6 Good Reasons to Embrace Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming industry is booming. Billions of players around the world have embraced mobile gaming. Yet, there might still be quite a lot of console players who utilize their mobiles almost entirely for phone calls. The article below includes six good reasons to embrace mobile gaming.

6 Good Reasons to Embrace Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming on Android and iOS phones and tablets is now the biggest segment of the games industry. Newzoo data estimates there are about 2.4 billion mobile game players in 2019, and the mobile gaming industry continues to expand. Nevertheless, there might still be lots of players who overlook their mobiles as serious alternatives to their Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch consoles. These are six good reasons to embrace mobile gaming for those who need more convincing.

1. Games Are Freely Available

This is one of the best reasons to embrace mobile gaming. Most Android and iOS games are freely available at Google Play and Apple’s App Store. A lot of them also include a few ads, but that’s not too big a deal. Games such as DomiNations and Hearthstone include in-app purchases as an alternative to ads. In comparison, new Xbox One games are retailing at $50-$60 on Amazon. Thus, mobile games are generally much better value than console alternatives.

2. Nintendo is Releasing Games for Mobiles

More and more big name publishers are releasing good games for the mobile gaming industry. You don’t need a Nintendo console to play Mario games any more as the big N is now releasing games for mobile devices. Super Mario Run and Miitomo (which the big N has discontinued) were Nintendo’s first mobile games. The big N has now expanded its mobile games lineup with Dr. Mario World, Mario Kart Tour, and Fire Hero Emblems among other titles. So, who knows, maybe Nintendo might one day also launch Zelda or Metroid games for mobiles.

3. Mobile Devices Are the Most Portable Gaming Platform

There can be little doubt that smartphones are the most portable gaming platform. Aside from the fact that they fit in your pocket, the best mobile phones also boast much better battery life than portable consoles. Some mobile phones have long-lasting batteries than can go 13-14 hours without recharge. In comparison, the Nintendo Switch’s portable battery life can extend to about six hours at maximum. Thus, mobiles such as the Moto G7 and Vivo Nex outstrip the Switch when it comes to battery duration, which greatly enhances their gaming portability. Even the best tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab S4 and iPad Pro, boast longer battery times than the Switch.

4. You can Play Xbox Games on Mobiles

Cloud gaming isn’t exactly something new, but both Microsoft and EA will soon release new cloud services that will raise the bar for game streaming. Microsoft has recently rolled out previews of its Project xCloud service that will enable players to play Xbox One games on mobile phones and tablets. Earlier in 2019, the big M showed off a mobile phone running Forza Horizon 4 flawlessly with Project xCloud. Thus, players will soon be able to play Xbox One games on their mobile devices when Microsoft launches Project xCloud.

So, cloud gaming on mobile devices could be the next big thing. However, Microsoft insists game streaming will not replace consoles. Microsoft’s CVP of Gaming Cloud stated, “We’re developing Project xCloud not as a replacement for game consoles, but as a way to provide the same choice and versatility that lovers of music and video enjoy today.” Nevertheless, Project xCloud will still be a good reason not to get an Xbox One.

5. You can Pair Xbox and PlayStation Gamepads With Mobiles

Touchpad controls aren’t always ideal for some games. However, there are plenty of gamepads players can play their Android and iOS games with. Players can pair both PlayStation 4 and Xbox controllers with mobile devices to play games that support them. Furthermore, there are plenty of other decent gamepads for mobile devices, such as Moga Hero Power, GameSir T1, SteelSeries Stratus, and Razer Serval.

6. You Don’t Need a Phone or Tablet to Play Mobile Games

Players who don’t already have mobile phones or tablets don’t need to get one to play Android and iOS games. Instead, players can add an Android or iOS emulator to Windows desktops and laptops. Emulators such as BlueStacks 4 enable players to play Android games with graphical enhancements that run even faster than on the best mobile phones. Furthermore, the emulators also provide customizable game controls for keyboard and mouse.

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So, there has never been a better time to pick up a mobile device for gaming frolics. The mobile gaming industry is already very big, and it’s going to get even bigger in the next few years with new cloud-gaming services, 5G networking, and higher spec phones and tablets.

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