If You Loved Greedfall, Try These 3 Games Like It

With Playstation Plus subscribers likely finishing up their adventures in Teer Fradee, here are some other games like Greedfall. If the sleeper RPG success by French developer Spiders has left you wanting more, these are your next favorites.


If You Loved Greedfall, Try These 3 Games Like It cover

If you’re on PlayStation, chances are you’ve had easy access to the developer Spiders’ best game yet, and by now, are probably nearing the end of your journey. You won’t be able to continue playing after completion, but you will be able to return to a previous save file. So if you want more from the island, the best thing to do is complete the extremely interesting and rewarding companion side quests (especially if you’d also like a pirate face tattoo). If you’ve been there and done that and still want more, here are other games like Greedfall to think about.

1. The Technomancer

A sequel to the PS3’s Mars: War Logs, which you don’t need to have played in order to enjoy its successor, The Technomancer is incredibly similar due to its mechanics. As an electricity-wielding, melee-proficient soldier on Mars, you’re able to utilize three different combat styles (one with a staff, one with a gun, and one with a shield). The combat has essentially the same PS3-era, arcade-like feel, and similar character appearance and animation style.

The Technomancer

The Technomancer

Speaking of appearance, you can edit Zachariah’s hair and face to a modest degree, and you can outfit him with the gear you find along your journey by looting enemies and opening chests around the maps. Other RPG elements also endure; skill trees enable you to devote more focus towards improving specific combat styles and your technomancy powers overall, and another menu allows you to upgrade other, less combat-oriented “Talents,” such as Charisma, Science, and Lockpicking.

Just as the settings of Teer Fradee are divided by faction and aesthetic, so too are the cities of Mars. Ophir is cold and sort of cyberpunk in style, while Noctis is like a Martian bazaar. The game’s story is decent, and though the premise is not quite as original as Greedfall’s, the elaboration upon the premise is. Simply put, it’s not like any interpretation of Martian colonization you’ve already seen a hundred times before. 

Finally, the hallmark of a Spiders’ game is undoubtedly its satisfying companion system. Each of them has a different combat style and benefits to offer, and three (two women and one man) can be romanced. Now, don’t get discouraged by the first options offered to you. Just trust me, there are much better folks waiting to help you, like Beg, the sun-scarred and seemingly dull mutant. 

2. Vampyr

An ambitious RPG, Vampyr‘s story revolves around doctor/vampire Jonathan Reid. The emphasis on communication and diplomacy between characters is there, as is the skill tree progression system. The combat shares the same foundation as our previous Mars themed entry, plus a sort of toned-down version of Bloodborne. I draw this comparison mainly from the shared gun mechanics; melee definitely comes first, but an easy, close-range shot from a pistol will help damage and disorient enemies. However, your most useful tools won’t be your weapons but your supernatural powers.

Vampyr - Official Launch Trailer

Enemies are scattered throughout the open world, but every kill seems to pose possible consequences and ramifications. Reid is no legate of any congregation, like De Sardet, but he certainly has to pick his words and actions just as carefully. 20th-century London is a close-knit place. 

3. Dragon Age: Inquisition 

I’ve only played the latest installment of the Dragon Age series. Though previous entries of these games might be more like Greedfall, I feel confident in recommending Dragon Age: Inquisition to almost anyone. The massive world is divided into sections to which you can fast travel; this allows for incredibly diverse locations. The combat is arcade-ish, but the true appeal for those reading this would be the stellar companion system. 

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Playing as a Qunari rogue, I romanced Dorian, my mage companion. I found my partner to be valuable in combat, and I complimented his and my skills with the long-range weaponry of Varric and the brute strength of Blackwall, whom I outfitted with the finest armor I could craft. Truly one of the best games I’ve ever played.

With that, you now know of three games like Greedfall to pick up and enjoy.

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