Blockchain is Changing the Future of Gaming

Blockchain technology is transforming what seems like every corner of our society. It is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary pieces of technology of our time... and it could be about to shake up the entire gaming industry, challenging traditional platforms like Steam and Humble Bundle.

Blockchain is Changing the Future of Gaming

The Evolution of the Gaming Industry

Over the past few decades, the gaming industry has changed dramatically, and in many different ways.

In the very early days, the mechanism was relatively simple. Users would go into an arcade, put some money into a machine, and play until they ran out of lives. In order to continue playing, they’d have to insert more money. Games were largely single player, and involved playing against a bot.

When this era ended and the console was created, users would buy them to put them in their homes, then buy physical copies of the games to play. Once a game had been purchased, they generally had all of the game’s content available to them.

In the early 90’s, as the Internet began to gain popularity, some publishers began to release expansion packs for their games, allowing users to access new, exciting content for a small fee. This model quickly caught on and became popular, and ultimately led to the creation of DLC (downloadable content) that allowed users to access additional features of their choice.

Most of the most popular games are now multiplayer. As a result, we have seen a huge rise in the popularity of eSports. There have even been rumors that eSports could be a medal event at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Blockchain is Changing the Future of Gaming

But This Could Be the Biggest Change Yet…

The advent of blockchain technology has opened up a huge range of opportunities that we never even thought could be possible as little as a few years ago.

Game Protocol is one new blockchain startup that is working towards creating an entire decentralized gaming system that is set to completely revolutionize the industry.

It features a game store that accepts cryptocurrencies as payment, an entire software development kit that gives developers the opportunity to create games with ease, a crowdfunding platform to help developers fund their new projects by getting support from their fans, and a large community that encourages developers and gamers to collaborate and share ideas so that developers can create the best games possible.

The platform is essentially designed to be an all-in-one solution for developers and gamers who are passionate about gaming, and who are enthusiastic to support innovative new ideas.

Blockchain is Changing the Future of Gaming

What Are the Benefits of a Decentralized Gaming Platform for Gamers?

A decentralized gaming platform doesn’t just benefit developers – it provides numerous significant advantages for gamers, too.

Unlike most gaming networks that are owned by a centralized organization, Game Protocol is 100% anonymous. This means that as a user, you will never have to worry about the platform getting hacked and your personal details being leaked.

Transactions are also very quick, so you won’t need to wait for lengthy periods of time for payment approval or monetary payouts. You also won’t be required to pay any commission or additional fees to purchase games or in-game items.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of a decentralized gaming platform like Game Protocol is the community you’ll have access to. The application is designed to be much more than simply a marketplace. It is designed primarily as a community of gamers and developers who can assist each other, bounce ideas around, and discuss their issues.

What Does the Future of Gaming Look Like?

The gaming industry moves at such a fast pace that it’s almost impossible to predict what exactly the landscape will look like in 6 months – let alone 10 years.

However, the success of small indie games such as Minecraft, a game that didn’t even have a marketing budget when it originally started out, has certainly proved what could be possible for even the most humble of developers.

As the concept of decentralization becomes mainstream and it becomes easier for small indie developers to gain footing in the marketplace, it is hoped that we will start to see more diversity in the industry as we move forward.

Blockchain is Changing the Future of Gaming

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