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5 Reasons To Get Dirt 5

Time to hit the dirt tracks again because Dirt 5 is coming October 6. For those who hesitate, we will give you 5 reasons to get Dirt 5 at release. With over 10 car classes and over 70 unique routes, Dirt 5 will, most definitely, become a huge success.

5 Reasons To Get Dirt 5 Cover

During the past few months, Codemasters have managed to build up a great hype for their upcoming game! New gameplay videos showing amazing features every racing fans could’ve wished for. Codemasters never fail to impress fans, especially with their next release. These reasons to get Dirt 5 along with the over 70 routes, 12 car classes and a thrilling career mode; what could possibly go wrong?

1. More content than ever before

Compared to its predecessor, Dirt 4, this game features a much more diverse set of vehicles. Even though all cars haven’t been revealed yet, Codemasters managed to include 12 different classes into the game, which is very promising. Those 12 car classes may be driven on 10 locations around the globe. On top of that, Codemasters added more customisation, which I’ll come back to later.

As shown in the Dirt 5 trailer, they’ve brought some nostalgia to this fantastic game. Shared split-screen is a returning feature that hasn’t been seen in any Dirt game since Dirt 3 (2010). That’ll allow you to play with your pals without everyone owning the game! It’s a very nostalgic feature, but also attractive! The new split-screen feature may also help the franchise to grow since the new split-screen could attract new people to try it out on their own. 

The photo mode feature was completely missing in Dirt 4, which was a shame. Dirt 4 wasn’t a bad-looking game, and barely any post-launch was added to that game. I’m glad that Codemasters saved all the good for Dirt 5 because this is building up hype among rally fans. You can capture your own photos and show them off with your friends. Hopefully, Codemasters will set up an in-game photo contest in the future.

2. Proper career mode (Finally)

Dirt 5 posters

Dirt 5 posters

Previously, the career mode has felt slightly vague. There was no specific goal, except finishing first in every race. In Dirt 5, players will start as an amateur racer be able to choose their own path and decide what type of rally driver you want to become. Whether you want to focus on Rally Raid racing or sprint races, that’s all up to you now. You will race through your own path and face mini-bosses throughout the career.

If you’re tired of racing alone against AI, you may also invite your friends in an epic, competitive battle! A four-player split-screen multiplayer can help you progress quicker in career mode. Whoever of your friends that finish the highest will earn XP for the host. That’ll allow you to unlock more customisation and sponsors for your career.

3. Get creative with the new customisation

Choosing a livery can get really difficult sometimes. That’s why Codemasters has introduced a livery editor mode, letting the player style their car however they want them to look. The more you progress through the career, the more sponsors you’ll earn. Those sponsors will, obviously, provide in-game credits, but also new performance parts for your car. The new performance parts will help you become more dominant on the tracks and make you a legend! Make sure you perform well out there as you don’t wanna lose your most worthwhile sponsors.

4. Major graphics improvement

Racing in Extreme Weather Conditions

Racing in Extreme Weather Conditions

In my opinion, this is a major upgrade from Dirt 4. I have played both Dirt 3 and Dirt 4, and judging by the gameplay videos, this game has more details than ever. Dirt 3 was ahead of its time and truly amazed me. Yet, Dirt 3 was a game made for the Xbox 360 generation. Dirt 4, however, supported full HD resolution, but the maps felt very repetitive. Most races were point-to-point, but you can often spot multiple identical objects on the same track. It definitely, ruined the whole rally experience. Dirt 5 will be a blast and become eye-candy for everyone because of all the details and effort that’s been put. Considering it’s coming to Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, only one can tell how beautiful it will look. Just have a look at that picture above! How exciting doesn’t that look?

Dirt 5 didn’t only improve graphics. The game comes with much more extreme weather conditions and details than ever before. The average rally game usually comes with dry, rain and snow conditions; however, Dirt 5 decided to step up the game. A rainy start can suddenly turn into heavy rain with thunder. A snowy evening can turn into a blizzard night.

5. Long-lasting game

With all that being said, you can tell that this game will last for a long time. Dirt 4 took about 30 hours to complete, and that game was missing a lot of features that will now be available in Dirt 5. Once you complete career mode, there will be other features to look into, such as photo mode and online racing. This game will be endless fun!

DIRT 5 | Official Features Trailer | Xbox Series X, PS5 | Launching October 2020

If you’re not entirely satisfied, there will, hopefully, be a demo coming soon. Codemasters did not reveal all features for this game yet, and there’s more information to come later. 

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