Here’s What the New European ‘Super’ League Could Mean For FIFA 22

The recently announced European Super league could bring big changes in FIFA 22. What could the new European Super League mean for FIFA's future? Here are some of the things that could happen if these 12 teams succeed and the breakaway goes ahead.

Here's What the New European 'Super' League Could Mean For FIFA 22 CoverTwelve of Europe’s biggest Football teams have announced their intention to form a breakaway league known as the ‘European Super League’. This could have a massive impact on EA’s most profitable franchise. These 12 teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Tottenham Hotspur, all plan to join this so-called ‘super’ league.

What Is FIFA and What Is a Super League?

The Super League is essentially a club for billionaire-owned teams to make sure they never lose out on cash. The meritocratic system of European football has been deemed too risky, so a league where there are zero risks and all profit has been devised. This is not a popular decision amongst supporters.

Mbappe's team PSG have rejected the 'super' league

Mbappe’s team PSG have rejected the ‘super’ league

This proposal has been met with widespread condemnation around the football world. However, one of the impacts that are receiving little attention is what this could mean for FIFA 22. From the loss of well-known competitions to the removal of the world’s most famous players. EA could be facing a licensing nightmare if this league goes ahead.

Before I discuss the consequences, let’s examine how FIFA works in regards to teams, players and licensing. FIFA, not the game, but the governing body, regulate football and owns competitions like The World Cup. Alongside them are UEFA, who are the owners of the Champions League. Both of these tournaments feature in EA’s title. Furthermore, the proposed ‘super’ league targets UEFA and aims to take away their control of European football. This, on paper, means the 12 rebel clubs would no longer take part in UEFA competitions. FIFA has backed UEFA and stated that all players that take part in this ‘super’ league would be banned from any competitions from either organisation. This includes the Premier League.

FIFA 21 | Official Gameplay Trailer

With this in mind, if they go ahead with this ban, FIFA, who owns the rights to show these teams and players on TV and also in games, would instantly lose this right. In turn, EA would also lose this right.

What This Means For FIFA 22 

While this is all very complicated, the impact on everyone’s most frustrating football simulator will be rather simple. EA will lose the legal right to portray some of the world’s biggest players. Be it Ronaldo or Messi, or Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford, these players will likely not feature in EA’s title if the ‘super’ league goes ahead. 

Messi may not feature in FIFA 22 if his team leave their domestic league

Messi may not feature in FIFA 22 if his team leave their domestic league

This, of course, would make the game much less attractive for gamers. Part of the biggest appeal of FIFA is the opportunity to play with the biggest teams and the biggest players in the league, like the Premier League. If these players no longer feature in EA’s product, they may be forced to reconsider their role in its development. 

Is this the end of EA’s FIFA?

Right now, it is too early to tell. However, you can be sure that if these changes go ahead, even gaming will be impacted. Perhaps these new ‘super’ teams will license another developer to compete with EA, or maybe the league won’t go ahead and all will return to normal. 

Borussia Dortmund are receiving praise for rejecting the 'super' league

Borussia Dortmund are receiving praise for rejecting the ‘super’ league

Fans of EA’s football simulator will surely hope a solution can be found that allows them to keep their beloved franchise the way it is. Yet, there is a lot of money at stake, and this is becoming bigger than even football.

What do you think will happen? Will FIFA 22 be EA’s first title without football’s biggest names? Or will everything settle down and return to normal? Thank you for reading, and let me know in the comments below.

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