7 Next Games You Should Get a Platinum Trophy in

These 7 games will provide you with a great time while allowing you to add an extra platinum trophy or two to your collection. It can be quite a satisfying sound when that platinum trophy icon pops up on your screen, but many games make you suffer for it. Thankfully, some manage to get it right, and strike a good balance between fun and difficulty.

7 Next Games You Should Get a Platinum Trophy in cover.This list features the most fun games to earn a platinum trophy in. The 7 games below offer enough of a challenge to make achieving the platinum trophy feel like a genuine accomplishment, but they are reasonable enough for even the casual gamer to complete with a little effort.

The PS3 era of gaming introduced trophies to the PlayStation ecosystem. Trophies, put simply, are digital awards you earn for completing certain tasks within a video game. Depending on the difficulty of the task at hand, you can be awarded a bronze trophy, a silver trophy, a gold trophy, or the highly coveted platinum trophy.

Trophies are a great way to make your profile more impressive and show off to your gaming friends. They are a badge of honor and are a way of demonstrating your love for your favorite games. A few games will even gift you with avatars and PS4 themes for earning the correct trophies.

Astro's Playroom screenshot.

Astro’s Playroom is one of the many great games that offer an achievable platinum trophy.

Historically, platinum trophies are incredibly difficult to obtain. It requires almost obsessive dedication to a single game and plenty of hours to spare. For most games, unless you are an avid fan, the effort required to earn a platinum trophy simply is not worth it.

There are a few games that have gotten the balance right and have managed to offer trophies that are unlocked naturally through gameplay, and do not require excessive tedium.

7. Life is Strange

Created by DONTNOD, Life is Strange is a mostly visual game that has you taking control of Max Caulfield, a young girl with dreams of being a photographer. Her life takes on an unexpectedly supernatural turn when she discovers that she has the ability to turn back the hands of time and make decisions differently.

Armed with this amazing power, Max tries to help her friends. However, she soon finds that even though she acts with the best intentions, she sometimes only succeeds in making situations even more complicated.

Alongside Max is a host of complex characters that never fail to leave an impression. Chloe Price, Max’s blue-haired friend, is a rebellious girl who loves smoking and rock and roll. Though she always seems to be getting Max into trouble, she has a heart of gold and is an irreplaceable part of her life. Chloe has her own traumas which mold her personality, including the unexpected loss of her father. There is also Kate Marsh, a conservative Christian who tries to please her pious family but finds herself unable to cope with all the shame after an unfortunate night out.

Max staring at sunset.

Max is an avid photographer.

To get the platinum trophy for Life is Strange, you need to first play through all five episodes of the game. This is easy enough, and is also quite fun because it has a gripping story made possible by a sympathetic cast of characters.

You also need to take all of the optional photos in each of the episodes. Most of them are relatively simple to find. Fortunately, Life is Strange has a convenient Collectible Mode which allows you to replay segments of each episode to find the photo opportunities without affecting your main story game progress.

If you love Life is Strange, be on the lookout for Life is Strange: True Colors, the latest entry in the series. It is set to release on the 10th of September 2021.

6. The Walking Dead

Anyone who is a fan of visual novels will be familiar with Telltale games. They have produced a wide assortment of visual novels, with many of them based off popular franchises from video games, movies, books, and comics. Although they did experience a bit of a dip in popularity, they rose to the spotlight again with The Walking Dead which was released in 2012.

Based off the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is a tale of a man named Lee who is destined for a life in prison when a sudden zombie outbreak hits. With society destroyed, he finds himself free, but he must now try to survive against hordes of the undead.

Along the way, he meets many other survivors. It is up to you to decide who you will trust and who you will abandon. The story has many branching narratives, and your choices determine who dies and who lives. Joining you is a sweet girl named Clementine. As they try to find normalcy, Lee slowly grows to be her father figure.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series - Pre-order Announce Trailer | PS4

The Walking Dead features enough interactivity to keep you engaged, but not so much that it distracts from the narrative which is the main focus of the experience. Every choice feels impactful, and every episode of this five-part game takes into account decisions you have made in previous episodes.

Like most Telltale games, earning your platinum for The Walking Dead is as simple as completing every episode. Regardless of what choices you make, so long as you make it to the end and see the credits rolling, that platinum trophy should pop. After that emotional story, you will be left feeling exhausted.

5. A Plague Tale: Innocence

The next entry takes us to 14th century France during the Hundred Years’ War. A plague has struck Europe and swarms of rats flood the streets spreading sickness and death wherever they go. Amidst this chaos is a woman named Amicia de Rune and her young brother, Hugo de Rune. Together, they must somehow attempt to stay alive as they dodge deadly rats and the Inquisition.

