Should You Play Final Fantasy XIV?

Should I play FFXIV? That question gets thrown around all the time. Lots of people are still on the edge of whether they should play it or not. Even though FFXIV is a Final Fantasy game through and through, people still gloss over it just because it's an MMO.


What constitutes a Final Fantasy game? The jobs? The story? The music? Well, it’s kinda all of them. Final Fantasy 14 has always been that guy in the corner of the classroom. Always aloof and neglected, but when you get to know him, he’s probably the coolest person around. I recently came back to FFXIV when a friend of mine bought me the latest expansion. So I subscribed and started playing again. Which takes us to our first problem and probably the biggest one.

The Biggest Deterrent: Being a Subscription-Based MMO

Possibly the biggest reason why people are glossing over FFXIV is that it’s a subscription-based MMORPG. A lot of people right now don’t have the time to play an MMORPG, so why would they pay a monthly fee to play something they don’t have time for? That’s very understandable. But as FFXIV has it, it doesn’t need you to constantly subscribe to have fun. Most of the people just play it for a month, take a break until the next major patch comes, then subscribe again. FFXIV is a very generous MMORPG that respects your time and I think that’s commendable.

Why Should You Play It?



Let me just say this, Final Fantasy 14 has one of the best stories out there. Especially for recent Final Fantasy releases. Sure, the first parts of the story are long and dragged out (which will be fixed on the next patch in August) but the ones after that are just great. With the recent expansion, Shadowbringers, being critically acclaimed. I think people are missing out if they haven’t played FFXIV’s magnificent story. Obviously, I can’t talk much about the story of the game since every word that will come out will become a spoiler. You just have to trust me on this one.


Of course, this is a no brainer. Square Enix has never failed us with their soundtracks. They might have a really crappy game, but you’re damn right the music in there will be one hell of a banger. FFXIV borrows music from previous Final Fantasy games and improves them. Of course, the game still has its own original tracks, but damn just hopping on a raid and hearing that familiar tune always gets to me. I mean, just listen to this, this guy is a direct representation of me every time I raid with my friends.

Job System



Yup, there’s a lot of jobs here. Reminiscent of FF’s earlier games where you’re free to choose whatever job you want, it’s the same here with Final Fantasy 14. A single character can level up all the classes so there’s no need for you to create multiple characters just for a certain job. As veterans of the game have said: “You only need one character.”. The job roster is also massive, currently at 17 jobs plus 1 limited job for a total of 18. Fan favorites are also in here. Want to be like Squall and wield a gunblade? There’s Gunbreaker for you. Want to jump high and become that super edgy guy? Dragoon has you covered. Want to punch stuff with your bare hands or are you like me who likes Tifa a lot? Monk is here! Want to run like Naruto and have cute bunnies appear on top of your head when you fail your jutsu? Ninja for you!

As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from!

Still not convinced? There’s a free trial!

FFXIV Promotional Art

FFXIV Promotional Art

Yup! There’s a free trial for Final Fantasy 14 which you can download on their site. Of course, it has its own limitations but you’ll be able to grasp the game during the time you have with it. Not just that, when the August update drops. The previous level lock of 35 will now go up to 60! Which means you’ll be able to play the first part of the game for free! You can check out the free trial here! What are you waiting for? Hop on your chocobos and check the game out!

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