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7 Unanswered Questions in Control

This page discusses some of the numerous unanswered questions in Control. Have you been left perplexed, yet intrigued, by some of Control’s deeper mysteries? If so, you can read more about some of that game’s most interesting unanswered questions directly below.

7 Unanswered Questions in Control

Control is a game with a bizarre story that leaves quite a few questions unanswered. That game’s ending only really reveals who was ultimately responsible for unleashing the Hiss upon the Federal Bureau of Control as Jesse battles to turn off the projector. However, the answers to many of Control’s mysteries are not revealed. Remedy has already released two Control expansions that shed some light on a few of the mysteries, and there might be more to follow. These are some of the more interesting unanswered questions in Control.

Spoiler alert warning: This article reveals significant story details about Control. It is primarily intended for players who have completed the game. If you haven’t finished Control, return to this page when you have done so.

1. What happened to Dr. Darling?

Dr. Casper Darling was the FBC’s Head of Research who overlooked all the Bureau’s research into altered world events and objects before the Hiss outbreak. Although his Hedron Resonance Amplifiers ultimately save the FBC, it was Darling and Trench who unwittingly unleashed the Hiss on the FBC with their dangerous expeditions into the Slidescape dimension. His recorded videos inform players about what the hell has gone on at the Bureau throughout the game, but Jesse never meets up with Casper.

Control | Crazy Dr. Darling | Dynamite | + Lyrics

Exactly what happened to Dr. Darling remains a mystery. In his final recorded message, Casper has stripped himself down to his boxer shorts and reveals he has fully exposed himself to Hedron resonance. He adds that he won’t be around when the other (Hiss) resonance spreads and should have told his underling Pope a bit more about it. Having been heavily exposed to Hedron resonance, Darling might have entered a new plane of existence. Casper’s Hotline message to Jesse during her dream hints that he might have been blown away to the Board, as the Hotline is Faden’s direct line of communication with the Board. Whatever happened to him is certainly something a Control expansion or even sequel should reveal.

2. Who killed Trench?

It is widely assumed Director Trench killed himself shortly after the Hiss outbreak began at the FBC. When Jesse walks into his office for the first time, she picks up the Service Weapon a few feet away from the deceased former director. However, Control never clearly reveals who kills Trench.

The assumption Trench shot himself with the Service Weapon makes little sense. Having been corrupted by the Hiss himself, Trench should have been overjoyed when that resonance began to infiltrate the FBC. So, why would Trench have shot himself near the beginning of the Hiss outbreak? Surely he would have tried to ensure the Hiss took over the FBC like the corrupted Dylan.

A deceased Trent in his office

A deceased Trent in his office

The Service Weapon is an OOP that can be lethal to anybody the Board deems unfit (unsuitable) to carry it. That means the Board can kill anybody unworthy of wielding the Service Weapon with that gun. As Trench had become corrupted by the Hiss, it seems feasible that the Board might well have killed him with the Service Weapon.

Another theory is that somebody within the Bereau might have killed Trench. The most likely person to have done so would have been Dr. Darling. Darling revealed in his last recording he was aware Trench had been exposed to a different type of terrifying resonance (otherwise the Hiss). Maybe Casper felt he had to eliminate Trench to protect the FBC from the Hiss-corrupted director just before he went AWOL.

3. Why didn’t the FBC try to confront Jesse?

When Jesse goes looking for the Slide Projector OOP, she discovers the Federal Bureau of Control had been tracking her for years. Therefore, the FBC knew of Miss Faden’s whereabouts sometime before she arrived at the Bureau. Jesse had been director prime candidate seven for years, but the FBC never tried to confront her even though it knew of her whereabouts. This raises the question: why didn’t the FBC try to confront Jesse to bring her to the Bureau?

The FBC's Jesse photo collection

The FBC’s Jesse photo collection

Jesse escaped FBC agents when they captured brother Dylan shortly after the Ordinary AWE. Thereafter, the FBC was merely content to track Miss Faden and never dared attempt to bring her to the Bureau (one way or another). The captured Dylan turned out to be a lost cause. Was the FBC afraid of repeating the mistakes it made with candidate six Dylan? Did Trench not want the FBC to apprehend another potential candidate who was old enough to replace him as a director? Or did the Bureau simply correctly anticipate that Miss Faden would one day walk through its doors?

