5 Reasons Why Superman Needs A New Game

It’s time that Superman, the greatest superhero of all time, gets his own game. Gamers say that he’s cursed since a majority of his solo games have bombed. Let's discuss 5 reasons why Superman needs a new game for the next generation of players.

5 Reasons Why Superman Needs A New Game

Superman is considered by a lot of people to be the greatest superhero of all time. So why hasn’t that translated well to video games? It’s been 14 years since his last solo game, and he deserves better. Developers are afraid to tackle such a significant character, but there are a couple of reasons why we need a new Superman game for the next generation.

5. Superman Needs Redemption

Just like the movie, Superman Returns the game wasn't well received.

Just like the movie, Superman Returns the game wasn’t well received.

Superman has some flat out terrible games. Since the Atari, it’s only been stinker after stinker. Every game features inadequate controls and story, and overall gameplay have left fans disappointed. It’s to the point where Superman 64 is considered one of the worst games of all time. It’s a daunting task to deliver not just a good game, but developing one with such an iconic pop culture icon. However, it’s possible as we’ve seen strides with other heroes like Spider-Man and Batman received breathtaking games that are considered the best in the superhero game genre. With a character this legendary, Superman needs respect in the gaming industry.

4. It’ll Open Up the DC Universe

Welcome to Metropolis, the city of tomorrow

Welcome to Metropolis, the city of tomorrow.

With the Batman Arkham series, they only had just one place, Gotham City. It’s a great place, but there’s so much more in the DC Universe. In a Superman game, we have his city, Metropolis, that can act as the central location. A city that’s massive and is considered the capital of the future. There’s also Clark’s hometown, Smallville, and home base, the Fortress of Solitude.

Developers can also take advantage of the bottled city of Kandor from Brainiac’s collection. Players can explore Clark’s Kryptonian roots while exploring this alien city. There are endless possibilities that gamers and comic fans alike would find intriguing. If done right, players can experience the rich worlds of the DC Universe.

3. Showing Off Superman’s Rogues Gallery

Injustice 2 - Introducing Brainiac!

When people think of Superman, they usually think of his iconic enemies. Foes like Lex Luthor, General Zod, and Brainiac hold some of the best villain’s top spots. Yet in his past games, he’s fought against enemies like giant rings or a big tornado. There are so many bad guys that Superman can fight in the game. Villains like Metallo, Mongul, Bizarro, Cyborg Superman, Silver Banshee, and many more. They’re powerful to take him on without having to nerf him down too much.

All the villains can band together to form the Superman Revenge Squad, just like in the comics. The boss fights would be incredible. Imagine having a battle against Mister Mxyzptlk, a god-like being that can warp reality. It’ll be equal parts trippy and terrifying as Superman would have to outsmart him. There are so many other examples that developers could use to make their potential Superman game a success.

2. Lois Lane

Can’t have a Superman game without Lois Lane

Can’t have a Superman game without Lois Lane.

Lois Lane is such an essential part of the Superman mythos. The sharp wit and determination to get the story make Lois one of the best characters in DC Comics. Fans love her, and she could be a playable character in the game. Taking inspiration from Mary Jane Watson in Insomniac’s Spider-Man, Lois would be involved in stealth gameplay. She can investigate potential news stories while sneaking around enemies. Have these stories tie into the main plot as Lois uncovers something big within the game. Gamers would have the opportunity to see why Lois Lane is one of the most popular non-superheroes in DC Comics.

1. Finally Being Superman

Now you’re playing with power

Now you’re playing with power.

Everyone wants to be Superman, specifically to use his powers. He can fly, is super strong, has heat vision, freeze breath, x-ray vision, is indestructible, and there’s a lot more. So imagine finally being the Man of Steel and getting to explore these abilities. It’ll be fantastic to actually be Superman, and with the advancements of superheroes games, the controls could be flawless.

We’ve had other games that feature superpowers, so why not take a chance on someone who’s considered one of the most powerful. Imagine flying around and using abilities on your enemies while trying to save people. The next generation of gaming will have some strong hardware, so why not make a game one of the strongest heroes in comics?

Are you excited about getting a potential Superman in the future? Let us know in the comments down below.

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Superman Returns the Movie was Well Received and the Game was criminally Underrated I’m not buying anymore W.B. Games until they Give Me Superman I’m sick of BATMAN


hi super man my name is clovis i love super man

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