5 New Hero Skins We Need in Star Wars Battlefront III

Which Hero skins do we lack now but need in the future of Star Wars Battlefront? Some new legs for Maul, or maybe a Padawan braid for Anakin? With EA having finished up II, here are five cosmetics we might hope to see included next in Battlefront III.

5 New Hero Skins We Need In Star Wars Battlefront III Cover

Star Wars Battlefront II, once a controversial and lacking title, is now a complete and stellar experience. Although some players, myself included, have been left without a few of the Hero skins we’d hoped for. This is especially the case for those of us who aren’t able or are hesitant to install mods (many mods of which have already implemented the skins I’ll be discussing here).

As for me, I’m not disappointed by the end of the content flux, or by the finality of cosmetic selections. I am, however, looking forward to the skins we may get in the heavily-rumored sequel. Here is my own interpretation of which new Hero skins we need in Star Wars Battlefront III!

5. Stormtrooper Luke

Out of all of Luke’s outfit appearances throughout the movies, this one is shortly featured but memorable nonetheless. As you might recall, he and Han wore the Imperial uniforms as disguises while inside the Death Star. Maybe you remember the trash compactor scene and Leia’s sassy quip: “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” As with my praise of II’s Princess Leia outfit, cinematic nostalgia is a factor.

Leia, Han, and Luke in the Death Star's garbage

Leia, Han, and Luke in the Death Star’s garbage

I can only imagine how fun it would be to wield Luke’s lightsaber, while wearing the body armor of his enemies. I envision a stormtrooper-clad but helmet-less Luke jumping around the map with his green blade at the ready. It wouldn’t be the most canonically-fitting display, but it would look incredibly cool. Yet another recurring factor in my assessments, I admire this possible armored look the same way I admire Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Clone Wars outfit, considerably for looking reminiscent of the Old Republic Jedi aesthetic. 

4. Old Boba Fett

The legendary bounty hunter reappeared in The Mandalorian, much older and a little less trim. He now wears a black cloak underneath his armor pieces, as well as a belt of ammunition around his waist. Something about the robe/cloak with armor combo is clearly appealing to me. 

A younger Boba Fett

A younger Boba Fett

Whether or not this skin is added, it’s likely that EA will add more Mandalorian content, perhaps an appearance of Boba’s father and Clone Wars bounty hunter Jango Fett, or Pedro Pascal’s “Mando” himself. Playing as Boba alongside a completely different character in Mando would be interesting, but perhaps a bit redundant. This leads me to prioritize an additional skin over another Mandalorian Hero, and I would definitely find this one to be a fresh twist on the classic Boba.

3. Maul’s Third Pair Of Legs

Battlefront II included Maul’s appearance from the Rebels cartoon, but not earlier ones from The Clone Wars. In the latter, Maul had originally been losing his mind alone in a cave, where he fashioned multiple creepy, robotic spider legs for himself, while his horns had also grown long and more twisted. After being rescued by his brother and revived by the Nightsisters, Maul was given new robotic legs, though not the same ones we see in Rebels, which he got from the Mandalorian Death Watch later in the series.

Maul being revived on Dathomir

Maul being revived on Dathomir

So, we have a skin of Maul’s fourth set of legs, but the third set is also unique and deserving of inclusion. At the time of his using these, Maul was often also shirtless save for his neck armor, another difference from the two skins already in-game. To me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Maul skins we have now. In fact, I think the Old Master look is the coolest in the entire game, but I just can’t get enough of the Sith outcast and his evolution.

2. Long-Haired Obi-Wan

Most of II’s skins feature the same character hairstyle, but not all. For example, Leia sports a variety of different do’s. This look from Attack of the Clones is my favorite of Obi-Wan’s, and so I can only hope EA treats his avatar with the same attention to hairstyle detail. I’ve seen some mod versions of this very look, but they don’t seem quite accurate to me. In defense of these mods, the default face of Obi-Wan in the game is far from spot-on itself.

Obi-Wan on a mission

Obi-Wan on a mission

In the event that EA takes this skin on, not much would change about Kenobi’s actual outfit. But seeing as how Chewbacca has a whole skin devoted to a single bandage, I don’t think I’m asking too much! I’m tempted to ask for Anakin’s padawan braid, or even Obi-Wan’s, but I’ll happily keep my request limited to his flowing locks. 

1. Dagobah Luke

Our current Luke is always covered up in long-sleeves. Why not change things up with the Dagobah tank-top? This was what Luke wore while training with Master Yoda on the swamp planet, after taking off his X-Wing pilot gear. It would really be something if EA could create a Chewbacca skin which incorporates a dismantled C-3PO on his back, and a Dagobah Luke skin which features Yoda piggybacking.

Luke and Yoda train on Dagobah

Luke and Yoda train on Dagobah

But the non-piggyback version will definitely suffice. This outfit could surely be added to the next game, as Luke is the entire Star Wars franchise’s first and favorite hero; he deserves a full wardrobe. This is just one, but the last on this list, of what I believe are five new Hero skins we need in Star Wars Battlefront III.

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