Gameplay consists of stealth, puzzles, and some light exploration. All you have at your disposal is a sling, and sometimes it is not enough when you are facing dozens of men in armor. Therefore, your greatest asset is your brains.

Developed by Asobo Studio, A Plague Tale: Innocence delivers stunning visuals wrapping in a compelling story about losing innocence in a world that has been corrupted. Although Amicia tries to shield little Hugo from the evils surrounding them, she finds she is unable to blind him from it all. Furthermore, as they resort to drastic means to stay alive, Amicia discovers she may not be so innocent.

To get your shiny platinum, you need to play all sixteen chapters of A Plague Tale: Innocence. It is a great game that has recently gotten a makeover for next-gen consoles, allowing it to run at 60fps at a higher resolution. On PS5, it also has DualSense features such as adaptive triggers.

A Plague Tale: Innocence screenshot.

Although they may argue sometimes, Amicia and Hugo love each other.

Next, you will also have to find all the collectibles hidden throughout the game. Luckily, there is a chapter select menu so you do not have to play the entire game again if you wish to find a few items you might have missed. Collectibles include flowers and curiosities.

You will also need to fully upgrade your sling, enter 5 alchemist carts, craft 100 ammunitions, and complete a few other actions. However, these trophies are, for the most part, naturally unlocked through regular gameplay. Like Astro’s Playroom, A Plague Tale: Innocence on PS5 makes use of Game Help which tells you exactly which collectibles you are missing and where to find them.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the highly anticipated sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem which is set to release on PC and next-gen consoles in 2022. This spells great news for anyone who enjoyed the rat-infested horror of the first game.

4. The Order: 1886

Developed by Ready at Dawn, The Order: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive that received mixed reviews upon release despite featuring visuals that are jaw-dropping to this day. Most critics did not complain about the gameplay which features a nice array of guns that feel good. The game also takes place in a unique setting, specifically an alternative London in 1886 where werewolves lurk in the shadows and futuristic guns are at your disposal thanks to Nikola Tesla. Instead, gripes were directed towards the game’s short runtime which some felt made a mockery of its price tag.

Years later, The Order: 1886 is often on sale and it would be a mistake to not pick it up. It tells a gripping story of loyalty and betrayal. The protagonist, Sir Galahad, is tasked with protecting London against werewolves known as Lycans and a strange anti-government organization that has taken root.

Some of the set pieces featured in the game are exhilarating enough to compete with those found in the Uncharted series, while the high production quality which leaks into everything from the visuals to the soundtrack will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Order: 1886 screenshot.

The Order: 1886 features black bars that make the game look cinematic.

Although there are multiple difficulties, the game is nice enough to award you a trophy for completing the game at any difficulty. Many of the other trophies are related to shooting and combat. For example, you get a trophy for killing an enemy with every weapon, which you will want to do because each weapon feels satisfyingly different. You also get trophies for killing 3 enemies with a single explosion, killing 25 enemies without aiming, killing 15 enemies with melee attacks, and killing 7 enemies with silent takedowns, to name a few. Many, you will unlock quite naturally as you play the game and within two playthroughs, you should have unlocked most of them.

There are also collectibles. However, these can be quite tricky to find and without a guide, its unlikely you will locate them all on your own. Fortunately, there are not too many. Once you have found all the phonograph cylinders, inspected all newspapers, inspected all photographs and documents, and inspected all objects, the platinum trophy should be yours.

Play diligently enough, and the platinum trophy can be earned within a weekend, making it one of easier ones to obtain on this list.

3. Astro’s Playroom

There is no excuse for any PS5 owner to not get the platinum for Astro’s Playroom. Firstly, it comes pre-installed with every console, so you do not have to spend a cent on the game. Secondly, it is filled with so many references and homages to classic PlayStation franchises that the entire game feels like a walk down memory lane. Lastly, the game is one of the best showcases of the DualSense’s unique features.

Astro’s Playroom is a colorful platformer that has you taking control of Astro, a cute little robot who explores different worlds that represent different components of your PlayStation. There is Cooling Springs where you can take in sun on a sandy beach, SSD Speedway where you can explore outer space, Memory Meadow where the grass is pink, and GPU jungle where you can climb sheer mountains.

Astro's Playroom - Gameplay Trailer l PS5

Although Asobi Team’s game began as a mere tech demo for the DualSense, it fortunately bloomed into one of the most touching games available on PS5, and a must-play for anyone who has been on the PlayStation platform for many generations.

