Best Steering Wheels to Use for Forza Horizon 4

Although Forza isn't a complete racing simulator, many players prefer to use a gaming wheel anyway. Which steering wheel should you choose then? The assortment of wheels are great but only a few of the Xbox compatible ones are optimal for Forza Horizon 4.

Best Steering Wheels to Use for Forza Horizon 4When choosing a wheel, you always look after the price to see if it’s suitable for your favorite racing game. Forza isn’t a simulator which makes it difficult to choose. Several issues may occur and many wheels aren’t even optimised for the game, so there are definitely wheels on the market you should avoid. In terms of price, it’s something everyone should take into consideration. They’re not cheap, especially the best ones.

Thrustmaster vs Logitech

Should you go for Logitech or Thrustmaster? None of them are better than the other, but they definitely behave different. Generally, Thurstmasters are slightly cheaper, however, that affects the quality of the product. A popular wheel to use is the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 which is available for only $100. Of course, the price is attractive but several attractive features does not include such as force feedback and full steering ratio (300 degrees). Sadly, it only comes with two pedals.

The Ferrari 458 Italia steering wheel for Xbox

The Ferrari 458 Italia steering wheel for Xbox

From my own experience (also from other players), I’ve come across issues with the Ferrari 458 wheel, especially the cables. I owned twice of these and both of them randomly twitched. I eventually ended up returning them to the store. Although there are manufacturer issues, you probably have the ability to return the product. Also, since Forza Horizon 4 isn’t a simulator, why even have a wheel built for racing simulators? That’s why I personally would pick the 458 wheel for Forza.

The Logitechs are focusing on pure simulation. The Logitech G920 delivers quality and I highly recommend it. However, it’s not a great choice if you’re on a budget. The price of the G920 equals to three Ferrari 458 wheels! The price is basically the only negative aspect about this wheel as I have personally never experienced any major issues and it’s fun every time.

Although the Ferrari 458 wheel is a complete set up available for a cheap price, it’s definitely a wheel players sometimes avoid, especially for the Motorsport franchise. The steering ratio is minimal and therefore very difficult to operate. The solution is even harder to find since only a very few know how to fix it. Normally, it should be able to steer as in the Horizon franchise.

Wheels to avoid

There are certain wheels you should avoid for Forza particularly. Not because they’re bad; they’re just not entirely optimised for the game. Hori delivers superb wheels for customers, however, despite the wheel being compatible for all Forza games, it’s not for Forza Horizon 4 specifically. Even though it’s an Xbox licensed wheel, several players have faced issues with it. If you’re on a budget, never go for a Logitech as they’re very expensive. They deliver quality products with great reputation but the safest way is to purchase a Thrustmaster. They’re also Xbox licensed products, so there’s no need to worry about the wheel not working properly.

Rallying with steering wheel is significantly more thrilling than using gamepad

Rallying with steering wheel is significantly more thrilling than using gamepad

With that said, it mostly comes down to personal preferences, but from a personal perspective, Xbox and PC players should go for a Thurstmaster. The list of all compatible wheels can be found on the official website. 

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