8 Reasons to Own An Xbox Series X in 2023

The Xbox Series X is currently the most powerful gaming console as of right now. Not only its power is worth containing, but it is a system that's designed for the ultimate console gaming experience. These 8 reasons ranging from games to quality of life are the ideal purposes to obtain this hefty machine.

8 Reasons to Own An Xbox Series X in 2023

2023 is the year that could be the best time to get an Xbox Series X if you haven’t so already. Microsoft is promising to release more games to convince players to buy their console in 2023. There’s no doubt that last year was a fairly dry time when it comes to Xbox exclusive titles especially with Redfall and Starfield being delayed.

However, 2023 is shaping up to be a good time for those who owned the console since launch and for new owners too.

I have eight reasons to list why you should get an Xbox Series X in 2023. I’ve been an owner of this console around the launch day era, and it has certainly been a pleasant experience. Before acquiring the Series X, I only had the original Xbox One model.

It was a needed upgrade experience for my console gaming. Now, it is time for me to get into the list, and I have a lot to go in detail. Please keep in mind, this list is not an actual ranking of the reasons.

Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass is certainly a cool thing to have. I did manage to get myself one of the subscriptions when Halo Infinite’s campaign was launched, and it was an interesting service to have. Microsoft has stated that Game Pass is basically the Netflix of gaming, and that’s what it is.

It’s an excellent place for gamers to try out many different types of games, and it does have a massive library too. On a daily basis, Microsoft will eventually remove and replace various games.

You can play games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Game Pass.

You can play games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps on Game Pass.

That means there’s always something new to try out if you’ve already finished a game or you get an idea out of it. Overall, this is a very interesting evolution from renting video games back in the day.

When I was a lot younger, console gaming always had the advantage of being able to rent video games from your local video store. Game Pass is basically an evolution of that except it’s just better in terms of value without a doubt. You just cannot beat the amount of options you have with Game Pass, and there are also many different type of subscription fees one can choose also.

Video Games Chronicle has stated Game Pass has made up to $2.9 billion in revenue for Microsoft back in 2021. As the years go by, the number is more likely going to grow.

Backwards Compatibility

This reason was one of the main reasons why I wanted an Xbox Series X, and that is to play my previously owned favorite games. It’s very awesome to know the Series X allowed users to play any Xbox games from previous generations.

Microsoft got a lot of positive reception when they announced backwards compatibility during their E3 2015 conference. It’s nice to know that they wanted to fully emphasize this feature for the Xbox Series consoles.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is the game I've been playing a lot via backwards compatible.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is the game I’ve been playing a lot via backwards compatible.

I definitely loved playing a lot of Xbox 360 era games, and there are some that I still would like to try out because sometimes life gets in the way and I happened to miss out on it. But thanks to the backwards compatibility support, I can definitely play a good amount of Xbox 360 games without any hassle.

On top of that, their peripherals are also backwards compatibility. You may still use your old Xbox One era controllers for the Series X. I personally prefer the Xbox One controller over the Series variants because of the size just feels better for my hands.

At the end of the day, the Xbox Series X’s backwards compatibility functionality is amazing. It gives the player so many options to choose from, and it doesn’t make your favorite controllers obsolete.

Halo Infinite

There’s no doubt that Halo is a very important franchise for the Xbox’s ecosystem. The original Halo was what convinced me to buy the first generation of the Xbox consoles back in the day. Halo Infinite is a game that’s planning to be the core Halo experience for the Series consoles’ era. It’s only right I put this game on this particular list.

The campaign is certainly one of the better ones in the series where it harkens the sense of mystery and exploration of the original game. The game also managed to nail its semi-open world setting fairly well too, and its jam packed with content. You will definitely have a lot of reasons to come back and replay the campaign if you are into single player driven first-person shooters.

The campaign heavily revolves around Master Chief's curiosity.

The campaign heavily revolves around Master Chief’s curiosity.