Predictably, to obtain the platinum trophy for Astro’s Playroom, you need to clear the four worlds. You also need to collect all the artefacts hidden in the game. These artefacts represent special items from throughout Sony’s history. There are also puzzle pieces to collect which form a beautiful mural displaying all the PlayStation consoles and handheld. Additionally, there is a gatcha machine that you need to play using the coins you collect.

The last obstacles to getting that coveted trophy are a few Easter eggs that would be too spoilery to write here, but can be easily found thanks to the Game Help feature available to PS Plus subscribers.

2. Control

Released in 2019, Control is a science fiction game about a woman named Jesse Faden who must deal with supernatural entities while she searches for clues regarding the disappearance of her brother.

The game draws heavy inspiration from the SCP Foundation, a collection of online creative writing about a fictional organization which works in secrecy to protect the world from various anomalous beings. Developed by Remedy, Control is one of the Finnish developer’s most successful titles to date.

Gameplay involves both gunplay and the use of supernatural powers. You are given a service weapon that can take on many different forms to suit the task at hand. However, when the situation calls for it, you can also levitate and use telekinesis to lunge objects at your enemies. The destructible environments make every combat scenario an exciting affair filled with flying debris and crumbling walls.

Control Jesse Faden screenshot

Control has lots of trippy imagery.

Although a tad tricky and time consuming, you certainly do not need to be a pro gamer to earn Control’s platinum trophy for yourself. The vast majority of the trophies you will unlock just by playing the game normally. This includes completing 5 side missions, killing 1 000 Hiss (which are what the enemies in the game are called), spending 100 Ability Points, obtaining the various supernatural abilities, and defeating the assorted bosses, to name a few.

A few grindy trophies, like the one for collecting more than 100 000 source, is made easier if you have the expansions for the game. Although shorter, they are equally as fun as the main game and provide more opportunities to spend Ability Points, get upgrades, and earn those trophies.

Fans of Control will be happy to know that there are plans to expand the franchise, with two new games already in the works. To the surprise of many, the planned next installment of the series, code-named Condor, will be a multiplayer experience. The Finnish studio has also made mention of an agreement they have made with 505 Games to release a second Control game in the future. Details surrounding this game are even more scarce, with not even a working title revealed yet. However, Remedy have mentioned that they intend for it to be “bigger-budget”.

1. The Last of Us Part II

One of the biggest releases of 2020 was The Last of Us Part II, a PS4 exclusive that serves as the sequel to the hit game The Last of Us. Developed by Naughty Dog, the franchise is set in a world where a fungal infection has zombified much of our species. Joel and Ellie, one of the few survivors left, must stick together as they try to forge a life for themselves in a post-apocalyptic society.

In The Last of Us Part II, Joel and Ellie have found some semblance of normalcy in the community of Jackson. This life of peace is brought to an end when some member of the Washington Liberation Front pay them a visit and set into action a course of events that change everyone’s lives forever. Following this, Ellie finds herself on an unrelenting quest for revenge.

The Last of Us Part II screenshot

The game is a masterclass of storytelling, gameplay and visuals.

The Last of Us Part II is notable for expanding on its predecessor’s gameplay, and injecting far more fluidity into Ellie’s movements, allowing her to be nimble and agile as she evades and outsmarts her rivals. It also places a heavy focus on narrative, interrogating themes such as revenge and forgiveness.

Although the platinum trophy for The Last of Us is quite a difficult one to achieve, the sequel proves to be a far easier affair. Unlike its predecessor, you do not need to play the game at Survivor difficulty in order to earn the platinum.

Other requirements to pop the platinum include your typical checklists including learning all player upgrades and finding all collectables which include artefacts, journal entries, training manuals, trading cards and coins. You are also required to find all workbenches, unlock all safes, visit every location in downtown Seattle and craft every item. There are a few trophies tied to Easter egg events, but discussing them would rob you of the experience of discovering them for yourself.

Since its release, The Last of Us Part II has received a next-gen patch that adds 60fps support and improved visuals. This gives you plenty more reasons to jump back into a great game while we wait for the standalone multiplayer component that Naughty Dog has promised is in the works.

Newer release from Sony’s first party studios have followed the trend of having platinum trophies that are challenging yet satisfying to achieve. This includes recent titles such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Ghost of Tsushima. This, coupled with the new Game Help feature, has made it the perfect time get into trophy hunting. This list is sure to get you off to a good start.

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