Is PC Still the Master Race of Gaming? The Xbox Series X and PS5 are Changing the Game

Is there a new master now? PC has always been heralded as the master race of gaming for its flexibility, power, and customization. PC gaming has never had a fair match until this generation. Now, consoles run at 4K resolution and have more flexibility than ever before.

 Is PC Still the Master Race of Gaming? The Xbox Series X and PS5 are Changing the Game Cover

Every gamer has heard someone say, “PC master race.” They might be right. Then again, they could be wrong. After all, the world of gaming isn’t so black and white anymore. Many things come in RGB. All joking aside, the new generation of consoles has brought a change to the gaming community. The change began when the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were released back in 2016 and 2017. The Xbox One X was advertised as the most powerful console ever created. It’s easy to see that it was the most powerful for its time purely based on specs. 

Both consoles ushered in a new form of gaming that some gamers didn’t have access to before. After all, not everyone can afford to spend $2000+ to build a PC with all the latest hardware. The PS5 and Xbox Series X have officially brought more power to gamers than the previous generation. For those who have gotten their hands on one of the new consoles, it is apparent how different they are from their last-gen counterparts. So why even say that PC is the master race still? Well, PC gamers still have a lot going for them.


Despite being more expensive, PC offers upgrade capabilities that consoles don't have.

Despite being more expensive, PC offers upgrade capabilities that consoles don’t have.

PC has always had an edge over consoles for its ability to be upgraded. Want a new graphics card? Just swap out the old one. The same can be done for most parts inside of a PC. Of course, each of these parts will cost a fair amount. New graphics cards aren’t cheap and can often be more costly than a console depending on which one a person buys. The benefit of being able to upgrade the internal workings of a PC helps keep gamers at the peak of performance. There is also the option of having multiple parts that work in unison. Some gamers opt to buy multiple graphics cards. This helps them to achieve higher frame rates and better resolutions than gamers can get on a console. 

PC gaming also has more aesthetical upgrades available. Gamers can always buy a new case, add LED lighting, and add features to their case like wireless chargers. While console gaming has had its fair share of customizable features, most are limited to what a third-party company creates. Sometimes, these additional features can help, but they can also hinder a gamer’s experience. After all, the expansion upgrade for the PS4 could cause system crashing and power loss if people weren’t careful. 

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PC gamers have access to thousands of games on Steam plus mods.

PC gamers have access to thousands of games on Steam plus mods.

PC is home to user-created content on various platforms. Gamers have access to Steam. This platform already has over 23,000 games on it with more being released almost every day. Yes, consoles have access to a couple thousand games, but that is nowhere close to the PC library. Other platforms that PC players have access to include Blizzard, Epic Games, and Bethesda. That is only to name a few of them. Skilled enough PC users can also craft their own games with minimal knowledge. 

Beyond the realm of games, PC players have access to tons of mods. Downloading a few simple programs will give players access to new ways to play their favorite games. Some games, like Garry’s Mod, benefit from user-created game modes like Prop Hunt. Consoles have gotten a few mods from Bethesda releasing the creators club on Skyrim and Fallout, but that hardly scratches the surface of the modding community. Warframe is another game that benefits from mods. Players create their own skins for the characters and the developers add them in. 

A Shift In The Gaming Experience

The new generation of consoles has brought a shift in the gaming experience that will benefit all gamers.

The new generation of consoles has brought a shift in the gaming experience that will benefit all gamers.

There is no question that a PC can be more powerful than even the new generation of consoles, but is there really a fight anymore? Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 have the capability to run native 4K resolution, they upgrade any game that is run on them from a previous generation console, and they have the capability to run a constant 60fps. Even now, consoles are reaching heights that a PC simply can’t reach. New technology in controllers allows for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that PC players can’t get their hands on. These new controllers may function with PC, but will mostly lack the key features that new consoles can use. 

The new consoles can now rival PC load times, graphics, and gaming library. Sure, PC will still be the place to go for exclusive games since the library of them is higher than any console, but the library of exclusives for both Xbox and PlayStation is growing and has strong contenders that aren’t indie games. More work than ever before has been put into the new generation for gamers to enjoy. It’s about time that the supposed “master race” falls. 

Play Is On Even Grounds

PlayStation: PS5 VS. PC

Gameplay is on even grounds. Controllers are sharper, consoles are faster, and technology is cheaper. Gamers can easily compete against the titan that PC is. In inclusion of crossplay has brought gamers closer together. It is estimated that over 100 million people use the PS4. Over one million use the PS5 so far. It is estimated that over 45 million people play on the Xbox One. It is also estimated that 3 billion people are gamers. Of that, it is estimated that half of them play on PC. If the other half are playing on console then the answer is obvious. Is PC still the master race? The answer: No.


  1. Lol. Consoles run “4K”, keep believing the sweet little lies they tell you.

  2. Big oof that was a disgrace to journalism. New consoles do NOT always run native 4k nor do they run native 4k 60 fps. Consoles are still forced to pay for online for absolutely no reason. The raytracing is a dumbed down version, the console only falls into a gtx 1060-1080 range of performance. Consoles still need to largely sacrifice graphics settings to achieve the fps.You 100% do not need a $2000 pc with 2 gpus in sli (sli has been dead for a while anyway), how high are you? Like wtf my guy? Maybe do research, confirm the data is factual, THEN write your article. You’re just flat out making shit up.


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