6 PS5 Launch Title Predictions

Here is a list of our PS5 launch title predictions after scouring online speculations and looking back at PS4 classics. Sony has been keeping quiet for some time now, even as we get even closer to the reveal of their lineup and the release of next-gen consoles. The hype just keeps on brewing!

6 PS5 Launch Title Predictions

As 2020 comes to its halfway point, we’re getting closer than ever to PlayStation 5’s reveal. Microsoft has already shown much of its lineup for the Xbox Series X, but what about Sony’s PlayStation 5? We’ve heard of Counterplay Games’ Godfall, but there are a lot of expectations on other studios after the monumental success of the PlayStation 4. I will be taking a look at all of Sony’s top game studios and conspiring about what launch titles the PS5 may have to offer.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn is towered by tall necks and excited gamers alike.

Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn is towered by tall necks and excited gamers alike.

Guerilla’s success with their hit PS4 title Horizon Zero Dawn is a clear testament to their abilities as game creators. Without spoiling anything, at the end of Aloy’s adventure, there were clear teasers to a possible sequel in the works.

This spectacular open-world game has so many possibilities, with its expansive world and robotic creatures, that continuing the franchise would be a great idea. There have been talks of this game being in development by an insider report back in April, and ever since the first game came out in 2017, there has been plenty of time for the sequel to be developed and released at launch in Holiday 2020.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man Sequel

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4

There’s no stopping the PlayStation 5 coming out strong with a few sequels. Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man released back in 2018, and much like Horizon Zero Dawn included an after-credits scene nodding to a possible sequel. Lots of fans have been speculating it to contain the famous Marvel hero’s nemesis the Green Goblin, or maybe even Venom, but these have all just been rumours.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Sony decided to have a sequel to this action-packed Marvel game on store shelves alongside brand new PS5s, but seeing as 2018 was only 2 years away, it has less of a chance at being ready for Holiday 2020. Even so, getting a sequel to this fantastic game so soon would get everybody hyped for this console at launch.

3. Astro Bot Rescue Mission Sequel (PSVR 2)

PlayStation's new adorable mascot changes the VR game space.

PlayStation’s new adorable mascot changes the VR game space.

After receiving critically acclaimed reviews, Astro Bot Rescue Mission became a must-play for PSVR users. They knew how to make skeptics of the headset more intrigued by this fun platformer. SIE Japan Studios would most likely not want to miss out on another hit success. This is especially true if it means that a new virtual reality headset could be in the works.

Although it has been confirmed that PSVR games from the PS4 will be playable on the next-gen console, it’s still a mystery whether or not a new VR headset is in the works. When looking at the new PlayStation 5 controller revealed in April 2020, there isn’t the same light bar on the front for the current PSVR to track to make sure it’s following the player correctly. Even so, an Astro Bot Rescue Mission sequel can still be speculated as a launch title.

4. Silent Hills Revival, or Silent Hill Reboot

Horror fans have always been begging for Sony to revive this iconic franchise. Originally developed by Konami, this survival horror series fell from grace when Kojima Productions, developer of the award-winning game Death Stranding, tragically canceled Silent Hills, its next instalment. After playing its now-taken-down demo, P.T., horror fans collectively have tried to figure out the mystery behind this franchise’s downfall.

This topic was pretty quiet until in March 2020, a rumour had surfaced claiming that a Silent Hills revival and a Silent Hill series reboot was under wraps. Although still unknown months later whether or not this is true, speculators still hope that this could at some point come to PlayStation 5, or maybe even appear at launch.

5. Dreams Sequel, or a Dreams Port

This game-making game has endless possibilities for your creativity to shine.

This game-making game has endless possibilities for your creativity to shine.

The wonderful world of Dreams isn’t going to wake up anytime soon. Fans and critics received this interactive game astonishingly well. Dreams is a game that lets you create to your heart’s content, and view other people’s creations through its online community. With its success in mind, there’s no doubt that Dreams will carry over to the PS5 in some way.

There are only two options for this; a new and improved version of Dreams, or a Dreams port. No matter which one it is, in some fashion Dreams could likely be on the console at launch. To improve its player base, the developer Media Molecule could package it in with every PlayStation 5 for free, but that’s only pure speculation. After all, it’s more than just a game.

6. Bloodborne 2

Will the Hunter return to fetch more prey in a new instalment?

Will the Hunter return to fetch more prey in a new instalment?

Let’s be honest here: most of these speculations are sequels of past games. Worlds that you just can’t get enough of is PlayStation’s specialty, and Bloodborne is no exception. This critically acclaimed title under PlayStation’s belt is an action RPG set in a dark victorian world. Past Hunters don’t want to wait for a sequel any longer.

Although this is an unlikely prediction, there is still hope. Developer From Software may be hiding a Bloodborne sequel behind their most recent 2019 release, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. One obstacle that could deter this from happening is From Software’s work-in-progress Elden Ring. Even so, that doesn’t stop fans from hoping for more of this beautiful and haunting world.


There’s no certainty to any of these predictions, but with Sony claiming that upcoming PS5 titles are soon to be announced, maybe we’ll be surprised by a daring new IP, or a sequel we never thought of. Whatever it may be, PlayStation gamers know just how much care they put into each of their exclusive titles. Do you agree with this list? What are your PS5 launch title predictions?


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    Fingers crossed for horizon zero dawn 2 sequel

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    I agree with these picks! I especially hope that Sony has a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel at launch, as you predicted.


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