Devil May Cry Could Learn From Resident Evil’s Success

The Resident Evil franchise continues its success by releasing the Resident Evil 4 remake. Featuring updated graphics and gameplay, the latest remake in Capcom's repertoire has become an instant hit among fans and garnered the attention of players who have yet to experience the horrors of Resident Evil. Following this success, Capcom could give this same treatment to another of their franchises, as Devil May Cry has yet to receive a modern upgrade.

Devil May Cry Could Learn From Resident Evil's Success

Devil May Cry was initially released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001, and since has only received one makeover, in the form of the Devil May Cry HD Collection release in 2012. This set consisted of the first three titles of the series with very small changes, most notably the improved resolution from 720p to 1080p. Capcom could use what they have learned from Resident Evil‘s growing success and apply it to the Devil May Cry franchise to revitalize an action treasure.

Devil May Cry Remakes Can Bring New Fans

While Devil May Cry has seen multiple sequels and inspired several other titles, its core material is roughly 20 years old. The latest title to the series, Devil May Cry 5, was released in 2019 and showed much visual improvement over its predecessors. While this is good news, it also means players who were new to the series had to suffer through many downgrades and outdated mechanics to enjoy the full story of Dante and Vergil’s epic journey. Devil May Cry 4 still holds up visually and mechanically to an extent, however, being released in 2008 and following the same flow as the first three titles, there is still much to be desired should Capcom decide to give Devil May Cry the Resident Evil treatment.

Nero, Dante, and Lady from the Devil May Cry franchise by Capcom

Nero, Dante, and Lady from the Devil May Cry franchise by Capcom

Resident Evil 4‘s remake has proven that remastering established fan favorites can appeal to the current fanbase while bringing in a host of new fans simply by having a modern platform to experience the game. Longtime devotees will appreciate the source material while enjoying subtle changes, such as with Leon’s knife in RE4‘s remake, and newcomers will see modern graphics and gameplay that will intrigue them more than ancient graphics and clunky controls. Providing Devil May Cry with this same type of overhaul could increase fandom and bring the series back to the forefront of Capcom’s long list of great hits.

 Outdated Mechanics Get An Update

Resident Evil is notorious for providing the player with a real sense of danger. The stakes feel high as players attempt to survive enemy hordes with occasionally limited resources. While not exclusive to Resident Evil, this aspect results in a more fulfilling experience upon completing certain challenges and is something Devil May Cry lacks entirely. Whether playing as Dante, Nero, or Vergil, the ability to slash your way through the onslaught of enemies is almost effortless and lends itself to a dull, tiresome process.

Vergil fighting Dante in Devil May Cry 3

Vergil fighting Dante in Devil May Cry 3

Remaking the series with a focus on modernity would allow Capcom to incorporate new combat mechanics, alleviating repetition and allowing players more of a challenge. While Devil May Cry focuses more on relaxed gameplay, allowing the protagonist to be a stylish powerhouse that rampages through the herd, having a real sense of peril would make gameplay more captivating and rewarding when overcoming difficult tasks. Rather than simply running in and blasting their way to victory, forcing players to strategies and closely observe attack patterns would be a welcome addition to the Devil May Cry series.

Resident Evil 4 - Launch Trailer


Capcom has released several award-winning games throughout its history, including Monster Hunter and Street Fighter, however, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry still reside among their platinum titles. With remakes being a popular way to reintroduce a series, hope remains for Devil May Cry to receive the same treatment. Adapting this renowned series to modern graphics and gameplay would aid its revival while drawing interest from a new generation of gamers who have yet to participate in the action.


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    I have actually! I am aware that DMC is not a survival horror, just pointing out how reviving DMC with modern updated like the RE remakes would revitalize the series and make die-hard DMC fans, like myself, super happy.

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    The author should probably revise these opinions in light of the following facts:

    1. DMC is not survival horror, and whilst DMC1 and RE4 were originally the same game, they diverged very intentionally.
    2. The author has clearly not played Dante Must Die or Hell and Hell difficulty, which is a shame.


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