Lego & Gaming: 4 Themes We’d Love To See

After recently celebrating its 90th birthday, the famed Danish toy maker has never been more popular. While Lego video games are nothing new, only recently has the company delved in making toys, based on popular gaming IPs. Here are four gaming themes we’d love to see Lego make into builds.

Lego and gaming - 4 themes we’d love to seeLego has been entertaining kids and adults alike for over eighty years. With an ever-expanding line of products, it shows no signs of slowing down. The company’s recent foray into gaming has seen IPs like Super Mario and Minecraft given a blocky makeover. With the recent release of the Horizon: Forbidden West Tallneck, Lego has tapped into a market brimming with ideas and a customer base ready to open their wallets. Let’s look at four possible gaming themes that any avid fan would be proud to display.

The Machines Of Horizon: Forbidden West Collection 

The machine ecosystem of Horizon: Forbidden West is diverse, with a myriad of gigantic machines that dominate the landscape. While the Tallneck is majestic and docile, mechs like the Thunderjaw and Slitherfan will attack on sight. The very nature of these machines lends itself to what lies at the heart of Lego building—bringing together disparate parts and reforming them to create something spectacular. With the Tallneck done and dusted, the logical step would be to attempt some of the more giant mechanical beasts that litter post-post-apocalyptic America.

The Lego Horizon: Forbidden West Tallneck could be the first of what could be a collection of builds

The Lego Horizon: Forbidden West Tallneck could be the first of what could be a collection of builds.

The Lego Horizon Tallneck is available on the Lego website, though its popularity may have the product back-ordered. Sadly, the product being out of stock is relatively common in the Lego community. Still, gamers who struggle to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X will feel right at home where that’s concerned. The combination of Lego’s ingenious brick system and Guerrilla Games’ master machine design could and should have an entire collection for fans to build and appreciate.

Bricked Consoles

Following the previous entry, a lucrative partnership with PlayStation could crack open a market that Lego has only just begun dipping into; Creator Idea consoles. The original NES and, reportedly, the Atari 2600 (coming August 2022) have already received their blocky interpretation. Seeing the Nintendo Entertainment System captured in such pristine, minute detail with bricks and technic remains mind-blowing. More than enough time has passed to consider the PlayStation a classic console. Its enduring, utilitarian design and light grey colour could easily be captured in Lego, perhaps with a brick-built game case sporting a platform mascot.

The Atari 2600 is slated for release later in 2022.

The Atari 2600 is slated for release later in 2022.

These larger builds tend to become very rare, very quickly, and the NES is no exception, so prepare to spend a bit more if you need to have it in your collection. It is, however, available on Lego’s website for a premium. If we do see other console builds, jump on them quickly! I would love to see a PlayStation collection encompassing the PSOne, PlayStation 2, and maybe even mini models of the PSP and Vita. The sky is the limit because of the sheer amount of unique parts seen in modern Lego builds.

Wicked Brick Weaponry 

The Buster Sword, Leviathan Axe and the Kingdom Key Blade. Whether old or new, all conjure unforgettable memories that live in gamer’s hearts worldwide. While there are numerous ways of buying authentic reproductions of video game weapons, almost all are expensive. While far from a cheap product, Lego could close the gap between exact replicas and somewhat affordable prices. Much like the infinity gauntlet or Thor’s Mjölnir, a video game weaponry collection would sell gangbusters! 

The Lego Infinity Gauntlet opened up a world of possible weapons in the Marvel universe. Gaming should be no different

The Lego Infinity Gauntlet opened up a world of possible weapons in the Marvel universe. Gaming should be no different.

I certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to build and display a curated selection on or above your set-up. Cost and production factors would naturally limit the size of the final product, but this wouldn’t impact the popularity, in my opinion. The recently released Thor’s Hammer is to scale, and when held in hand, you can’t help but feel worthy, especially since you have to build the hammer yourself. There’s a pride that comes from creating something yourself that simply spending a fortune on a prop will never fully realise.


Pop vinyl figures have become massively popular regardless of how you feel about them. They offer a cheap way of showing off your fandom without going broke. Lego has understandably capitalised on this market with their Brickheadz line. The possibilities for creation are essentially endless. The bar is already diverse, from The Statue of Liberty to Micky Mouse. Still, video game characters are yet to make their debut. While almost anything is buildable from simple bricks, I’d love to see a legit Lego gaming brickheadz line.



Rumours suggest that a Minecraft Brickheadz line will release sometime in 2023, which makes perfect sense, considering the game’s mass popularity. I’d expect the company’s partnership with Nintendo to move into this theme with Mario and Luigi. While a good start, limiting the possibility to specific brands would be a mistake. It may take several years to iron out partnerships. Still, I hope to see legendary video game mascots like Master Chief, Kratos, maybe even Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank. Ultimately, we’re just spitballing here, but the gap in the market is there, and Lego aren’t one to ignore a gap.


The pandemic forced many of us to find alternative hobbies and pass times to make those months of lockdown manageable. For many adults, including myself, the answer was Lego. The intense discipline and attention needed to finish some of the more complex builds reintroduced me to a childlike wonder I thought I’d lost. In many respects, the act of playing video games is no different. Combining the two, as I hope I’ve shown here, is a match made in heaven.

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  1. I’d love for Lego to make sets for Mass Effect. Lego versions of the SSV Normandy SR-1 and the Normandy SR-2 would be awesome.


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