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6 Amazing Valheim Mods You Should Definitely Try

If you are looking for a way to diversify your gaming experience or simply make it a bit better, these 6 mods will not leave you disappointed. Valheim has been out for less than a month, and yet it already has some amazing mods that enhance the game.

6 Amazing Valheim Mods You Should Definitely Try Cover

It is beyond any doubt how amazing of a game Valheim is. In the span of a month, the game managed to garner a large following, capturing the attention of regular players and content creators alike. The community seems to be immensely enjoying the title and itching to see what the developer has in store next.

Yet, like all things in life, Valheim is not perfect and has areas where it can improve and sometimes simply for the sake of it. As with every self-respecting PC title, this one has a modding scene that, albeit still fresh, has already produced some exciting mods. From simple fixes to adding new features, you can definitely find something new to freshen-up your gameplay experience. If you are up to some cool Valheim mods, the below list will surely give you some interesting ideas.

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1. ValheimPlus

One of the more ambitious Valheim mods of this list, ValheimPlus aims to overhaul many of the game’s mechanics and add new features as well. As with many other overhauls, it plays around with the different values such as health and regeneration speed, torches and fireplaces not running out of fuel and so on. If you think that such changes are in the realm of cheating or at the least make the game easier, fret not. You can select what exactly will be applied via a configuration file. 

The more exciting additions, at least for me, are the added functionalities to multiplayer and base building. On the MP side, you have the option to use a shared map, which makes exploration far more pleasant. If you run a public server, the mod also would allow you to keep Player Visibility always on which can also be useful in many situations.

The mod also adds a base-building feature that I feel should have been in the core game from the start. It allows you to edit a peace you have already placed without actually destroying it. Anyone that has spent even the modest amount of time building in Valheim would know what a boon that is. Also included are more precise controls when moving and placing stuff, which can make the building experience far more enjoyable.

2. Equipment & Quick Slots

If there’s one of all the Valheim mods on this list that can be deemed “essential”, this would be it. Equipment & Quick Slots adds a feature that is strangely missing from the game: a separate window for your armor. This allows you to know at a glance what exactly you are currently wearing and makes inventory management far more bearable.

8 more slots and yet my inventory will be full in no time

8 more slots and yet my inventory will be full in no time

The mod goes a step further by adding three new item slots, bound by default to the Z, V and B buttons. No more accidentally eating a meal while trying to equip your mace, you can now have far more convenient separation. As an added bonus, using the mod will free up to eight inventory slots. In a game where inventory space can be filled up pretty quickly, extra room for goods seems like a gift from Odin himself!

3. Discard Inventory Items

A simple, yet immensely useful addition to the game. Are you tired of having to constantly throw away useless stuff like resin and seeds? Annoyed by the sparkling effects, reminding you that you litter all over the place? If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, then Discard Inventory Items is the mod for you.


By simply clicking on an item in your inventory and pressing DEL it will be forever erased from existence. Note that the process is irreversible so you need to be careful about what you want to discard. Yet, it is way better than throwing stuff on the ground as it is a far more elegant solution. It can also enhance server performance as it will not have to keep track of all items you would otherwise place in the world.

4. Ivy’s Texture Pack

Valheim‘s graphics are an interesting topic. While the game definitely looks charming and even amazing at times (mostly due to its lightning and weather effects), I do believe it can benefit from a bit more detailed textures. If you are in that camp as well, then Valheim mods that add custom textures seem the way to go.

Ivy’s Texture Pack improves some of the less detailed textures such as the stone and roof ones. Do not expect anything HD, however. The pack stays true to the original aesthetics, but still, the improvement is more than noticeable. 

Next stop: Hello Kitty capes and Thomas the Tank Engine as the final boss

Next stop: Hello Kitty capes and Thomas the Tank Engine as the final boss

Note that you will need to download an additional mod in order to use textures other than the default ones. Aptly named Custom Textures, it is the piece of code that makes the magic happens, so do not forget to add it to your list if you’d like to use Ivy’s Texture Pack.

5. Time Mod

As a person that plays Valheim primarily solo, this mod feels like a literal Godsend. Since the game is designed mainly as a multiplayer experience it is always running. When playing with other people this rarely is a problem, since the other players can keep an eye on your character if you suddenly need to step away from your PC. Playing solo, however, means that you have to stop the game every time you need to do something, otherwise you risk dying from some sudden event.

Not anymore! While using the Time Mod, bringing up the menu will also pause the game. Yep, no need to log out of your play session to go to the little person’s room anymore! The mod also adds options to speed up or slow down time in-game via hotkeys. So if you want to make some cool Matrix-style videos or speed up a tedious Ocean voyage, you can do that as well.

Note that the mod does not differentiate between actually playing solo or in multiplayer so it is not advised to use it while Viking-ing with other players unless they are fine with it.

6. First Person View

Do you need a bit more Skyrim (or if you are ancient like me, Morrowind) in your Valheim playthrough? If you feel you do, then First Person View is here to help you achieve that goal. Using the mod will allow you to zoom all the way to your character’s point of view, revealing a whole new world (cue Aladdin‘s song).

You can now enjoy the Greydwarfs up-close in all their pixelated glory

You can now enjoy the Greydwarfs up-close in all their pixelated glory

It is amazing how much the change of perspective affects the experience. Suddenly the Black Forest becomes even more spooky and the encounters with the different types of enemies even more unnerving.

The coolest part for me is that you can still play the default way and easily switch to first-person whenever you feel like it. First Person View is one of those mods that do not hinder the normal gameplay flow in any way, but it’s there when you need it so there is practically no harm in using it.

While the game’s mod scene is still in its infancy (and is even not supported by the developer), it already shows great promise. With a large and passionate community behind the game, the desire for interesting creations will only grow. If the above Valheim mods are just the beginning, one can only dream of what interesting content will be made to match that desire.

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