The multiplayer has greatly evolved since its inception. I had my criticism towards the lack of content and playlist options, but those issues aren’t that relevant anymore. 343 Industries plan on constantly updating its multiplayer which is most likely going to be the thing that keeps you coming back to the game.

Halo Infinite really nails down the multiplayer to feel familiar and refreshing at the same time too. It does have potential to be the best modern styled Halo multiplayer experience with what 343 Industries has released so far.

Overall, Halo Infinite should be one of the games that one must keep their eye on when getting a Series X.

Xbox Series X Pro

That’s right. There is potential chance that Microsoft could be releasing an Xbox Series X Pro soon or an upgraded variant of the Series X console. Yahoo stated the new console could be running at 8k resolution and 120hz support. Microsoft already made a console that was designed to bridge the gap of current and next generation of gaming consoles: Xbox One X.

While it is still an ongoing rumor, it is something that can realistically happen because both Microsoft and Sony did make their own “Pro” variants of their current consoles. Time will tell if this rumor will be used as an official announcement when Microsoft eventually showcases their games and big news this year.

Can you imagine playing Scorn in 8k resolution?

Can you imagine playing Scorn in 8k resolution?


It’s not 2020, so that means it should be easier to find an Xbox Series X. It’s generally quite easy to spot them in the used market if you don’t mind buying used products. However, there have been various websites that have confirmed the Xbox Series X is starting to become more apparent at retail stores.

Whether you are lucky to find one or not, just be grateful that it’s not as hard to find these consoles like it was back in 2020. You should be able to get one without too many difficulties like how it used to be.


As someone who once owned the old generation models of Xbox 360, I suffered through the Red Ring of Death. My base Xbox One was definitely not as faulty, but I still remembered having disc reading and power brick issues around a year and a half of usage. Thankfully, the Series X seem to be the most durable Xbox console I owned. I haven’t had any real issues for the two plus years I’ve used. Sometimes, I do have some weird issues with the power cable acting funky where navigating the dashboard won’t work. To resolve this issue I end up just unplugging and plugging my cable again to fix the problem. I never faced any real faulty or major problems with the console itself.

Halo 3 was the last game I played before the Red Ring occured.

Halo 3 was the last game I played before the Red Ring occured.

To those who might have fear of having a console that’s not reliable in the long run, it seems like the Series X is designed to last. Even though, things can change in the next two years, I feel confident my Xbox Series X is going to be managing fine in the upcoming years.

Bundle Deals

Another reason to consider a Series X is bundles. Recently, Diablo IV will be bundled with the Xbox Series X. This means you can get a console and a game to play right off the bat. I recently did do a beta impression of Diablo IV, and I believe the game will be very good in the long term from what I’ve played.

If that isn’t your taste, you can also try out the Forza 5 bundle since that one is also relevant as of right now. The year of 2023 is still going on, and who knows what kind of Bundle Microsoft will be announcing for the future. As of right now, you might want to keep your eyes on them because it’s always good to buy a console and have a game that comes with you. Also, you do save some money while taking advantage of the bundle deals.


It’s time to end this list with a bang. Starfield is without a doubt going to be the biggest Xbox Series exclusive of this year. The game is made by the folks who are responsible for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. There’s going to be a lot of anticipation coming from the gaming community based on the legacy of those two series has impacted.

This will be one of the games that will certainly get people wanting an Xbox Series X or S because it is only designed for those consoles. It will not be a game that’s designed in conjunction with the Xbox One models like Halo Infinite has.

This marine is looking quite fashionable!

This marine is looking quite fashionable!

The game will also be shown a lot in this year too when it comes to understanding what the Starfield experience is is all about. If you’re an Xbox owner and a Bethesda fan, it’s going to be an exciting time for sure.

For those who have been following this title, know it was supposed to be released last year. As of right now, all one can do is simply wait, and play a lot of games to pass the time. Let’s hope Bethesda delivers it with Starfield.

That is my eight reasons to own an Xbox Series X in 2023. I had a lot of different reasons, and I tried to make them interesting and distinctive from one another. I hope you found it to be an interesting read, and I hope you’ll get your hands on this machine one day.

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