4. How come Ahti’s immune from the Hiss?

Ahti is a somewhat mysterious janitor who does a lot more than merely mop floors and clean bathrooms at the Federal Bureau of Control. Unlike all the other non-corrupted staff at the FBC, Ahti doesn’t need an HRA to protect him from the Hiss. It’s obvious enough that Ahti hasn’t been corrupted by the Hiss. Thus, Ahti, like Jesse, is immune from the Hiss. Many players undoubtedly wonder how Ahti is immune from the Hiss.

Is Ahti a fellow parautilitarian like Jesse, or is he something else entirely? It becomes clear during the game that Ahti does have some kind of paranatural powers. Near the end of the game, he gives Jesse a cassette player that enables her to get through the Ashtray Maze to enter a seemingly completely unreachable restricted research area. Thus, Ahiti’s cassette player might be another Object of Power only parautilitarians can wield.

Ahti the janitor

Ahti the janitor

If Ahti isn’t a parautilitarian like Jesse, he must be some kind paranatural entity given the fact he’s seemingly telepathic, immune from the Hiss, and can go anywhere he fancies within the FBC. Furthermore, Ahti doesn’t speak very clear English (Jesse suspects he’s from Sweden). Nobody within the FBC seems to know where he’s from, and Jesse never bothers to ask Ahti why he doesn’t need an HRA.

Ahti is linked with the Foundation, where he later heads off to, which is kind of like a bridging point between the Oldest House and Astral Plane where the Board pyramid is. That link highlights Ahti might be connected with the Board in some way. Could Ahti be a Board member deployed within the FBC complex to keep an eye on things?

Ahti on vacation

Ahti on vacation

5. Where do the other doors in the Oceanview Motel lead to?

The Oceanview Motel in Control is, in the words of Mr. Churchill, “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” It was originally discovered in the Butte AWE, and the one door Jesse can open within it serves as a transversal point to unmapped areas of the FBC complex. There are, however, numerous other doors that nobody within the Bureau has a clue how to open. Exactly what lies behind those other doors is a complete mystery. Pope theorizes that the motel’s other doors are entrances to different dimensions. If that’s the case, the Oceanview Motel is a portal to other dimensions.

The other unanswered question about the Oceanview Motel is where the hell is it? Jesse enters and exits the Oceanview Motel by pulling some light switches three times. Therefore, the motel’s location is completely unknown.

Oceanview Motel

Oceanview Motel

6. What is the Not-Mother?

Control’s story is based upon the Ordinary AWE in which Jesse and her brother discover the Slide Projector OOP and open other dimensions with its slides. What happens during that AWE is documented within numerous Ordinary documents you can pick up later in the game. Those documents include references to a Not-Mother entity the kids discover in one of the dimensions, which has a dangerous influence. The Stage 3 document hints that the Not-Mother might have been what caused the entire adult population of Ordinary to vanish.

However, the game reveals nothing else about the Not-Mother beyond those documents. So, what exactly is this Not-Mother thing players hear about? Is that what caused the adult population at Ordinary to vanish? Please provide some answers Remedy!

7. Where did Marshall go? (answered in Foundation expansion)

A final unanswered question in Control arises within its post-game. In the post-game, Jesse discovers Marshall, the FBC’s Head of Operations, has disappeared. Arish can only tell you he last saw her down in Maintenance Sector. There isn’t any post-game mission in Control that reveals where Marshall has gone.

CONTROL - The Foundation DLC Trailer (2020)

However, Remedy’s Foundation expansion reveals all about the Marshall mystery that arises in the original Control game. Players who want this question answered should play through the Foundation expansion. Foundation also sheds more light on the mysterious Board pulling the strings in Control.

Those are just some of the various unanswered questions in Control that arise from that game’s story. The disappearance of Darling, the Not-Mother, Ahti the Janitor, and the OceanView Motel’s doors are some of the game’s most intriguing mysteries. Let’s hope Remedy releases further expansions, and even sequels, that shed light on those unanswered questions, and others, from Control.

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