the titans may be revealed at long last.

Three Predictions for Attack on Titan's Final SeasonOne of the most critically acclaimed animes of all time is coming to an end. Attack on Titan is the masterful creation of author and illustrator, Hajime Isayama. The animated series debuted in 2013 and has had an incredible run. So, enjoy these three predictions for Attack on Titan’s final season to celebrate this great series.

Annie is freed

Let’s start with an obvious one. Annie hasn’t been heard from since the first season and that will change soon. She is currently imprisoned in a crystal shell of her own making. Perhaps someone will need her for something. The Marleyans could use an extra titan, but that would be too obvious. An unexpected character could end up needing her for some reason. Maybe she has information that can help the Eldians, or maybe the Female Titan’s powers are needed by someone.

Blood comes back into play

There are a few bloodlines with special properties in Attack on Titan. The third season and the first half of the final season provided a lot of details about Eldians and their ability to become titans. However, there are more supernatural abilities within some specific Eldian bloodlines.

Those of royal blood have the ability to use the Founding Titan, which can control pure titans. Since the Founding Titan is currently possessed by Eren Yaeger, that power cannot be used under the current circumstances. Eren must be in physical contact with someone of royal blood to use it. That seems to be what this season is building to. Eren will eventually have the capacity to use the power of the founding titan, but it is uncertain what he will use it for. Will he go through with Zeke’s plan? Or will he double-cross him? Only time will tell.

Another bloodline that hasn’t been explored very much is the Ackerman’s. There are two known members, Mikasa and Captain Levi. Ackermans are tied to the same power that titans are, but they use it in human form. In the first half of the final season, Eren claims that the Ackermans were somehow designed to protect members of the royal family, but it’s possible that he wasn’t being truthful. The truth behind the Ackermans will likely come into play in the second half of the final season.

The truth about titans will be revealed

Since the series is coming to an end, it seems logical that the big questions will be answered.  The true origin of titans will finally be revealed, along with the truth behind the legend of the first titan, Ymir Fritz. The little girl that remade Zeke’s body in his vision could be Ymir Fritz.

Another question that many fans are eager to have answered is, why do titans eat people?  It seems clear that they do not need to, so why do they? Perhaps that has something to do with Ymir Fritz too.

In the weeks to come fans will find out if any of these three predictions for Attack on Titan’s final season end up coming true.

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