Must-Have Features for the Best Assassin’s Creed Game

What are the most important features that are essential for the ultimate Best Assassin's Creed game? The old Assassin's Creed and new ones both have their pros and cons. However, the best Assassin's Creed game should find a balance between the two.

Must-Have Features for the Best Assassin's Creed Game Cover

The Assassin’s Creed series is basically divided into two parts: the non-RPG before Origins and the RPG since Origins. Naturally, this has divided its fanbase as well. While both types of games have their own versions of your classic Assassin’s Creed features, I can’t help but expect Ubisoft to strike a balance between both styles. Not to mention the recent rumors and theories regarding China being the next AC setting, which has already got me thinking! Here are a few Assassin’s Creed features I’d like to see or have removed from future entries. 

Keep the Valhalla Combat

Valhalla’s combat has a lot going for it! Considering the dual-wielding system, weapon variety, and enemy types alone, the combat system now is more intricate than ever. In the earlier games, all you needed to do was counter the enemy and that’s it. It was easy, predictable, and repetitive. In Valhalla, you can dual wield two shields and fight bosses that are actually engaging. Furthermore, players can now one-shot enemies regardless of level difference by successfully passing a quick time event. 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Gameplay Overview Trailer

With a combat system that offers so much, I’d expect nothing less from later titles.

Dense World Design and Architecture

One of the best Assassin’s Creed features is its world design. Although, what lacks in the RPG titles is the parkour to go along with the landscape. Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the best example. The way it incorporated the setting with the parkour is leagues beyond other titles. Arno had a wide variety of parkour moves that never went out of fashion. He could also parkour his way down from tall buildings. The newer games seriously lack in parkour, be it the animations or mechanics.

The world reflects this as well. In Unity, players could parkour on rooftops and explore inside buildings, too. Also, certain sections of parkour had these smooth transitions of Arno going inside a building and jumping out. There’s nothing wrong with the huge landscapes, per se. Origins and Odyssey are both breathtaking. However, hopping from ledge to ledge is Assassin’s Creed’s identity, not horse-back riding from mountain to mountain.

Assassin’s Creed Unity – Parkour in the Game and Real Life [North America]

The earlier games also used parkour as a way to solve world puzzles which is making a return in Valhalla. That’s also an aspect of parkour that should be recurring. 

Open-Ended and Quality Exploration

A common critique of Assassin’s Creed games has been the uninspired way of handling side quests and world events. It’s very promising to see Valhalla take a different route in this regard. Now, players won’t spot anything other than Eivor’s main quests on the map. The game leaves all the events up to the player to find. The events are represented by a “Mysteries” progress bar on your screen. 

According to the devs, the quests this time around are handcrafted by them. So, players can expect more than just kill this-fetch that sort of missions.

Assassin's Creed Features Exploration Mysteries and Secrets

Assassin’s Creed Features Exploration Mysteries and Secrets

Like the saying goes, quality over quantity. Giving players twenty amazing side quests will always be more appreciated than fifty mediocre errands. 

No matter what kind of setting Assassin’s Creed goes for, it will at least be an open-world game. For an open-world game to be memorable and worth playing, it absolutely needs a charming world and intriguing quests. Assassin’s Creed always has the former, now the future titles need to pull the latter. 

No Need for Dialogue Options

Everyone knows the premise of Assassin’s Creed is of reliving memories. Origins and Odyssey going for dialogue options were strange enough, but now, there’s more with Valhalla. Reportedly, if Eivor has enough charisma points, the game will open up additional dialogue options. Darby McDevitt, the narrative director, tweeted this when asked about it.

Given the confusing enough state of the present-day story, removing dialogue options would be a more than welcome change. Darby is a brilliant writer, but he won’t be working on every single AC game. A meaningful story doesn’t need multiple endings or dialogues. In fact, the best Assassin’s Creed stories have been focused on a single overall narrative. 

Not only does unnecessary dialogue add a slew of plot-holes every time, but it also keeps Assassin’s Creed from becoming something unforgettable again. 

These features meshed together can not only please all the fans, but also create the best Assassin’s Creed game yet.

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