5 Empires of the Ascended Decks You Should Try in Legends of Runeterra

Eager to try some new Empires of the Ascended decks? Try these 5 new Legends of Runeterra decks you can try right now. From hard control to fast aggro and anything in between, you will definitely find something to fit your play style.

5 Empires of the Ascended Decks You Should Try in Legends of Runeterra

The latest Legends of Runeterra expansion has been out for almost 3 weeks and has definitely shaken up the meta. To the delight of fans, the set brought many new interesting cards to the CCG. From cool build-around cards to new inclusions to already established archetypes, there is something for everyone among the new additions. So, if you are wandering what new build you should try, this article has you covered. Below you will find some of the freshest Empires of the Ascended Decks you can build right now.

1. Kindred/Nasus kill ’em all

There are a few popular ways to build a Kindred deck. The combination with Elise is often used, as the latter champion can provide early game push as well as generate disposable followers. This version uses Piltover & Zaun in order to add additional burn. Some use Demacia as secondary region and add combat tricks. However, both versions seem a bit linear in my eyes and go to heavy on the removal plan.

While the combination with Nasus carries all typical hallmarks of the archetype, there are some key additions, courtesy of Shurima. The region provides access to Rite of Negation, an extremely powerful protection spell. You can also find a champion thanks to Rite of Calling (and trigger Kindred’s ability while doing so). This is very useful as the deck can struggle if you do not have one of the two champions going. Lastly, Nasus is much more powerful than Elise in the late game and can quickly close up matches, especially with the help of Atrocity.

Nothing improves a deck better than a good counterspell

Nothing improves a deck better than a good counterspell

2. Azir Burn

If you are looking for a hyper-aggressive deck that can quickly finish games, you should check this build out. Possibly the most competitive of the Empires of the Ascended decks featured here, it aims to go low to the ground, dropping effective small followers and dishing-up as much damage as possible before the enemy player is able to react. You will be able to find some well-established cards such as Cursed Keeper, Ravenous Butcher and Blighted Caretaker. The newcomer Dunekeeper is a nice addition that can do up to 4 damage on turn 1 and also provides a second body that can be used for sacrifice purposes.

A truly nasty combination is Doombeast plus Stalking Shadows or Fading Memories. This combo can truly help you push the last points of damage.

As for the Emperor of Sands himself, you won’t regret if you draw it, too. Azir generates additional bodies (and remember, every point of damage is important when playing aggro) and if you manage to level him up, a solid boost to your offence.

Seems Shurima doesn't mind some Shadow Isles influence

Seems Shurima doesn’t mind some Shadow Isles influence

3. Trundle/Lissandra control

From absolute aggro to its polar (get it, polar, cold? Ahh, forget it…) opposite. If you like to take things more slow and methodical and also annoy your opponent while doing it, this would be the deck for you.

This combination packs a lot of ways to control the board and prevent early aggression. Cards like Vile Feast and Withering Wail can help you clear out smaller critters, while Harsh Winds and Tree Sisters will help you against the bigger treats. If this is not timed well enough, The Ruination will simply clear out the board.

There are a few variations to the archetype, depending on how many followers vs. removal you would like to run. Some of the decks use the Frozen Thrall landmark and Draklorn Inquisitor for additional field presences, while others rely more on Trundle and the classic combo of Commander Ledros plus Atrocity. The coolest way to win would be by managing to play The Watcher and either hurl it towards you opponent via Atrocity or succeeding to attack with it. You enemy can’t win if they don’t have any cards in their deck, right?

A more follower-heavy version of the archetype

A more follower-heavy version of the archetype

4. Azir/Hecarim ephemerals

Azir gets another shout out with this spicy brew. On the surface, the deck runs many of the Shurima/Shadow Isles staples. You have Dunekeeper as well as Barkbeast and Ravenous butcher as early game treats and Rite of Negation as a means for protection/sac outlet. However, this creation really benefits from Azir, especially in his leveled-up version. The combination of Shark Chariot plus the ephemeral enablers such as Stalking Shadow and Haunted Relic mean that you’ll be able to generate lots of bodies fast and constantly hit hard. Once leveled-up, Azir will pump those annoying sharks for tons of additional damage.

While the focus of this deck seems to be Azir, Hecarim should not be underestimated one bit. Once he hits the board, he can quickly overtake the game while also providing support for your ephemeral shenanigans. If you have him and Azir both on level 2 at the same time, well, this should be a very tight spot for the opponent to be in.

Still, if the game drags on and your enemy manages to clear the board, a surprise The Harrowing should definitely turn back the spectral tides in your favor.

“Beware of sandsharks” sing not included

5. Vladimir/Braum Crimson Bloodletter

Unlike the other Empires of the Ascended Decks in this list, this one does not use any of the champions newly added to Legends of Runeterra. However some interesting new additions and interactions still make it a fun inclusion. The crimson cycle includes a number of followers that benefit when damage has been dealt to them. While Crimson Disciple and Curator are already well-known, what pushes the archetype is Crimson Bloodletter. This one drop can enable the other crimson followers while pumping itself in the process.

Another powerful tool is the The Scargrounds landmark. Giving Tough to your followers would usually mean all the benefits without any downside. Suddenly dealing one damage to your Crimson Disciple or Scarmother Vrynna will not carry the risk of killing them off all the while constantly dishing additional damage.

If all this isn’t enough to wear down your opponent, Vladimir can surely finish the job. Serving both as enabler and finisher the hero provides additional functionality and threat to the deck.

Self-damage, pump spells and some mustache for a well-rounded deck

Self-damage, pump spells and some mustache for a well-rounded deck


So there you have it: 5 of the hottest Empires of the Ascended Decks you can try right now. Whether you aim for something more competitive or more experimental, this article should give you some interesting ideas. Just make sure you have enough wildcards—or if not, get on with the Vault grind.

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