5 Comics to Read After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Finished binge-watching and still craving more Falcon and Winter Soldier? These five comics should satisfy that desire to see more of these superheroes. This list ranges from understanding their origins and personal conflict to seeing the duo team up.

5 Comics to Read After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cover

Critics and audiences have praised The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for its great dynamic between the main leads, themes on social commentary, and incredible action scenes. Even with this magnificent show, viewers yearn for more of what they loved from the show. There’s plenty of material from comics over the years to keep viewers satisfied until whenever we eventually see these characters again. These five comics are the perfect representation from the show.

Be aware; if you haven’t watched The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there are some mild spoilers ahead.

5. Captain America Vol. 2: Winter Soldier

Creators: Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting, and Mike Perkins 

For the longest time, Bucky Barnes was considered one of the few comic book characters that would always stay dead. It wasn’t until this landmark story from Ed Brubaker that it showed Bucky not only being alive but having him become an enemy of his best friend thanks to Hydra. It’s up to Steve to figure out what happened to the closest person in his life.

Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we see the trauma Bucky goes through with him being the Winter Soldier. Bucky still has PTSD from his old days during the show as he shakes off the past. It’s the essential Winter Soldier story that shows why he’s a big force in the Marvel universe.

Friend vs friend.

Friend vs friend.

4. Truth: Red, White, and Black

Creators: Robert Morales and Kyle J Baker

One of the breakout characters from Falcon and the Winter Soldier was Isaiah Bradley. His tragic backstory is taken from the tremendous limited series Truth: Red, White & Black. We follow him as he leaves his family behind to serve in this military. Unfortunately, a regiment of black soldiers, including Isaiah, are cruelly subjected to super soldier experiments. Only he remains alive as he goes to Europe under the guise of Captain America to fight in the war. It’s a heartbreaking tale that combines Marvel with the horrible real-life history of the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments. No doubt just like the legend of Isaiah, this story shouldn’t be forgotten.

The truth comes out.

The truth comes out.

3. Winter Soldier: Second Chances

Creators: Kyle Higgins and Rod Reid

This series explores the Winter Soldier trying to find redemption for himself. He does that by helping other people on the way. The comic sets up an interesting dynamic with Bucky and a kid named RJ. Just like Bucky, RJ was brainwashed by HYDRA and trained to become the next Winter Soldier.

This story is a lot more personal than others as there are no epic villains or wild action. However, seeing Bucky harness his pain into helping others is some powerful stuff. It’s what the show has been setting up as we get to see his redemption story get played out. The writing combined with the incredible art style from Rod Reid helps to make this story a standout for everyone’s hitman.

Road to redemption.

Road to redemption.

2. Captain America: Sam Wilson

Creators: Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna, and Paul Renaud

Marvel decided to change the status quo by having Steve get the super-soldier that caused him to step down. He decided to hand the mantle of Captain America down to Sam. Things don’t start out easy for him as he makes some waves with his allies and the people at SHIELD. Sam is now on his own as he tries to bring his own energy to the shield. 

What’s impressive about Sam being Captain America is his sense of conviction. He’s not afraid of taking a stance on issues like racism or immigration. Even at the beginning of this comic run, people are protesting him. It’s that quality of Sam that makes him the perfect person to take on the mantle. We see moments like that from the show where Sam stands his ground and understand why Steve from MCU would choose Sam to carry on the mantle.

New man, same shield.

New man, same shield.

1. Falcon & Winter Soldier (2020)

Creators: Derek Landy and Federico Vicentin

Last year, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier scheduled to release during the summer, and simultaneously Marvel Comics would publish a series featuring the two title characters. Granted the release would have gone smoothly if it wasn’t for this pandemic, but thankfully we still got our fix. This comic brilliantly stepped in to show what we would have gotten later.

There are so many elements from the show that we see in this comic run. It has the same energy from the show as the banter and quips from Bucky and Sam is on par with what we’ve seen so far. Combined with the action scenes that Federico Vicentin beautifully draws, and it feels like a continuation of the show. The relationship between Sam and Bucky finally gets to stand out as the focus is solely on them together.

The dynamic duo.

The dynamic duo.

What was your favorite moment from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Let me know in the comments down below.

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