The Playstation 5 Reveal Did Everything It Needed To Do And More

Despite all the welcome announcements about new games, and the long-awaited reveal of the console itself, it appears as if lots of people aren't satisfied by the PS5 reveal event. We're here today to look deeper into the event and see why people should step back and see what was achieved last night.

The Playstation 5 Reveal Did Everything It Needed To Do AND More Cover

The PS5 reveal was an event that was in danger of overflowing with hype and anticipation, such was the fevered energy surrounding it. It could have succumbed to the lofty expectations that naturally came with the territory. Thankfully, it didn’t. In the space of 75 minutes – that absolutely flew by – we got to see plenty of exclusives, the next iterations of storied franchises, and of course – the beast itself. Lots of people have recognized this presentation, understood it, and realized that the Playstation 5 reveal did everything it needed to – like the title says.

Unfortunately, some people have predictably shrouded the event in a sea of negativity. I understand if people want to criticize the design of the console – I personally like it, it looks clean and modern – as it might not catch everyone’s eye. But to say the presentation was lacking panache, or “big moments”, or WOW factor…that I don’t understand. Short of declaring the console being available tomorrow for $4.99, with a free bucket of KFC – I don’t know what else it was lacking.

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Big Returning Names

Gran Turismo 7. Ratchet & Clank: Astral Rift. Horizon Forbidden West. Godfall. Demon’s Souls Remake. Resident Evil VIII. Hitman 3. 

Horizon Forbidden West - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Even if you don’t necessarily like any of these games, they’re still huge, household names that will inevitably occupy top spots in best-selling charts. Lots of these are PS5 exclusives, as well. I recently voiced my opinion on how the press conference format of E3 is dead, and how these quick and to-the-point broadcasts are the way forward. We were just battered for over an hour with games, games, and even more games. Isn’t that what you buy a console for? There are plenty that I haven’t even mentioned, either, that featured in the PS5 reveal event.

Project Athia could be something special, Sackboy A Big Adventure could be a 3D platformer for the ages, and Returnal could be the next step to solidifying Housemarque as a leading developer of games in the industry. Sony has prided themselves on appealing to all gamers, and this array of upcoming games reached the furthest points of the galaxy to offer the complete buffet.

Demon's Souls - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Even still, the ‘big’ titles, initially shown, more than suffice. These are established franchises that are guaranteed to shift hardware units. For those of you complaining and bemoaning a lack of GTA VI, or Bloodborne 2 etc, think about it: are Sony going to go all-in from the get-go? Of course not. The PS5 doesn’t come out for another 5 or 6 months, there are still several States of Play left, so they can save another huge announcement for a rainy day. Plus, some of these expected games might not even be ready yet; it’s futile to think Sony can control all the variables.

I guess a measly Horizon sequel will have to do for now.

That Console Look Good!

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

It’s been described as the “Eye of Sauron” and “Duck Face”. It’s been likened to a broadband router and even a multi-million pound, architectural masterpiece. Hell, even I think it’s something that would fit nicely into a Star Wars dogfight; regardless, we’ve finally laid eyes on it. To be honest, I think it looks great. I’ve read various comments wishing for it to have a black finish like some of the recent generations of Playstation, but this design and color feels right. It’s 2020, and this smart design is striking and bold; it looks futuristic. Sony could’ve made their console look as factually pleasing to the eye as science would allow, and there would still be memes about it. That’s the modern world; this is a console that looks like a perfect fit for the modern world.


At the end of the day, one of the primary reasons for the reveal was this very moment. We got to see the project that Sony have spent the last several years working on. We already know about the sleek controller that will accompany it, and we’ve also learned the shocking detail of a second console. There’s been little to no talk about a digital version of the PS5, and if that isn’t a “WOW” moment, then I’d love someone to tell me what is.

No one mentions all this, do they?

No one mentions all this, do they?

But, They Didn’t Tell Me How Much It Will Cost!

Okay. Did they have to? Again, the console isn’t coming out until the end of the year. The Xbox Series X has had its design out in the open for months, and still not revealed a price tag. With no back-to-back Sony/Microsoft conferences this year, it’s left an air of uncertainty. Quite simply, the ball is completely in Sony’s court. They still have all the momentum in the world; it’s expected that they’ll capture the majority share of users for the coming generation, and with Xbox not offering any console-exclusives, you have to assume that Sony will sit back and wait for Xbox to make the first move.

This is Keith from accounting, do not be like Keith

This is Keith from accounting, do not be like Keith.

The price point will come, and it will come with plenty of time to spare. But the natural human reaction is for instant satisfaction. I want to know just as much as the next person, but I’m not going to wage a war with Keith from accounting because he thinks he deserves to know how much a games console will be. It’s so easy to look at what Sony supposedly didn’t do, and not acknowledge the unexpected things like the camera or the 3D headphones that will come with the console. But damn that to hell, we want instant gratification!!

Clear And Concise

There was just so little talking. The bulk of the jibber-jabber was restricted to a few words after some of the game trailers. That’s exactly what you want. If something doesn’t outstay its welcome, then you’ll be a lot more inclined to go back and revisit it, watch the trailer again, etc. We weren’t subjected to a torrent of verbal diarrhea, it was simply an easy watch. Well-paced, big announcements littered throughout to balance the flow of ‘little and large’, and extremely easy to digest.


Are You Not Entertained?

If you weren’t, then seriously, what more did you want? It was a PS5 reveal, that showed off its console, a bonus console, and cool accessories. It announced some must-have exclusives, some returning exclusives, and even had some “world premieres” of upcoming third-party games. Just because it didn’t announce God Of War 2, or the mythical Syphon Filter remake that people have asking for for years, doesn’t mean it was a bad show. If people acknowledged what it did do, as opposed to what it didn’t do, then people would realise that the PlayStation 5 reveal did everything it needed to do AND more.

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