Curing Isolation With Forza Horizon 4

Dying to get out? You need to give Forza Horizon 4 a try. With an extremely detailed world with rotating seasons and tons of cars to drive around with, let me explain how I use gaming to deal with isolation. It's simply one of the best online social experiences I've had in a very long time.

Curing Isolation with Forza 4

There’s no denying that the outbreak of the Coronavirus has impacted lives everywhere across the world. People have been forced into isolation, and this has caused some serious ramifications all around. Businesses are closing up, people are being let go from work, social lives are being impacted, and whatnot. To deal with isolation, people resort to their hobbies and I’m thankful mine includes gaming. While I have the full Game pass to enjoy, curing isolation with Forza Horizon 4 has been the easiest.

Gaming to Deal with Isolation

One of the best ways to kill time while staying in a room is undoubtedly with gaming, and I’m so glad I got an Xbox One S at the start of the year. Without it, I don’t know what I’d be doing all the time. I like reading too, but you just can’t keep a good focus on doing one thing for long. At least I can’t live like that.


Looks more like a sign from Fallout

Right now, there’s invisible barb-wiring right outside our homes, which only opens up a bit for supply runs, which sadly don’t last very long. But let’s get on to how Forza is so good at keeping your mind away from the whole quarantine situation.

The Game is About Going Out and Exploring

Isolation means that you have to stay home and not go out for anything unless it is absolutely necessary. Being human, it is inherent in our DNA that we seek social interaction. In essence, isolation is no less than torture and this is one of the reasons jails have long-lasting psychological trauma on people. So, what do you do? Obviously you’re gonna take out your Nissan GT-R and start doing burnouts on every road you find (in the game of course).

gaming to deal with isolation forza 4

One of my favorites!

Forza Horizon 4 is set in Great Britain, and it is a goal of the game to explore the entire region. One of the incentives for you to do so is an achievement (if you’re an achievement hunter) that you get for driving on every road in the game. This achievement is not enforced in any way and just happens to be progressing on the side. After free-roaming for about 2 hours yesterday, I discovered about 80 new roads.

An activity I used to with a friend before everything went to hell was opening Google maps and dropping a pin randomly somewhere not too far from our location and driving to it. This has led us to find some very interesting small towns around our city, and I tend to do the same in Forza. While the map isn’t that big, driving to a location while making my own routes allows me to experience something I’ve been deprived of lately.

The game contains amazing scenery and effects. The seasons add so much life to the game and you can’t help but want to drive in every season. A changing season, night and day effects, and weather add up to making an experience that lets you feel like you truly are outdoors.

Forza Horizon 4 map

a map of the game with every road visible

Driving Through the Day with Others

While free-roaming, you will also encounter online players doing the same thing, and you can partner up with them and continue on with your shenanigans. Teaming up with players creates a convoy and you can have 12 players in one group. You can race with your newly found friends or just drive without a care in the world. Either way, it works perfectly.

Remember when previously you would go out of the house in the day and come back in the night? This is kinda what I feel when I keep driving until it gets dark. A day well spent! These days, I’m not even sure what time I wake up since my window is curtained up. My clock revolves around Forza.

I Drive for Fun and Forza Keeps Letting Me Do That

If it wasn’t clear till now, I love driving. It’s another hobby of mine and I can’t wait ’till I get my own car. Currently, I drive a motorcycle and it has its own pros and cons. You could’ve guessed that my hobby isn’t exactly meant for quarantine and that was painful to accept.

Forza took me to a world where I don’t have to worry about such petty issues. I can drive for however long I want and wherever I wish to go. Night driving is a completely different experience and, thankfully, the visuals in the game at night do not disappoint one bit. Whether it’s the lighting of the city or your car’s head and tail lights illuminating the road, it really is a beautiful sight to see.

Forza Horizon house

Isn’t that a pretty sight?

When I’m done with my sessions, I can turn the game off like a normal person by turning the console off from the controller. What I do instead is drive to one of my houses in the game and carefully park my car on the side and then turn the game off. This minor action really lets me feel that I was outdoors and just came back now.

It has basically kept me alive by combining two of my biggest hobbies into one, and I can’t imagine getting the same kind of satisfaction from any other game, ever. It’s probably gonna be a while before things get under control and until then, I’m thankful I can express myself in a way that feels real to me.

What’s your rescue game? How are you gaming to deal with isolation? Comment below and let us know!

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