5 Battle Royale Games For People Who Hate Them

Be the last one standing! These 5 Battle Royale games do things a little different than the rest of the crowd. With so many out there it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. So even if you aren’t a fan of the genre or are burnt out on these games, there is sure to be a game here that catches your eye.

5 Battle Royale Games for People Who Hate Them

Here we are again, another list about a genre I don’t likeWe’ve all seen the Battle Royale genre grow over the last few years. With it, we have seen A LOT of developers jump on the bandwagon. But much like every genre, anything from Tactical or Metroidvania, there are a few games that do something different. Whether that’s cool mechanics or great gameplay, there are some that are just too good to ignore. So, here are 5 Battle Royale games I think are worth your time, even if you hate these genres.

These are in no particular order, and If you think I missed one, feel free to comment below and let me know!

Fall Guys

Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4

First, we have a colourful and chaotic game that starts this list off strong.

Fall Guys Gameplay Trailer

Fall Guys has up to 60 players compete and work together in a host of bizarre and unique obstacle courses and challenges. From mad dashes with swinging hammers to stealing chicken eggs, it’s a perfect mixture of fun, silliness, and pandemonium.

Instead of the usual guns and explosions, Mediatonic focused on making a game that is simply fun. It has equal parts frantic mayhem and goofy physics that makes dashing and diving both chaotic and enjoyable. The mini-games are varied, giving you a ton of variety as you advance through the rounds all with different vibes and objectives. There’s great customization for your little bean guys with tons of cosmetics to choose from and unlock. And it does all this with a light and comical flair that makes it nearly impossible to get angry. Half the fun is the wacky failures you make along the way!

It’s a lighthearted, fun, and pleasantly frustrating game, and it easily earns its spot on this list.


Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Next, we have a magic-infused gem that will easily put a spell on you (get it?).

Spellbreak Official Launch Cinematic Trailer

Spellbreak is a Battle Royale with a magical twist to it. Using a variety of spells and element types, you’ll blast enemies away using different combinations of spells and abilities. You’ll get to experiment and craft your playstyle in a dynamic and fresh take on the genre.

Spellbreak is a personal favourite of mine and has arguably some of the most enjoyable and rewarding gameplay of any Battle Royale out there. Its focus on experimentation is what makes the game so rewarding. With a huge amount of different spells, runes, abilities, and equipment to find, you can create builds that blend together into completely unique gameplay experiences. Whether that’s electrifying toxic clouds, turning boulders into meteors, or controlling time, there is a ton of variety here that makes for some intense and rewarding matches. Along with great customization, interesting lore, and a host of other modes to keep things fresh, Spellbreak is full of content that only grows larger with each update

If you fancy a more action-based, magic flinging take on the genre, you can’t go wrong with this enchanting entry (seriously I’ll stop now).

Soviet Jump Game

Platforms: PC

This entry offers up a neat little mashup of the old and new.


Published by the YouTube channel GameGrumps, Soviet Jump Game takes the classic gameplay and pixel art style of 2D side scrollers and blends it together with the Battle Royale genre to create a game that’s both nostalgic and modern. As you battle and platform, you’ll collect power-ups and coins and fend off the other “comrades” and claim victory.

This unique blend of gameplay is what makes Soviet Jump Game unique, and whilst it’s a relatively simple take on the genre, it’s this simplicity that works in its favour. Platforming across weird and creative areas feels fluid and puts more emphasis on player skill than you might think. The unique abilities like beehive grenades and drivable mini tanks make for some interesting gameplay. It has that chaotic yet enjoyable energy, making dashing around to avoid and chase down players feel rewarding and fun, without feeling frustrating or unfair. Plus like most other Battle Royales, you get some cool cosmetics to customize your comrade (including a few Grumps-inspired skins).

Those who fancy a bit of nostalgia should look no further than this indie gem. It’s fun, wacky, and original. Sounds like a win to me.

Ring of Elysium

Platforms: PC

This entry is, in a way, a more “traditional” Battle Royale. But it’s got plenty of quirks that help it feel unique.

Ring of Elysium Season 15 Official Trailer - REUNION

Ring of Elysium is a shooter Battle Royale, with a focus on traversal, survival, and an incredibly detailed and immersive world. Using an array of equipment and abilities, players have a ton of choices in how they defeat other players and navigate an ever-changing map as they battle to reach their escape helicopter and achieve sweet victory.

On the surface, Ring of Elysium looks quite derivative, yet once you get to experience what it has to offer, it is clear it does more than enough to stand on its own two feet. Tactical equipment such as medguns, recon drones, and vehicle mod kits, all gives players different ways to engage their enemies. Traversal plays a big part in the gameplay. Equipment like grapple hooks, gliders, vehicles, ice climbing gear to help players traverse the huge world. The maps are huge and diverse, brought to life with detailed lighting, weather conditions, and graphics to make for an incredibly immersive world. Together, these make for a dynamic Battle Royale that combines survival game and shooter into something that’s both familiar and new all in one package.

Those wanting an interesting and dynamic world, cool equipment, and some shooter goodness will find it here.

Naraka: Bladepoint

Platforms: PC

For this entry, it’s all about the combat, and boy, is the combat stellar.


Naraka: Bladepoint is a combat focused Battle Royale, with players using a variety of different heroes to pull off epic combos with agile movement, brutal combat, and awesome skill-based gameplay.

Naraka feels more akin to a fighting or action RPG game. It’s that fact alone that helps make it such a standout in the genre. With its focus on intense, skill-based combat, each fight feels like an epic battle. As for the heroes, each feels distinct. With their own playstyles, weapons, and abilities, it gives a ton of choice and variety for players to experience. Factor in a gorgeous art style, settings, and extra game modes, it just adds up to a great package. Arguably one with some of the most rewarding combat in a Battle Royale to date.

Anyone who fancies intense, skill-based, epic feeling gameplay will be hard-pressed not to give this game a try.

Think I missed any? Any other games in the genre you should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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