6 Best Platformers On Xbox Game Pass

Who doesn't love an exciting platformer? It's one of the classic video game genres and there are loads of amazing modern-day titles to run, jump and explore your way through. Let's take a look at 6 of the best platformers on Xbox Game Pass for you to try next.

Best Platformers On Xbox Game Pass

Platformers began way back in the 1980s with arcade games and saw a huge peak in the ’90s with the likes of the Super Marios Bros and Sonic The Hedgehog games. However, platformers have simply continued to grow in popularity to this day. There’s now a huge selection available for the modern console generation. This list will take a look at some of the more unusual and best platformers on Xbox Game Pass that you should definitely try out. Many have vastly detailed 3D, 2.5D and 2D environments to explore, so getting a character from A to B has never been so much fun. Read on to discover some of Game Pass’ most unique platformers to jump into today.

New Super Lucky’s Tale

This is a gorgeously designed action platformer that follows the adventures of Lucky the Fox. In New Super Lucky’s Tale, the platforming gameplay is richly varied, encompassing a range of colourful 3D world hubs to explore as well as throwing in a number of classically-inspired 2D side-scrolling levels.

New Super Lucky's Tale is one of the best platformers on Xbox Game Pass right now.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is one of the best platformers on Xbox Game Pass right now.

As an overhaul of the original Super Lucky’s Tale, this version of the game provides a variety of puzzles and minigames alongside the richly-designed levels. In addition, it has great movement controls for Lucky and tighter camera rotation, which is very useful when navigating the different zones.


Omno is a surreal third-person platformer that encourages problem-solving in a minimalist, atmospheric fashion. Visually this is a stunning game that strips everything back and creates a striking aesthetic in doing so. Players can explore a variety of different levels in the interactive world this 3D puzzle platformer offers.

Omno has a magical vibe that really draws you into the game world.

Omno has a magical vibe that really draws you into the game world.

These range from beautifully lit marshlands full of turtles and lilac plains bristling with strange, dinosaur-like beasts to cloudscapes and vast deserts. It’s a game world that’s packed with magic and mystery, underpinned by an incredibly calming soundtrack. Omno is definitely a great game to try out if you’re looking for a new platforming adventure on Game Pass.

It Takes Two

Last year’s Game of the Year winner, It Takes Two is a co-op platformer that puts a highly emotive story at its heart. The game can only be completed in co-op mode, which makes it an ideal choice to play with a loved one or friend, either online or on the couch. Players will step into the shoes of married couple May and Cody, who are planning on getting divorced.

It Takes Two won GoTY in 2021.

It Takes Two won GoTY in 2021.

After being transformed into toys by their understandably upset daughter, a wild ride ensues which forces them to work together in order to move forward and find a way home. The platforming action is excellent and when coupled with the high level of teamwork required to progress through each level, makes for a genuinely rewarding experience. It’s a game that I’d highly recommend playing with a partner or close friend.


A colourful platformer that’s best played with friends, Battletoads is a wild ride that’s also pretty challenging. The game supports drop-in couch co-op for up to three players, so it’s a fantastic choice for a family game night. Having said that, Battletoads definitely requires teamwork, so be prepared for lots of hilarious family fails!

Battletoads is cartoon chaos at its finest.

Battletoads is cartoon chaos at its finest.

The game makes use of a highly engaging, hand-drawn cartoon style of artwork that pays homage to classic ’90s platformers. For this reason, it’s a colourful, chaotic caper that brings the action to the forefront. Give this one a whirl with friends, or attempt to control the carnage in single-player mode. Either way, Battletoads is a classically-inspired but thoroughly modern platform adventure.

The Pedestrian

This is another incredibly unique game in its design and crafts some genuinely head-scratching puzzles. The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer that tasks players with solving problems via the media of street signs. The side-scrolling 2.5D action takes place against the backdrop of a 3D world.

This is a platformer for logical thinkers.

This is a platformer for logical thinkers.

Graphically, the dynamic use of interconnecting street signs provides an interesting twist on the platforming model. As a result, the puzzles are more challenging than they first appear, so The Pedestrian is a game that players can easily get sucked into, especially if they enjoy problem-solving.


In Contrast, players can experiment with the effects of shadows in this uniquely crafted puzzle-solving platformer. As the protagonist’s invisible friend, you can shift in and out of the 3D world that exists as the game’s main playable world and the 2D world of shadows that are cast around it.

Contrast has a fascinating artwork style and great puzzles.

Contrast has a fascinating artwork style and great puzzles.

By manipulating certain light sources in the 3D world, players can become a 2D shadow on the wall. This is often is the only way to solve problems to make progress or traverse a particular level. The art nouveau and film noir-inspired art style of Contrast is gorgeous and really heightens the sense of light and dark that fuels both the gameplay and the central narrative of the story.

So there you have it, six of the best platformers on Xbox Game Pass. In fairness, there’s plenty to choose from if platforming action is your thing. However, with the exception of the massively successful It Takes Two, some of these games might just have slipped under your radar. If so, make sure to give them a try if you’re looking to jump into something new.

What’s your favourite platformer? Would you choose a modern title, or hark back to one of the classics from the 90s, or even earlier? Let us know in the comments, or you can catch up with us over on social media too. For something a bit creepier than platformers, why not check out this list of the 10 Best Zombie Games on Xbox Game Pass next.

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