3 Must-Have Features for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2

Jedi: Fallen Order was a successful single player Star Wars game, but it only scratched the surface of the IP's gaming potential. This list details 3 ideas that would tap into that potential; they are a must-have for Fallen Order's steadily approaching sequel.

3 Must-Have Features for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 (cover)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a huge victory for Star Wars fans. This 2019 single player action game followed years of the IP being horribly mishandled. EA’s Battlefront series was reviled by fans; worse still was Disney’s controversial sequel trilogy. Jedi: Fallen Order featured a great single player campaign, making none of the errors that crippled Battlefront.

Despite a lack of announcements at EA Play 2021, it has been confirmed that Fallen Order will be the first part of a larger series. This news should make any Star Wars fan go wild with excitement and speculation. After all, the franchise contains some of the most expansive and interesting lore in fiction. In this article, I will list 3 things that the sequel of Jedi: Fallen Order must feature. These ideas will not be ranked in any particular order, but they will all be pulled from canon Star Wars lore.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

#1: A Stance System

In Fallen Order, Cal had one set of light attacks, heavy attacks, and a handful of special techniques. It was a good system, but it barely scratched the surface of what is possible in a hack-and-slash Star Wars game. Canonically, the discipline of lightsaber combat has a lot of depth. The most notable branch of knowledge within lightsaber combat is the Jedi Order’s seven forms.

The Jedi Order’s forms are a perfect model for a stance system. Each embodies a unique approach to combat, and different forms are suited for different enemies. It would go hand in hand with an RPG style attribute system, since each form emphasizes different attributes (speed, power, dexterity, etc). Having access to each form would allow for a great deal of creativity and variety in how players approach combat.

Star Wars Lightsaber Forms

Star Wars Lightsaber Forms

  • Form I (Shii-Cho): Uses simplistic and balanced offence, with emphasis on disarming rather than killing. Emphasizes power and precision over speed.
  • Form II (Makashi): Graceful and balletic, designed primarily for fighting other lightsaber wielders.
  • Form III (Soresu): Oriented around defense, using minimal stamina to outlast an opponent. Is the most effective form for deflecting blaster fire.
  • Form IV (Ataru): Oriented around agility, speed, and aggression, at the expense of stamina and power. Is best for quickly ending a fight.
  • Form V (Shien): Uses strong defense and low mobility, like Soresu. However, it places more emphasis on counter attacks.
  • Form VI (Niman): Careful balance of offense and defense, with the highest emphasis on Force powers.
  • Form VII (Juyo): The most aggressive of all the forms. It requires the user to draw on their negative emotions and channel the Force with every strike. Thus, it brings the user perilously close to the Dark Side of the Force.

#2: Both Sides of the Force

The Dark side of the Force is a tantalizing vice, and for good reason. It grants uninhibited access to powerful abilities, including franchise staples such as Force Lightning and Force Grip. Jedi: Fallen Order features 3 Force powers; a bigger and flashier arsenal is necessary for the sequel. Additionally, the aggression and darkness of the Sith could be more appealing to some players. 

As such, I’d propose a Dark/Light side morality system. This would allow players to make decisions in the narrative or in side quests, shaping the protagonist’s alignment. For example, the game could allow you to either kill or incapacitate an opponent. If you choose to kill them, your alignment would move towards the Dark side. The amount it changes would depend on the gravity of the decision. Infamous is a prominent example of how to implement karma/morality systems. In it, you can either become a superhero or a supervillian, getting different powers from each path. 

The Dark & Light Sides of the Force

The Dark & Light Sides of the Force

Another way to allow both Sith and Jedi gameplay would be to split the game’s narrative in half. This could mean playing as a Jedi protagonist for the first half and a Sith for the second half, similar to The Last of Us II‘s campaign. There could also be two smaller campaigns; one Sith story and one Jedi story. 

Unique Sith abilities could include Force Grip, Force Lightning, Possession, or Force Drain. Unique Jedi abilities could include Force Heal, Force Barrier or Force Illusion.

#3: New Planets

Star Wars‘ numerous iconic locations are the perfect setting for a next-gen adventure game. Jedi: Fallen Order features Metroidvania style level design, with a lot of emphasis on exploration. It also takes place during the rise of the Empire, a time period where much of the universe experienced conflict and upheaval. Due to these factors, many of the franchise’s planets would make for incredible levels.


This city-planet is perhaps the most important location in Star Wars, serving as the galaxy’s capital under both the Jedi Republic and Sith Empire. It would be fantastic to explore this cosmopolitan mega city, visiting the Empire controlled version of monuments such as the Jedi Temple.

Coruscant's Jedi Temple

Coruscant’s Jedi Temple


Mandalore is the home planet of the franchise’s iconic warrior tribe, the Mandalorians. After the Empire rose to power, they waged a full scale war against the Mandalorians, leading to the tribe’s genocide. This is the perfect time period to visit this planet. As Jedi, players can aid the Mandalorians against the Empire. We could even play as Sith, taking part in the effort to wipe out the tribe. Visiting this planet would allow us to experience Star Wars combat in the form of large scale battles, as opposed to Fallen Order‘s rogue skirmishes. 

Mandalore's Domed Capital City, Sundari

Mandalore’s Domed Capital City, Sundari


The jungle planet Felucia is one of the most visually appealing locations in the series. Its lush, colorful greenery would look amazing on a next-gen console. Felucia would also have great enemy variety, as its jungle ecosystem contains plenty of predators for players to fight. Another source of hostility is the large garrison that the Empire maintained in the area after the fall of the Jedi Order. 

Felucia's Wildlife

Felucia’s Wildlife


Fallen Order only scratched the surface of what a single player Star Wars experience can be, and it was still a great game. The next title in this series doesn’t have to fulfill all of fans’ wishes; if it tried to do that, we probably wouldn’t be getting it anytime this decade. But with so much lore to work with, it would be a shame if the Fallen Order formula isn’t expanded on greatly. A Star Wars game which features the full scale of lightsaber combat, Force powers, and locations could be one of the greatest action-adventure games in history.

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