7 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing June 2022

A packed summer of chills continues with lots of exciting horror movies releasing June 2022, including the Host crew's newest found footage venture, David Cronenberg's return to body horror, and a Joe Hill adaptation from Scott Derrickson. Shudder and other streaming originals, along with promising indie productions, make for even more promising horror content this June.

7 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing June 2022 coverWe’re officially in horror high season, with the horror movies releasing in June 2022 alone making up some of the most anticipated of the year.

David Cronenberg makes a long-overdue return to body horror, some of the Host cast and crew reunite for another found footage affair, and Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill finally debut the movie they made after Derrickson departed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. There are also more Shudder originals and other streaming treats for subscribers to enjoy. Add to that a fair amount of VOD/digital options, and there’s a horror movie releasing in June 2022 to suit everyone

With so much horror unleashing on big and small screens alike this summer, there’s now a bonus section at the end to spotlight some small indie productions you might like too.

Now that June has passed, make sure to check out our biggest horror movies releasing in July 2022 article, and if you’re after some more great horror movie suggestions, check these out:


Releases June 3 in US theatres and VOD.

DASHCAM | Official Trailer

It’s safe to say that if you’re not a found footage fan, Dashcam might not seem all that impressive to you. If you are a fan of the often wobbly subgenre, this Blumhouse production might pique your interest even more with Rob Savage, Jed Sheppard, and Gemma Hurley’s involvement. The trio are responsible for creating Host during the beginnings of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was praised for incorporating Zoom calls and social distancing into their 21st Century supernatural story.

Dashcam replaces computer screens for…well, dashcams, to tell a more viscerally brutal horror tale. As the movie has already screened at multiple festivals, reviews have been circulating for a while. It’s no surprise to read that the R-rated picture is full of gore and violence. However, it seems to be the incredibly unlikeable protagonist that has split reviewers on Dashcam‘s quality. Some critics say they liked the film in spite of the main character, others claimed that it’s just one of its problems. 

If you’re anything like me, this very mixed reception might have increased your interest in Dashcam even more. Hopefully, the Host crew has pulled off a production worthy to be one of the biggest horror movies releasing in June 2022. Just how polarising the protagonist turns out to be to a wider audience remains a mystery until the film releases.


Releases June 3 in limited US theatres & an as yet unknown date on Shudder.

Watcher - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Midnight

It may be more of a thriller, but Chloe Okuno is an incredibly talented on-the-rise director who seems to have weaved her previous horror storytelling skills with a tense mystery in Watcher.

The story follows Julia (Maika Monroe), a young actress who moves to Bucharest with her boyfriend (Karl Glusman). She soon notices a mysterious stranger watching her from the apartment across the street. The trailer shows Julia’s paranoia mounting as she believes she’s being followed by this creepy character. At the same time, a spate of gruesome murders are occurring throughout the city. It’s a very Hitchcockian premise, and according to many critics, it lives up to this description, for the most part.

Chloe Okuno’s name might be familiar to you, as she directed the ‘Storm Drain’ segment in Shudder’s horror anthology V/H/S/94 (hail Raatma), and the well-received short, Slut. It seems Shudder likes her just as much as Okuno’s fans, as it co-produced Watcher with IFC Midnight. This means it will appear on their streaming service sometime in the future after the movie’s theatrical release. I’ll be sure to include Watcher on a future list when it releases to the streaming service. Just to remind those who aren’t able to see the thriller in theatres. Providing it lives up to its promise of being one of the biggest horror movies releasing in June 2022, of course.

Crimes of the Future

Releases June 10 in US theatres.

CRIMES OF THE FUTURE - Official Teaser

It’s been twenty-three years since David Cronenberg made Existenz and went all-in on sci-fi and horror themes. As a huge fan of the writer and director’s exploration of the body horror subgenre in movies like Videodrome, The Fly, and The Brood, I’m very happy that Crimes of the Future has a man covered in ears.

Crimes of the Future follows celebrity performance artist Saul (Viggo Mortensen) and his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux) who publicly showcase the metamorphosis of Saul’s organs in avant-garde performances. Timlin (Kristen Stewart) is an investigator from the National Organ Registry who obsessively tracks the couple’s movements. A mysterious new group soon emerges. Their mission is to use Saul’s notoriety to shed light on the next phase of human evolution.

As mentioned above, the trailers show a man covered in ears, extra-terrestrial-looking operating tables, and a lot of uncomfortable shots involving…things going into…other things. It looks like a Cronenberg exploration of sex and body horror through and through, and that’s exactly what advanced reviews have been describing it as. If you do enjoy body horror or Cronenberg’s directing style, Crimes of the Future is sure to be one of the biggest horror movies releasing in June 2022.

Mad God

Releases June 16 on Shudder.

Mad God - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

Thirty years in the making from special effects pioneer Phil Tippett, Mad God is a stop-motion journey through a forbidding world of tortured souls, decrepit bunkers, and wretched monstrosities.

If you’ve watched a blockbuster sci-fi or fantasy movie from the 80s or 90s, Phil Tippet probably worked on its special effects. His many credits include Star Wars, Jurassic Park, RoboCop, Willow, Starship Troopers, and Indiana Jones. The filming of Mad God actually started after Tippet’s work on RoboCop 2, but he shelved the project after his involvement with Jurassic Park, believing stop motion wasn’t a viable medium anymore.

