5 of the Hardest Crash Bandicoot Levels

WOAH! Crash Bandicoot returns this year with Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. In honour of this wacky marsupial's return, let's look back at some of the hardest Crash Bandicoot levels we've had to endure from the N. Sane Trilogy. The last time we saw a brand new Crash game was ages ago, so it definitely is about time!

5 of the Hardest Crash Bandicoot Levels Cover

I’m a sucker for Crash Bandicoot games. I know a lot didn’t go well, especially after Naughty Dog moved on. But with the awesome remastered titles, we know Crash is now in good hands. So you could understand my and many others’ excitement when Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was announced. In excitement with the announcement, I decided to look back and compile the hardest Crash Bandicoot levels from the N. Sane Trilogy.

A majority of these games are from the first title, and when I thought about it, I think it might be due to the fact that Crash doesn’t have much at his disposal to aid him through platforming. It’s quite bare bones actually. Jump, spin and that’s about it. The latter titles offered you more, especially the slide into a high jump. Also, as many of you know, a lot of Crash games will have a similar vibe and theme to other levels within the game. So with this list, I selected levels that are completely different from one another.

With that put aside, here are the levels I struggled with the most in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.  And of course when I say struggled, I mean almost obliterated my controller. Yeah, almost.

5. Hog Wild

Who can forget that iconic Crash eyebrow flick?

Who can forget that iconic Crash eyebrow flick?

Hog Wild is one of my favourite, yet one of the hardest Crash Bandicoot levels from the original game. Though a few tune-ups in gameplay make it more bearable in the N. Sane Trilogy, Hog Wild is still one tough cookie. This is one of the first levels in which Crash is no longer on foot, and controlling that damn hog is no easy challenge. Add spike poles, pits and natives holding shields up as obstacles and you have, well, a crazy, albeit slightly racist, Crash Bandicoot level.

I’m not so sure if this level is hard because of the obstacles or the awkward controls, but regardless, it’s got to be up there as one of the most annoying levels in the game.

4. The Lab

Supercharged lab assistants?!

Supercharged lab assistants?!

As you edge closer to completing the first Crash game, the final full level delivers quite a punch. Right off the bat, the dude that decided to hide TNT’s in a cluster of boxes? Not cool. This level has supercharged lab assistants chasing you, squidgy blobs bouncing your way and the most irritating of switch-controlled pits that exist throughout the level. What makes it more annoying is that there are no Aku Aku boxes in this level. So good luck, because you’ll literally be needing every bit of it. 

Oh, you also get a yellow gem for completing this level without dying. I know it’s not the hardest level to complete without dying but, yeah, it’s no walk in the park, I’ll give it that.

3. Spaced Out

PTSD looking at this level.

PTSD looking at this level.

Without a doubt the hardest Crash Bandicoot level from any level outside of the first game. Spaced Out is the final level in the last warp room before you face off against Cortex in what I can only describe as the worst final boss level, period. But let’s not go there; back to the level. This level involves pistons ready to hammer down on your head, “Sparky Tentaclebot Units” (according to Bandipedia), rays that make you shrink and, of course, the classic lab assistants. It’s the damn Tentaclebot Units that make this level so annoying. They are programmed to kill you with the slightest of touches!

2. The High Road

The tightrope cheat in full play here.

The tightrope cheat in full play here.

Very similar in looks to the Road to Nowhere level, but a lot more complex. This level has some of the most difficult placed jumps in all of the trilogy. Players have one straight route to complete, but it’s no way near as easy as it sounds. Who knew that a bridge with slippery icy platforms, timed platforms, half broken planks and TURTLES would combine to break so many controllers, eh? 

As old school Crash fans know, there is sort of a cheat to this level in which the player can tight walk the rope of the bridge. But even that proves to be a challenge, as the remastered version seems to make it quite difficult to land and then to maintain balance on the rope. This level actually made me give up on platinuming the first game, as I just for the sake of me could not complete the time trial for this one. A pat on the back to anyone who’s achieved it. A pat rich in jealousy. 

1. Stormy Ascent

Stormy Ascent can go to hell!

Stormy Ascent can go to hell!

You knew this was coming up. Come on. 

Similar to Slippery Climb yet a lot more vile, Stormy Ascent is by far the hardest Crash Bandicoot level. In fact, it’s up there as one of the hardest levels I’ve played in a platforming game, period. And I’ve completed Cuphead

If you don’t know the story by now, this level was cut from the original game due to its difficulty, only to later be added as a DLC level for the remastered N. Sane trilogy. This level consists of awkwardly placed retracting steps, levitating platforms, spikes, lab assistants and vultures. Yeah, the vultures are a nice touch, because guess what? You’re going to die. A lot.

Those were the levels I found the hardest in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Did I miss any obvious picks? Any tough ones you remember that wasn’t in the first game? Be sure to let me know with a comment below!

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