The Next Generation of Xbox Isn’t Just a Console

With their failings in the console space with the Xbox One, Microsoft is broadening their scope with their next-generation consoles, innovative services, and a new methodology and approach to their Xbox brand. It has become very clear that this next generation of Xbox is not just about the hardware.

The Next Generation of Xbox isn't just a Console

With the next generation of consoles on the horizon, Microsoft has made plenty of moves to better improve the overall experience of their Xbox ecosystem. What this ecosystem encompasses is not just their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console hardware, but also the services that go into them, including Xbox Game Pass and their cloud gaming solution for Android mobile devices. Both of these contribute to the idea that accessibility and player choice is what Microsoft is aiming for. 

Xbox Game Pass

There’s no question about Xbox Game Pass being an extraordinary value for gamers. Access to over 100 games through a $10-15 monthly subscription model is a very compelling offer, although it isn’t for everyone. The downside here is that you do not technically own these games, but you do get the opportunity to purchase them with discounted prices of up to 20% off. Not only is Game Pass available on Xbox consoles for $10/month, but there is also Game Pass for Windows 10 PC for $10/month as well as Game Pass Ultimate for $15/month. What Game Pass Ultimate offers is basically a bundled subscription for Game Pass on console and PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold and access to Game Pass via Android mobile devices through cloud gaming.

Screenshots of the new Xbox store on consoles

Screenshots of the new Xbox store on consoles

Cloud Gaming

One of the most interesting growing parts of the gaming industry right now is cloud gaming. Google launched its cloud gaming service Stadia in November of 2019 and now Amazon is looking to join in with Luna later this year. With these tech giants creating these new platforms, it looks like Microsoft is trying to compete and keep up with their Game Pass on Android. The best part about what Microsoft is doing, though, is creating a consistent experience among players’ devices like their console, PC, as well as mobile. You can play your games as they are downloaded to a storage drive on your console/PC and then take the game outside with an android device via the cloud. Microsoft is creating a gaming infrastructure without having to rely on internet connectivity 100% of the time, unlike Luna and Stadia. 

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