Mad God returned in 2012 with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Ten years after that, Shudder subscribers get to marvel at the full production in all its glory. It looks gorgeous and disgusting in equal measure, and certainly has one of the most interesting histories of any modern horror film. Kickstarter backers have had access to the movie for over a year now, but the official release makes Mad God one of the biggest horror movies releasing this June 2022.


Releases June 16 on VOD.

Gatlopp - A Hell of a Game - Trailer (2022)

I’m not much of a horror-comedy fan. It’s often just the same three jokes recycled, or galleons of blood used to meet the basic classification of horror. Modern gems like Scare Package and Psycho Goreman have helped me see there are good, intentionally funny horror movies out there. It’s just they’re just not as well marketed or widely shared as the bad ones are. If Gatlopp lives up to the promise it shows in its trailers, then I might have another genuinely funny horror-comedy to annoy people with recommending so much.

Gatlopp follows a group of old friends who reunite for an evening of fun and games after a decade apart. They decide to play a drinking board game, but it’s soon evident that it comes with deadly supernatural stakes. It’s shortly revealed that if they can’t come together to win the game by sunrise, the group will be forced to play for eternity—in hell. No pressure then. The movie stars Emmy Raver-Lampman (The Umbrella Academy), Sarunas J. Jackson (Made for Love), Jon Bass (Molly’s Game, Baywatch), and Jim Mahoney (The Orville), who also provides the screenplay. Alberto Belli directs.


Releases June 23 on Shudder.

Revealer - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

I’m pretty sure you’ll know if you’re going to want to watch Revealer or not based on its description alone.

The Shudder original is about a stripper and religious protester who are trapped together in a peep show booth and must come together to survive the apocalypse in 1980s Chicago. If that doesn’t sell you, the trailer is seeped in neon glows, perms, and a healthy dollop of apocalyptic horror to really bring the camp 80s vibes home. Watching it just might help you decide if it’s one of the biggest horror movies releasing June 2022.

Luke Boyce directs a screenplay by Michael Moreci and Tim Seeley. Caito Aase and Shaina Schrooten star as the aforementioned stripper and religious protestor, respectively. Revealer looks like just the right amount of ridiculous fun and OTT visuals to satisfy any horror fan looking for a fun watch.

The Black Phone

Releases June 24 in US theatres.

The Black Phone - Official Trailer

Sinister has become something of a modern horror cult classic, and director Scott Derrickson hopes to recapture this chilling lightning in a bottle by reuniting with Ethan Hawke and co-writer C. Robert Cargill in The Black Phone. The pair started work on adapting Joe Hill’s short story into a movie after Derrickson’s unfortunate creative differences with Marvel led to his departure from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Set in 1978, The Black Phone follows Finney (Mason Thames), a thirteen-year-old who gets abducted by The Grabber (Ethan Hawke). Finney discovers he can communicate with his abductor’s past victims by using the broken phone in the basement he’s held in. The children pass on their knowledge through the phone to try and help him escape. Meanwhile, Finney’s sister, Gwen (Madeleine McGraw), follows psychic clues in the search for her brother’s location.

With a proven crew, excellent source material, and a creepy masked villain, The Black Phone is one of the biggest horror movies releasing June 2022. Hopefully, it lives up to all the promising hype that’s surrounded it during festival runs.

Indie Horror Movies Releasing June 2022

The following indie horror movies are releasing in limited theatres, VOD, or streaming services during June 2022. Some may have already had small theatrical runs, whereas others are debuting digitally—and all look very promising!

After Blue (Dirty Paradise), The Passenger, Tales From the Other Side, and The Righteous

After Blue (Dirty Paradise), The Passenger, Tales From the Other Side, and The Righteous.

  • After Blue (Dirty Paradise): Releases June 3 in limited US theatres. Full of 70s-inspired sex and sci-fi bizarreness, the movie is set in a faraway future on a wild and untamed planet. A lonely teenager, Roxy, releases an assassin from the sands she was buried in. The criminal then sparks death all around. Roxy and her mother Zora are held accountable, banished from their community, and forced to track the murderer down. They start a long journey pacing the supernatural territories of their filthy paradise.
  • The Passenger: Releasing June 3 in limited US theatres and June 23 on VOD. Strangers who are sharing a ride have their trip interrupted when the driver hits a woman who’s hiking at night. They decide to help her but quickly learn that something is wrong. This Spanish movie looks truly disgusting, a little bit funny, and very weird. Consider me sold.
  • Tales From the Other Side: Releases June 7 on VOD in the US. Three kids seek to have the most legendary Halloween night ever. Their Trick-or-treat adventure brings them to the home of the local town legend ‘Scary Mary’. Legends say that she is a woman of pure evil, but one thing is for certain, she knows just the right spooky tales to give these three kids the scare of their life. An anthology comprising of six stories.
  • The Righteous: Releases June 10 on Arrow in the US, UK, and Ireland. Mark O’Brien reunites with his Ready or Not co-star Henry Czerny to write, direct, and act in the psychological horror. It’s a dark chiller about a burdened man who feels the wrath of a vengeful God after he and his wife are visited by a mysterious stranger. You can check out my The Righteous review for more details on this unsettling and beautiful gem.

What horror movie are you most excited about this June? Let me know in the comments below!

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