5 Predictions for the Upcoming PlayStation Showcase

Here are some predictions for PlayStation's 2021 PS5 showcase. It has been a while since the last event and there could be some big announcements in store. Some will be obvious but there might be a few that come out of nowhere and surprise everyone.

5 Predictions for the Upcoming PlayStation Showcase Cover

On Thursday (September 9th), PlayStation will be holding a showcase for future PS5 games, and this article will detail my predictions for what to expect.

The stream will be about 40 minutes long (starting at 1 pm PDT) so expect many announcements and trailers. It’s been a while since PlayStation held a big event like this, and they were absent from the whole of the E3 period. So understandably fans have been crying out to learn more about new PS5 games, and I believe this showcase won’t disappoint.

Obviously, there will be a few indie games shown off as PlayStation did say there’d be stuff from “developers large and small”. Plus, we might get yet another look at Deathloop, Horizon Forbidden West, and the first look at GTA V on PS5 to keep the hype going for their upcoming releases. However, I’m going to be focusing on the big reveals, or so-called ‘super announcements’.

PlayStation Showcase 2021: Thursday, September 9

1. God of War Sequel Title and New Trailer

2018’s God of War was hugely successful. Therefore, when a sequel was announced last year, anticipation immediately went through the roof. However, apart from that short trailer with the logo and the word ‘Ragnarok’ in Norse runes, we have had no information about the game. At every State of Play, fans have been hoping to see more but there has been nothing, and the game has even been delayed into 2022.

That’s why I believe this is one of the safest predictions for the PlayStation showcase. We will probably get a proper trailer featuring where the story is going and other developments. Perhaps it will even feature some snippets of gameplay. Due to the long wait between updates, Santa Monica Studio and Sony might want to reward our patience by giving us tonnes of new footage and information. People have been saying that the game will show up at the next PlayStation event, but those came and went and then the rumour cycle would begin again.

This will also come with an official title reveal, probably being ‘Ragnarok’ as it works quite well. I doubt that there will be any sort of release date, however. If anything they may give a release window such as ‘Summer 2022’ or something. Either way, this will be a major highlight for the show.

Even just this logo and a few lines of dialogue has sent fans crazy with speculation.

Even just this logo and a few lines of dialogue has sent fans crazy with speculation.

2. The Last of Us Multiplayer Reveal and Part I Remake

Without a doubt, Naughty Dog is one of PlayStation’s most prestigious first-party studios. So it would make sense to include them in this showcase, especially considering their absence since the launch of The Last of Us Part II. I believe that they will take this opportunity to give us our first look at their standalone The Last of Us multiplayer (Factions II) and at the rumoured remake of the first game.

The multiplayer has seemingly been in production even before the release of Part II as it was originally going to be part of that game. Due to lofty ambitions, it was removed from the release and it was said that we “will eventually experience the fruits of our team’s online ambition”. Recent job listings have also indicated that development has ramped up. Although as they’re so recent, the release of the multiplayer may still be some months away. There was also a leaked video that was uploaded last month which seems genuine, but has since been removed.

Naughty Dog is most famous for its narrative experiences, so development might have been prioritised for the Part I remake. It will likely bring the game up to the standards of the sequel so that they both look and feel the same to play. There’s also a chance that it will release in a special The Last of Us collection with both games optimised for PS5. The uncertainty about both projects has had people worried for a while now so it would be good to have some details confirmed or denied.

3. Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man DLC Showcase

The next character for Marvel’s Avengers will be Spider-Man as a PlayStation exclusive. It has also been said that the character is on track to arrive in 2021. So it makes sense that we will be hearing about the expansion sometime soon. The PS5 showcase seems perfect for this reveal, considering the PlayStation exclusivity and the fact that Spider-Man was a large part of the promotion before the game came out.

The recent Black Panther update, War for Wakanda, was generally well-received and sets the game on track for somewhat of a comeback. This leads perfectly into the release of Spider-Man where they can keep up this momentum. The evidence also supports these predictions for the PlayStation showcase. The developers recently announced that they would detail an updated roadmap for future content and a State of the Game blog on Wednesday. Here they will likely tell us when Spider-Man is coming and show off some key art and maybe the character design. Then on Thursday, the PlayStation event will provide a full trailer and gameplay breakdown for the hero.

4. Gran Turismo 7 Release Date

Another game that has been missing for over a year is Gran Turismo 7. Like the God of War sequel, this game was a big part of the lead-up promotion before the PS5 came out and also suffered a delay. Therefore, one of my predictions is that the PlayStation showcase will reintroduce the racing sim with new gameplay and details on what this new entry will bring.

Gran Turismo 7 - Announcement Trailer | PS5

As it stands, the release date is just specified to be 2022, so there’s a chance that we’ll also get a specific date for its launch or at least something a little more specific. Just as with Gran Turismo Sport, there is expected to be a beta for the seventh entry, thus if anything the dates for this test will probably tease fans with when they can get hands-on.

5. PlayStation Games Coming to PC

Finally, I think it’s a safe bet to presume that they’ll announce what PlayStation games are coming to PC next. After the success of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, it seems like bringing PlayStation games to PC is something that they’ll want to keep doing.

I predict that the rumoured Uncharted ports will be announced during Thursday’s show. An Uncharted Collection was recently leaked which is expected to include all five games for PC (and maybe as a package for PlayStation users as well?). Sony’s recent acquisition of Nixxes Software supports this prediction as they are known to handle PC ports.

This news may upset some fans as they may feel like this cheapens their beloved exclusives by making them available on PC, but it doesn’t really matter. From a consumer’s perspective, someone else getting access to a game you like does not impact your own ability to enjoy the game. It just means that it will bring in more fans, make more money and help justify and fund sequels. Plus it allows for the games to potentially look and run better than they ever have before.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC – Launch Trailer

There’s More

There’s also a whole slew of other rumours that have been circulating lately. Some of them seem to lack any evidence to support them whereas others may have some credence to them. For example, a leak suggests a new InFamous game might make an appearance, Sony Bend has an unannounced new IP in the works, another Spider-Man game from Insomniac is surely in the works, and more from other first and third-party studios, many of which could feature during this upcoming stream.

At the end of the day, it is important to manage expectations. These are just a few predictions for the PlayStation showcase; nothing is guaranteed. Although we haven’t heard much about the next God of War in a while, it doesn’t mean we will this time; many fans have left the previous State of Plays disappointed because they went in expecting some things to be a certainty. We will eventually get trailers for all of the upcoming games that you’re excited about, but only when the time is right.

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