6 Fun Festive In-Game Events

It's time to get jolly! These 6 festive events are great for getting you in the holiday spirit. With so much stress and hassle around this time of year, it's the perfect excuse to take a break and play some games and take part in their festive-themed updates.

6 Fun Festive in-Game Events

It’s getting colder, you’ve got presents to wrap, and to spend time with distant family you haven’t seen all year. Luckily, these games offer up new and fun additions to their games this time of year, all with unique takes on how to celebrate the festive season. From additional game modes to cool new cosmetic items, there’s a ton for you to enjoy. Tis the season to be jolly.

Here are 6 fun festive in-game events to enjoy this holiday season and get you in the spirit!

Animal Crossing New Horizon – Toy Day

Get ready for some holiday fun with your favourite villagers! Animals Crossing’s Toy Day event was introduced in the Version 1.6 update, and with it came a nice assortment of new content for the holiday season. By helping Jingle the reindeer deliver presents to your villagers, you’ll be able to unlock some festive goodies that range from a wrapping paper DIY recipe, some festive stocking, all the way up to a sleigh filled with toys!

Animal Crossing New Horizons - Toy Day FULL GUIDE 2022 (ACNH Tips & Tricks)

These additions add just that extra bit of joy to your islands. I know when I begin handing out presents, the unique dialogue and reaction of my islanders is a joy to see, and it further cements Animal Crossing as a game that no matter the time of year, can lift your spirits and offer the most wholesome and relaxing games out there.

Along with the lights, snow, and decorations, it turns your island into a winter wonderland that makes an already fun game just that little bit better.

Fortnite – Winterfest

Despite already having a pretty packed year, Fortnite likely has one last parting gift for the year 2021, Winterfeast. Along with last year’s offering of a rotation of different limited-time modes (LTMs), we also got treated to a host of new challenges to complete with some festive themed cosmetics including skins, back bling, gilder, and emotes. Not to mention the Winterfest Lodge which lets you open daily presents for even more goodies.

Winterfest Has Arrived!

I’m not the most avid Fortnite player, but I can’t deny that this is quite an impressive amount of content for players to undertake. The LTMs offer constant new and interesting modes that feel fresh and rewarding. The new challenges give a nice extra layer of depth and even more to do. The rewards are plentiful and in typical Fortnite fashion, are detailed and unique that feel worth the effort to unlock. It’s more of what Fortnite does well with some festive magic on top, what more could you ask for?

However, with the recent release of Chapter 3 of Fortnite, we might have to wait a little bit longer for Fortnites Winterfest to kick off. But with last year starting on December 18th, hopefully, it won’t be too much longer. Until then, a few skin packs have been added to the in-game store to offer up a few frosty outfits before the event kicks off.

Valorant – Snowball Fight

For an intense and rather hardcore shooter, It’s quite a change of pace in this festive offering. There isn’t a ton to say about this entry, as it mainly consists of a new limited-time mode called snowball fight. In this mode, players compete in a team deathmatch armed with unlimited snowballs in their weapons. Moreover, players exchange the usual tactics and caution of Valorant for a more quick-paced, light-hearted romp. Of course, you are rewarded with a few items and cosmetics for your time.

Festive inspired map in Valorant

Festive inspired map in Valorant

I’m not the biggest fan of this entry, but I must admit this game mode is a nice change of pace from the usual intensity in this competitive shooter. The festive theme certainly adds some nice visual flair and the new weapon skins in the store are a nice little addition for those willing to spend a bit of money. Aside from these, there isn’t much else to say on this entry other than it’s a cool extra addition for players who really enjoy what Valorant has to offer. And hey, Valorant does the competitive pretty well. 

It’s a nice addition to help celebrate the holidays that can help break up the more intense matches.

FFXIV Online – Starlight Celebration

Now Endwalker has finally been released, players are flocking to this hugely popular MMO. And it’s the perfect time to jump in now its seasonal event is just around the corner!

Along with some seasonal quests, there are often some awesome holiday-themed items to collect, ranging from furniture for your in-game lodgings to this year having some furry little friends and mounts to unlock.

Official Artwork for Starlight Celebrations 2021

Official Artwork for Starlight Celebrations 2021

FFXIV is an incredible game, and amongst other things, has some great in-game events, and the holidays are no different. With the already great gameplay and style of Final Fantasy, adding in some holiday-themed items and activities just brings even more to this great package, and the fact it doesn’t feel like a grind, is rewarding, and just downright fun to do is even better. To top it off, you also have one of the most wholesome and friendly communities around to celebrate with. Some players even created their own event called “Grand Starlight Giveaway”, an in-game Santa’s grotto complete with music, giveaways and elves. How cool is that?!

Destiny 2: New Light – The Dawning

Now it’s time to spread some cheer and get some gear, it’s time for the Dawning. Destiny 2 has a ton of content for players to do (sometimes a little too much). But this seasonal event is one that players have a ton they can engage in and enjoy. There are tasty baked goods to give around to vendors across the systems, new bounties to undertake, and a plethora of new items and gear to unlock. Last year players could unlock a legendary Fusion Rifle, an elf-themed Ghost shell, Unique Sparrows, and an Exotic ship with a ton of customization, including engine effects and animated shader.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light - The Dawning Trailer

I’ve spent more hours in Destiny 2 than I care to admit, and if Bungie can do one thing right, it’s their events. This in-game event offers up a huge amount to do without feeling too intrusive. The gear and cosmetics look awesome, all making you look and feel even cooler than before. Not to mention, it’s a perfect excuse to jump on with friends and really grind out everything together, which is exactly what I did and I couldn’t get enough of it. If only my friends still played and I’d be doing it all over again this year. Add to that Triumphs to unlock and a unique visually take on a holiday event, you’ve got yourself a great in-game event to keep you busy this holiday season.

Splitgate – Splitmas

Along with gaining huge popularity and releasing on consoles, this surprise shooter hit has decided to join in on the Christmas spirit. Appropriately named Splitmas, this event is crammed with cool additions for players. There are new challenges that unlock new themed weapons and skins. New community made cosmetics for the AR, player character, and a new spray, as well as new store items. Plus, a featured playlist with winter-themed versions of the Stadium, Pantheon, and Abyss maps.

Splitgate CHRISTMAS UPDATE - December 1st 2021 Patch Notes

This event is just an excellent way to cap off a great year for this entry. I can say from my time playing that it is one of my favourite shooters I’ve played in recent memory, and that’s not just thanks to the gameplay, but the developers themselves. The festive challenges are fair and fun, making them feel worth the effort rather than a slow grind. The variations to maps look cool and detailed. The new cosmetics are detailed, fairly priced, and unique. And to top it off, the community-made additions just show how cool the developers are to their fans, which is evident as they also announced the current Season 0 Battle Pass is extended until early next year. There is even a TeamSeas skin that will donate 100% of the proceeds to TeamSeas initiative.

A great game, a great developer, and a great festive event. What else do you need?

Think I missed any? Any other games with cool festive events you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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