6 of the Best Android Games

Mobile gaming is getting better and better. So don't forget to check out some of the games for your mobile devices. The list below includes six of the best games for Android mobiles.

Six of the Best Android Games
Mobile gaming on Android and iOS phones and tablets is booming. Global Games Market industry reports highlight that mobile gaming is the fastest growing segment in the industry. More and more renowned publishers, such as Nintendo and Square, are releasing games for Android mobiles. So there has never been a better time to play Android games on your phone or tablet, and the best thing is that many mobile games are freely available at Google Play (albeit with a few ads included). These are six of the best games you can play on Android devices.

Temple Run 2

Endless runner games are a big genre on the Android and iOS platforms. Temple Run 2 is the endless runner of choice for most players thanks to its pristine mechanics and immaculate controls. The game also includes some sparkling 3D maps with detailed landscapes and vibrant colors to run through.

The best thing about Temple Run 2, however, is how Imangi is keeping the game fresh by updating it with new maps every year or two. Imangi realizes that some players will eventually tire of running through the same map over and over, so the publisher keeps adding more maps to Temple Run 2. The Pirate Cove map is the most recent addition to Temple Run 2, and the game now includes five maps in total each with their own set of artifacts and unlockable runners.


DomiNations is one of the foremost MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games for Android and iOS mobiles. The other foremost MMO is Clash of Clans, but DomiNations has climbed out of Clans’ shadow. DomiNations is partly inspired by the Civilization series as it includes various ages, a tech tree, and Wonders of the World. However, it’s also comparable to the Age of Empires games as players need to gather food, gold and oil resources by hunting animals and expanding their economies.
The great thing about DomiNations is its terrific replay value and diversity of military units to battle it out with. It will probably take you years to get your nation to the Cold War age. The game’s battles are a lot of fun as there are lots of different unit types you can include in your armies. The inclusion of tactics enhances the tactical scope of the game’s battles. DomiNations also incorporates impressively detailed graphics that are pure eye candy and an intuitive UI design.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

With more than 350 million downloads, Asphalt 8 is among the most widely played Android racing games. This game, quite literally, took the Asphalt series to dazzling new heights with an infusion of ramps that propel cars high into the air. Unlike more conventional racing games, Asphalt 8 throws realism out of the window with its flat spins and barrel roll stunts that defy gravity. This racer places more emphasis on fun than realism. The game is a joy to play thanks to its silky smooth and intuitive steering controls.

Asphalt 8 also packs a lot of content in. Players can race with 220 cards and bikes through 40 tracks. The single-player game includes 210 stars to collect and various race type modes, such as Infected and Gate Drift, that add more variety to the gameplay. Furthermore, Asphalt 8 provides plenty of multiplayer events to race in.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has become a gaming phenomenon on Android and iOS mobiles. The game has now eclipsed the one billion download mark. Fruit Ninja is a somewhat simple points-scoring game in which players rack up higher scores by slashing through a multitude of fruits tossed across a dojo. The game perfectly highlights the pleasures of touchscreen gaming on Android and iOS devices.
Fruit Ninja is a great Android game primarily because of its laser-precise control scheme. Players can hack through a plethora of fruit with the utmost precision to rack up mega combos. The game also includes some great visuals with its 3D rendered fruit and splash effects. This is one of the most colorful Android games I’ve seen. So this is definitely an app worth adding to your mobile.

Dream League Soccer 2018

Dream League Soccer has been getting rave reviews on Google Play. More than 10 million players rate the game at 4.6 (out of 5). This is a 3D soccer game in which players build up their own teams and club stadiums to climb up six leagues to the Elite Division. The game also includes several cups for players to add to their clubs’ trophy cabinets and an online multiplayer mode.
Dream League Soccer 2018 is one of the few 3D football games on the Android along with FIFA Football. DLS doesn’t exactly showcase console quality graphics, but it incorporates smoother animations than most of the alternative Android football games. The best thing about Dream League Soccer 2018 is its smooth and intuitive controls. Dream League Soccer is a joy to play, and you can play out loads of epic matches in the game’s single player and multiplayer modes. For frantic footie action, Dream League Soccer is hard to beat.

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the hottest multiplayer first and third-person shooters that players can play on Windows, Xbox One and Android devices! This is the ultimate battle royale game in which 100 players battle it out in last man standing deathmatches on numerous maps. Players can play solo or in team battles, and the last man or team standing wins the battle. PUBG has gone down a storm on Windows, and Tencent Games ported a remarkably comparable iteration of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to Android in early 2018.
PUBG Mobile reminds us how far mobile gaming has come on the Android and iOS. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is a milestone in mobile gaming as it’s one of the first new Windows games a publisher has effectively ported to the Android platform. This Android game isn’t some stripped down iteration of the Windows PUBG; this is the real Battlegrounds as we know and love it (albeit it with fewer maps). PUBG Mobile showcases console quality graphics on Android phones and tablets.

Of course, the restrictions of mobile and tablet controls do have a slight impact on the game's gameplay. Android devices don't come with gamepads with which you can simultaneously move, aim and shoot. Nevertheless, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile is still easy to play and will hook you in with its exciting gunplay much the same as its Windows and Xbox counterparts. Unlike the Windows and Xbox versions, PUGB Mobile is also freely distributed on Google Play.
So who needs an Xbox One, Switch or PlayStation 4? Those are six of the best Android games you can play on mobiles and tablets that provide great entertainment.

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