7 Kickstarter Game Projects to Back for June of 2020

Shouldn't the world have more games? If you agree, then we have a nifty list for you. For all the successful games Kickstarter has helped bring into the world, we wanted to take part in showcasing all the projects that look to be worth backing. These are 7 games on Kickstarter for June of 2020 that might become the next big thing!

7 Kickstarter Game Projects to Back for June of 2020 Cover

As Reggie Fils-Aimé once said: “Indie developers are the most important developers in [the game] industry.” While the general populace looks forward to the biggest games released by Triple-A companies, sometimes the most impactful games come from those whom aren’t far removed from said populace. Indie games have had a profound effect on my life, and if given the chance, many others could find their next favorite game, if only with a little searching. Kickstarter is not, and likely never will be, a surefire stamp of quality for upcoming projects. Even so, this article will detail games that are trying to come into existence, and they need help in doing so. After doing a little research, these are 7 Kickstarter games I feel have enough potential to be worth a backing in June of 2020.

1. Natural Instincts

Natural Instincts - Narrative Trailer

Developed by a team of 13 people, Natural Instincts hopes to bring the natural world to one’s virtual fingertips. One plays from an omniscient position and guides the wildlife of the forest on how to properly care for themselves, and keep out of harm’s way. A simulation game in the purest sense, the developers plan to have six different biomes to explore and manage. Maintaining the circle of life is the name of the game (not literally). Wolves, penguins, and lions are only a few species to expect within the game.

With CA$7,220 already donated out of a CA$15,000 goal, Natural Instinct’s chances of success seem positive, though the chance of stagnation still looms. Stretch goals detail plans to provide even more areas to manage should they get enough funding.

The Kickstarter is live for the next 22 days, so if you see potential in this pitch, I encourage you to give it a look!

2. Aztec Empire

Aztec Empire - Kickstarter Launch!!

Go ahead, take a guess on what this game is about. Did you guess “The Aztec Empire”? Very perceptive of you!

The second simulation game on this list (and not the last—oops, spoilers), Aztec Empire is fairly straightforward. Inspired by city-building simulators of old, one can build giant monuments, communities, and manage Aztecan societies. The kicker? It follows the real-life events of Aztecan history, brought to life for the modern player. Along with actual named characters to help along the way, the game seems to be an ode to history and glory.

Should you wish to give Aztec Empire a try right now, the developers have provided a link to a downloadable demo.

With €4,336 of the €20,000 goal funded, the developers still have a little ways to go to reach their target. Even so, they have 26 days left to do so; if interested, I encourage you to give it a look!

3. Snacko

Snacko Kickstarter Trailer

Simulation, farming, pixel graphics, and cats. That’s probably all you need to know.

Likely to be filled to the brim with cat jokes and cutesy visuals, Snacko seems content in relaxing the player’s stress away. Though if the synopsis is any indication, there’s more to the game than meets the eye. Starring kitties Momo and Mikan, they decide to start life anew on a mysterious island, even after the “cryptic warnings” of its caretaker. With a large number of things promised, this seems to be a cozy escape into a stress-free(?) world of farming and casual living.

Created by a husband and wife team of two, the main characters of Snacko are actually based on their real-life cats. As if there wasn’t enough wholesome content to go around.

Having already reached 70% of their $30,000 goal with 20 days left, the success of the Kickstarter seems almost guaranteed. Regardless, it’s never too late to chip in and have it succeed, so I encourage you to give it a look!

4. Vernal Edge

Vernal Edge Kickstarter Trailer

What’s not vernal about this game is that they decided to start a Kickstarter near the start of Summer.

Concocted by a small team of two, the developers are not inexperienced in game development. Ten years of working on mods, short games, and miscellaneous freelance work, they have proper experience in knowing what makes games tick. Vernal Edge is the embodiment of all they’ve learned in that span—a “stylish” action game featuring Metroidvania elements, inspired by “deep technical action games” like the Devil May Cry series. In my humble opinion, that’s a very enticing description.

Generous donors may also be intrigued to know of some of the rewards offered to backers. $300 backers can have a custom-designed NPC; $500 a custom-designed island; $1,000 a custom-designed boss. While definitely a little steep, one can place their fingerprint upon the success of Vernal Edge.

This game only has 13 days left to make over $18,000, so I’m giving extra emphasis on encouraging you to give it a look!

5. Moon Raider

Moon Raider: Announcement Trailer - Android/iOS

A 2D action-platformer featuring a character that looks like a cross between Mega Man and Fiona from Shrek. Unexpectedly great combo.

One of the unique descriptors for Moon Raider (relative to the games on this list) is that it was created with mobile devices in mind. As such, the control scheme and structure of the game seems accessible to a vast array of players, only boosting its wide reach. The Kickstarter page specifies that the game has been approved for publication on consoles, but has yet to be handed off to a port studio. Even so, the game is “already over 90% complete,” which makes this one of the more “guaranteed” projects on this list.

Featuring sci-fi elements, a large arsenal of abilities, and a strong, female lead, Moon Raider has the foundation to be something worth playing on every device imaginable.

July 1st is the due date for this game’s goal, which is $8,000 (the second-smallest total on the list). If the details above sound interesting to you, I highly encourage you to give it a look!

6. Five Gods of Kung Fu

Five Gods of Kung Fu Kickstarter Trailer

Three-straight simulation games followed by three-straight action games. What could possibly be next?

Not to take away from Five Gods of Kung Fu, which looks to be a really memorable feast of the East. Its most prominent feature is in its “unique input method,” where the face buttons actually combine action with motion. The developer promises that it will feel intuitive with time, but like with most new challenges, it takes practice. Such level of physical immersion is something not a lot of indie developers try initially, which is incredibly admirable. With “6 to 9 hours of story and additional end game features” planned, this may end up a decent helping of kung fu finesse.

Should you wish to try out an early build for the game, there is a download link available on its itch.io page.

€4,544 has already been funded of its €15,000 goal. With 26 days to go, it has a long road ahead, so if interested, I highly encourage you to give it a look!

7. Necronomistore: Black Friday

No Youtube video trailer for this one. An absolute shame, because this is a very visually zany game.

There are not enough great weird games out there. So when I came across Necronomistore: Black Friday, I immediately wanted to be bathed in its absurdity. With self-aware writing, surrealistic imagery, and immersive fun, it checks all the boxes for “potentially great weird game.” The title itself is described as “A semi-sequel/re-imagining to a game nobody played.” No worries; I see you.

Despite the Kickstarter campaign, the game is available to wishlist on Steam with a release date and all. So the chances of it releasing should the campaign fail are still fairly high. Perhaps the Kickstarter is just for the chance to boost the game’s budget ever so slightly.

It shows, too, as the developer is only asking for £500. With £152 already covered and 21 days left, it’s not unreasonable that they reach their goal. If you, too, share my adoration for weird games, I highly encourage you to give it a look!

Those were just 7 games available this month to back on Kickstarter, but there are likely plenty more. If you have even a little to spare, it could mean the difference between success and failure for these fledgling developers.

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