DLC Wishlist for Marvel’s Midnight Suns

With Midnight Suns season pass wrapping up, latest being Morbius. Here's a wishlist for the second season pass for the Marvel's Midnight Suns from all corners of the Marvel Universe. From fan favorites like Moon Knight to lesser known characters like Terror Inc.

DLC Wishlist for Marvel's Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns, is a personally favorite of my from 2022 that received great reviews upon release. Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game develop by Firaxis that takes place in the Marvel Universe. Sales unfortunately hasn’t been stellar which makes future content uncertain but it doesn’t mean we can’t stop dreaming which character would be added. One of things I love about Marvel’s Midnight Suns was the fact it broke out of the MCU mold and went straight to the source, the comics. As much I love The MCU I felt most of its media like games for example has been center around it too much. The setting and story splice some key events, like Secret Wars (1984) has already taken place with some small differences. After playing through it give me some ideas I like to see in the future for Midnight Suns.

Who should be in the Midnight Suns DLC?

Here we can pull any character from all corners from the marvel universe. I seen a lot fan Wishlist on who could they want in in the game. It got me thinking who I want in the game and how would they work. Take example Spider-Man, his playstyle center around using the environment to do damage such as knocking enemies into generators or bringing down a street lamp on groups. If he is used correctly he basically sweep most of the enemies without using turns or taking damage. Thinking about some of the characters in the game it made me wonder how it would play gameplay wise in the Midnight Suns. So, I gave it some thought on who I want in the game and I came up with a DLC Wishlist.


This one made his MCU appearance recently in the “Werewolf By Night” special, and is a member of the midnight suns. I could see him being a tank with a focus on corrosive damage instead of brute strength. He will be good at soaking up damage while enemies wither away. It makes wonder how interacting with man-thing would be like since he doesn’t talk.

Man-Thing Marvel Comics


Elsa Bloodstone

A Monster hunter like her father Ulysses Bloodstone, who gets her start when she inherits her father manor and the Bloodstone. The Bloodstone is a stone that gives her superhuman strength, energy blast,  and its gives her vampire immunity. She mainly uses guns but have use magic before. If she added to the game, I feel she be similar to The Hunter but with a emphasis on long range attacks. Other than that I feel she would have a interesting dialogue with Blade and Deadpool.

Marvel Comics Bloodstone

Elsa Bloodstone


Ever since Magik got in to the game, I was hoping a another x-men could be added. Recruited by Professor X for his team the New Mutants after the apparent death of the X-men. Mirage or Danielle Moonstar, is a mutant with the ability to project illusions and psychic abilities. In the comics she had trouble controlling her abilities, like manifesting people fears including hers. If she was in the game she would make a great support character could daze enemies or even trick enemies into attacking other others. Like a good example in the comics she create a Wolverine illusion against a group of enemies that face him before.

X-men Mirage


Terror Inc

This one is a zombie that’s all about business. Terror Inc or “Shreck” is a pretty obscure horror character in the marvel universe. He was cursed for killing a demon bear and now requires actually limbs to replace his decaying ones. These limbs gave him ability from their previous owners, sort like a Horror Kirby. He lives for centuries eventually becomes a mercenary and work alongside with Deadpool. Reason I wanted this character its very bizarre and fits with the horror element of the Midnight Suns.

Marvel Comics Terror Inc


Moon Knight

One of the most fan request characters for the game. Moon Knight or Marc Spector is a superhero with DID(dissociative identity disorder) who recently made his MCU appearance. He has three identities that changes out such as Steven Grant and Jake Lockey. A idea you could do is change his deck along with his personality. Like have one focus one dealing damage with multiple enemies or even support. There is alot of lore to this character like he even had a Wolverine personality at one point.  

Marvel Comics Moon Knight

Moon Knight


There’s my wishlist for dlc, it was was much longer when I first started this. Honorable mentions: Iron Fist, Thing, Werewolf by Night, Conan The Barbarian, and DareDevil. My whole reasons for the the list is that I felt there were some characters that needed their time in the spotlight. It also comes from seeing how well Firaxis made this game as well. Are there any characters you wish to see in the next season pass of Marvel’s Midnight Suns? 

Marvel's Midnight Suns - Official Accolades Trailer

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    I just want a second season pass in general, doubt we get one with all the fake marvel fans review bombing this game


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