The Current State of Star Wars: Old Republic, KOTOR Canon

With more diverse Star Wars games on the way, what is the current state of canon when it comes to the Old Republic era and games like Knights of the Old Republic? Now that Lucasfilm Games has been revived, rumors abound of a possible remake of the 2003 classic, along with word of Ubisoft's development of a brand new, open-world Star Wars title. What might all this mean for non-canon characters and events like Darth Revan and the Jedi-Mandalorian wars?

Disney’s monogamous relationship with EA seems to have come to an end, as Ubisoft and another unknown developer interested in remaking the Knights of the Old Republic series have taken over industry headlines. EA’s tenure with Disney resulted in remakes of the defunct Pandemic Studio’s (which was shuttered by EA) Star Wars: Battlefront series, as well as two original games in Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Battlefront II, though eventually deemed satisfactory over three years after its release, was initially condemned for its now fixed pay-to-win loot crate system and lack of playable lightsaber-wielders. Fallen Order and Squadrons, meanwhile, were positively-received overall. Now, Disney has begun working with Ubisoft and the recently revived Lucasfilm Games. Perhaps this means Lucasfilm’s former projects will see the light of canonization, but for now, there are very few pre-2014 Star Wars games that are part of the gospel. With all this said, let’s go over the current state of Star Wars: The Old Republic/KOTOR canon.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic - 'Deceived' Cinematic Trailer


Are there any Old Republic characters who survived the great Disney purge? On, you can type in the name of any character, vehicle, planet, etc. into the search bar of the website’s “Databank.” While researching, I typed in the name Cal Kestis, the protagonist of EA’s Jedi: Fallen Order game, and was first brought to a short bio detailing Cal’s status as a worker in the Scrappers Guild. But typing in the name Kyle Katarn, protagonist of the no-longer canon Jedi Knight series, I found no results.

What about The Old Republic? BioWare still runs the MMORPG based on Knights of the Old Republic. But type in Darth Malgus, and all you’ll get is an eight-years-old advertisement for a GameStop sweepstakes. (Is it too late for me to win that Darth Malgus statue, GameStop?)

Star Wars: The Old Republic characters

Star Wars: The Old Republic characters

It’s possible that characters specific to Knights of the Old Republic have faired better. KOTOR’s Darth Revan does show up briefly: as a character in the mobile MMO Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes alongside Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo, T3-M4, Mission Vao, Zaalbar, Malak, and Nihilis. However, Galaxy of Heroes can, unfortunately for Revan and his KOTOR counterparts, hardly be considered canon, in the same way that my playing as Kylo Ren on Kashyyyk in Battlefront II likewise cannot be considered a lore-accurate event.

Interestingly, the Nihil are the antagonists of the new High Republic era of Star Wars, which was just launched recently in the form of various publishing projects. While not seemingly related to KOTORII’s Darth Nihilus (they are space pirates, after all), the name is oddly similar. Disney does this to us all the time, though: Galen Erso shares the same first name as Galen Marek, or Starkiller, and the sequel version of the Death Star is named Starkiller base. A squad of Sith troopers in the sequel trilogy is even named the Revan Legion.

As far as I can tell, the other legions’ namesakes are all excluded from the Databank. This includes Darth Tenebrous (the master of Darth Plagueis), Sith Lord Darth Desolous, Darth Phobos (who appears as a training simulation enemy in The Force Unleashed), Darth Tanis, and Ancient Dark Lord Andeddu. Is the inclusion of these EU Sith names a signal of yet-official lore, or just Disney throwing us fans a bone?


The KOTOR planets of Korriban and Taris are absent from the official Database, as are the ships Endar Spire and Leviathan. The planet Malachor has, therefore against the odds, successfully become canon through its appearance in the Rebels TV series. In the EU, Revan led the Republic against Mandalorian crusaders here, and the official Databank nearly confirms: “Home to an ancient Sith temple, it was once the location of a heated battle between Jedi and Sith.” The temple, however, was not the academy of the EU’s Darth Traya, nor was the battle that of Revan’s, as the Great Scourge involved no Mandalorians.

Star Wars: KOTOR fighting Mandalorians

Star Wars: KOTOR fighting Mandalorians

(Fun tid-bit, though: the Database entry for Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber implies that the generation of Sith who died during the Scourge of Malachor more commonly used crossguard hilt designs. Rebels protagonist Ezra even finds an artifact of one such weapon here with Ahsoka Tano). 

Despite my excitement over EU character names reappearing in canon, and maybe an old planet getting re-established here and there, it’s hard to say just how meaningful these references are. Easter eggs aren’t made from concrete, so everything is up in the air. Disney and Lucas could easily re-integrate lots of Old Republic material, but they’ve yet to make a known commitment to do so. Perhaps the rumored KOTOR remake will change things.


  1. This will probably be brought as a TV Series or Movies before they start rolling in the newer game generation or sequels in KOTOR Era RPGs… it’s called predictive programming (see Edward Bernays – Propaganda; founder of modern marketing manipulation techniques).

    Taking into account the website’s oldest entry was: NOVEMBER 22, 2011, and that Knights Of The Old Republic was released in 2003, and that LucasArts along with LucasFilm were bought in by The Walt Disney Company in December 2012… It makes sense there’s no entries about earlier LORE on earlier works & characters. Since Disney tries to distance itself from the previous administration by making it’s own thing (i believe the latest terrible trilogy, is exemplary & confirms the previous assertion).

    on the counter part, both on the Wookiepedia and Star Wars Fandom you can find extensive info about Kyle Katarn; nobody really cares if it’s canon or not, people want good stories to dream & get some escapism out of it (the principle of Entertainment, whether it’s a Theater play, Opera, a book, or TV & Cinema). Not the same Political pandering & virtue signal we got over the last years.

    • No, Aspyr is either remaking KOTOR or is rebooting the franchise. On top of that Disney’s already included multiple characters and reworked events from Legends content and made them official like Thrawn. But then your one of those alt-right goons that call’s equality and representation “political pandering” so expecting you to “know things” is a stretch to begin with.

      • Another variable you didn’t discuss Aspyr could very well be doing another game completely unrelated to these two?

        “Alt-Right goon” that’s called a libel and a mix of an Ad-Hominem Fallacy + a Straw-Man Fallacy. You’ve just shown your own dishonesty by enunciating such buffoonery. And you should be careful in the future, as some folks are less lenient/Magnanimous who would actually sue against such defamation.

      • as an alt-right bigot myself, i actually don’t see why adding (((diverse))) characters is an issue unless it’s deliberately part of the advertising campaign. it’s the overt stuff that’s grating. esp. considering that Disney has removed LGBT content for their international releases to russia and china.

        i’m definitely looking forward to the KOTOR remake remake though. star wars has fared a lot better compared to Marvel and Star Trek in terms of keeping with its roots as a generic fun-to-watch scifi fantasy without a narrative.

        i hope the pandemic ends soon. i can’t wait to head to events again.

  2. Great article Katy. Interesting and informative. Thank you

    • Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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