6 Games On My Next-Generation Wish List

The next-generation of console hardware is just around the corner, and that means brand new games! Whether it’s the return of beloved characters or the defection of franchises that have only ever exclusive to one platform, the years ahead are charged with anticipation. Here are six games I desperately want to see on my next-gen console.

6 games on my next-generation wish list

I can’t wait to unbox my new console and dive into whatever the next-generation of games have in store for us. Alas, we are not quite there yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make outlandish predictions about the fantastic experiences, that will, hopefully, push story-telling, gameplay and graphical fidelity to new heights. Here are six games that I want to see on the next-gen consoles.  

6. Total War Console Ports 

Total War Saga: Troy will laying siege to your PC, later this year

Total War Saga: Troy will laying siege to your PC, later this year

In my PC gaming days, I spent every spare moment conquering feudal era Japan in Total War: Shogun 2. Playing this real-time strategy masterpiece was akin to subsisting on a diet of lotus plants; time just flew by in an endless stream of diplomatic strategy and epic battles. Creative Assembly has stayed clear of console ports, but with the recent console release of Civ 6, I hope to see far more RTS’s making their way to our TV screens. With significant upgrades in RAM and CPU power, the next-gen consoles should be able to run Total War games, with keyboard support. I desperately want to conquer the world from the comfort of my sofa. 

5. Jak 4

I've waited sixteen years for a true sequel to Jak 3, and I'll wait for another sixteen if necessary

I’ve waited sixteen years for a true sequel to Jak 3, and I’ll wait for another sixteen if necessary

Crash Bandicoot may have propelled Naughty Dog to industry recognition, but it was the excellent platforming franchise, Jak and Daxter, that placed it among the most talented developers in gaming. Alas, this series has laid dormant for sixteen years, apart from the terrible Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier and a handful of rereleases, kindling a nostalgic fuelled need for Jak’s return. With development on The Last of Us Part II coming to a close, and the next-generation verging over the horizon, the time is right to reintroduce these beloved characters to a younger generation, while warming the hearts of us “old souls”. Out of all the next-generation games I wish to see, I want this one the most. 

4. Superman 

I refuse to believe a next-generation Superman game isn't in development

I refuse to believe a next-generation Superman game isn’t in development

The man of steel hasn’t got the best track record where gaming is concerned. Many of us older gamers consider Superman 64 to be one of the worst monstrosities ever coded into a cartridge. It’s nigh time we Krypton’s favourite son made a return and Rocksteady is the studio to make it happen. The developer achieved what many thought impossible, a good Batman game. With the power of next-generation consoles, a fully realised Metropolis, with a strong narrative, akin to the Batman: Arkham series or last years Marvel’s Spider-man. We know for a fact that Rocksteady isn’t working on a Batman sequel (Warner Bros. Montreal is!) so, what are they developing? The studio has rebuffed Superman rumours but now feels like the right time.

3.  New York: Noir 

LA: Noire's rushed ending left me hungry for more

LA: Noire’s rushed ending left me hungry for more

LA: Noire proved that creative risk-taking in the AAA gaming space wasn’t dead. With revolutionary facial capture technology and the publishing power and vision of Rockstar Games, LA: Noire transported us back to the golden age of Hollywood, and all the decadent depravity that hide below it. Sadly, Team Bondi, the team behind the game’s conception, shortly went under after the game’s release. Rockstar snapped up the rights and, as far as we know, has sat on it for nine years. Considering the strides that have been made in visual technology since 2011, an anthologised sequel sounds likely. We will likely see GTA 6 before any news of a Noire sequel, but my fingers remain crossed.

2. Crash Bandicoot 

A new entry in the Crash Bandicoot is long overdue

A new entry in the Crash Bandicoot is long overdue

The false rumours of a new Crash Bandicoot game left many, including myself, disappoint. Regardless, I remain confident that it is only a matter of time before the orange marsupial graces our screens once again, in a next-generation adventure. The recent remakes Crash Bandicoot: Insane Trilogy and Crash Team Raging: Nitro-Fuelled have proven that a market still exists for the franchise, so I can’t see Activision ignoring that market or the profit it brings. There is a bigger picture here, however. The platforming genre has long been absent from the AAA gaming scene. A new Crash game could lead the charge for a triumphant return.

1. Destroy All Humans 4

The release of a remake suggests a next-generation Destroy All Human probable

The release of a remake suggests a next-generation Destroy All Human  probable

The 6th generation was a highly creative time for gaming. One of the many oddities that release closer to the end of the era was Destroy All Humans, a game that flipped the traditional B-movie on its head, making you the alien invader. Combining a truck-full of period references and sandbox destruction appealed to me as a kid, and thankfully, still does. A remake was announced in 2019, and I can’t help but think that this is THQ Nordic testing the waters for the destructive return of the Furon Empire. The franchise has lain dormant for over a decade, but it’s to for everyone’s favourite, smooth-talking, extraterrestrial.

What games do you want to see on the PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch? Make sure to share your predictions down below. 

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