5 Biggest Action Movies Releasing July 2022

Get ready for some big action movies releasing July 2022 with another Thor film from fan-favourite director Taika Waititi, a Netflix original from the Russo Brothers, and one of Bruce Willis’ last features before he retires. Some smaller productions also make the list, as they show big promise.

5 Biggest Action Movies Releasing July 2022 cover

There are a lot of different types of action movies releasing in July 2022 to satisfy every kind of audience after a cinematic adrenaline rush.

Fan-favourite director Taika Waititi returns for another blockbuster Thor movie, the Russo brothers provide a blockbuster of Hollywood proportions for Netflix, and Bruce Willis headlines a small, but promising, action flick.

If you’re after some more great movie suggestions and reviews, make sure to check these out:

Take the Night

Releases July 8 in limited US theatres and July 12 on VOD/Digital.

Don’t you just hate it when somebody plans your fake kidnapping for your birthday and the kidnappers turn rogue and violent in a bid to get a hold of your family’s fortune? Ugh, the worst.

Sam Song Si plays kidnapped brother, Robert, with Roy Huang starring as his resentful sibling, William. When William’s birthday plans go rogue, they must work together to protect their family’s wealth. Like a lot of good action movies, the plot to Take the Night is a little ridiculous. However, it sounds like it could set up a decent thriller with family drama.

Written and directed by Seth McTigue for his theatrical film debut, it’s tough to say if this crime thriller will have a standout quality to it. The trailer helps sell the concept and look of the feature, so let’s hope we get some solid set pieces that could make it one of the biggest action movies releasing July 2022.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Releases July 8 in US theatres.

It’s a superhero, fantasy, sci fi, action extravaganza in Marvel’s newest blockbuster! Natalie Portman returns to the MCU and her Jane Foster role. However, this time she gets a more significant part to play as Mighty Thor.

Jane’s original Mighty Thor run is one of the most beloved and heartbreaking Thor stories in Marvel Comics’ history. So, there are big hopes from fans that writer and director Taika Waititi’s natural humor and charm showcased in Thor: Ragnarok can translate well with his MCU take on the famous Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman comic run. Chris Hemsworth still leads the production, with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew and fan favourite Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) returning as well. It also wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without a few new megastar cast members. Christian Bale and Russell Crowe make up this quota, starring in very spoiler-y roles that I won’t reveal here, but official promotion will, so beware!

If superhero fare isn’t for you, it might not be a big deal. However, for a vast majority of moviegoing audiences, Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the biggest action movies releasing July 2022. It’s also one of the biggest movies of the year, regardless of genre.

Wrong Place

Releases July 15 in limited US theatres and on VOD/Digital.

It may not be one of Bruce Willis’ biggest starring roles, but an action movie with the Hollywood legend is almost always elevated by his presence, no matter what caliber of filmmaker directs him. We’ll also have to appreciate what we get of new Bruce Willis releases while we can, as he will soon be retiring from acting due to his aphasia diagnosis.

Mike Burns directs a screenplay from Bill Lawrence in Wrong Place, which sees Willis plays Frank, former police chief of a small town. Frank finds himself being hunted down by a meth kingpin seeking to silence him before he can deliver eyewitness testimony. The crime boss gets more than he bargains for, however, when he directs his threats towards Frank’s daughter, Chloe (Ashley Greene). Both Willis and Greene seem to be involved in a fair bit of action, making it at least different enough from all the other Taken clones we got after the film’s initial release in 2008.

Wrong Place might not set the box office on fire this month, but it still looks to be one of the biggest action movies releasing July 2022.

The Gray Man

Releases July 22 worldwide on Netflix.

The type of action film to take note of, The Gray Man is Netflix’s headlining addition this July from the Russo brothers, of MCU fame.

It didn’t get a lot of attention when it was released, but Sam Hargrave’s Extraction, written and produced by the Russo brothers for Netflix, was one hell of a romp. Their newest Netflix production seems to be getting a little more attention than that Chris Hemsworth-led feature. So, if the action is as good as Extraction or Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Gray Man could definitely be the biggest action movie releasing July 2022.

Starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana De Armas (I’m sold already), the movie follows the CIA’s top asset (Gosling) who uncovers agency secrets. This triggers a global hunt by assassins set loose by his ex-colleague. With such a talented cast, crew, and a huge blockbuster budget, you’ll want to check this one out.

The Reef: Stalked

Releases July 29 on Shudder.

If you want to continue Shark Week celebrations this year, The Reef: Stalked can fill that creature feature sized hole in your schedule. The sequel to The Reef comes over ten years after the original surprised audiences with its tense atmosphere and actually-this-isn’t-horrible production values. Director and writer Andrew Traucki returns, meaning we know it’s at least in capable, proven hands.

This time, the story follows Nic (Teressa Liane) who travels to a tropical resort with her friends for a kayaking and diving adventure in an effort to heal after witnessing her sister’s horrific murder. Early in their expedition, a great white shark attacks the group, forcing them to band together to try and kill it. If you’re not a movie monster type of horror/action fan, you still might want to give The Reef: Stalked a try if you have a Shudder subscription. If it’s anything like the original, you’re in for more of a Jaws-type viewing than a Sharknado affair, making it one of the biggest action movies releasing July 2022.

What action movie are you most looking forward to this July? Let me know in the comments below!

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