4 Old School MMORPGs You Might Not Have Heard of

If you're feeling nostalgic and looking for an old-school MMORPG that you want to try, you're in the right place. I'm here to give you a couple of games you might want to try out that will give you the nostalgia drive you once had when you were a kid.

4 Old School MMORPGs You Might Not Have Heard of

I know that there are times where you just feel a little bit nostalgic about some games and want to feel that way again. Most of these are very grind-heavy, so you will be spending a lot of time killing monsters mindlessly while you listen to some music. Some people find this therapeutic where they can just shut their brains off and click. But some people find this to be too boring. Just keep in mind that these recommendations aren’t for everyone.

With all of that being said, let’s talk about some MMORPGs that might’ve been popular before but have now faded!

1. Eden Eternal

The Official Eden Eternal Trailer

Released about 10 years ago, this game incorporated something that wasn’t so widespread back then. You see, most MMORPGs, even today, have always been job-locked. Meaning, your character will only be that job for the rest of the game. Unless there’s a class progression offered, you’re basically stuck with that class. Eden Eternal has seen this as kind of a problem and introduced a flexible class system that allows you to change classes whenever you like. This was ultimately the selling point of the game, which was successful for a while as it attracted a ton of players during its heyday.

Nowadays, it’s criticized for its item mall and heavy monetization (thanks to Aeria Games), but private servers exist now, and I recommend Vendetta’s.

2. RAN Online

Ran Online Gameplay Trailer (New)

RAN Online was a beast back then. Released back in 2004; it was the game everyone played back then from where I live. Everyone played RAN Online, and it was to the point where everyone would flex their characters online. Back then, during the time I played it, the game was a simple game—four classes (Swordsman, Brawler, Shaman, Archer), which are pretty self-explanatory. The hook of the game were the schools that the players can be part of. The schools offer a different setting to players depending on what school they chose. It also plays a big part in PvP as it’s actually a big part of RAN where people from other campuses just raid people from other campuses, and they just PK each other. Very messy stuff as you can just get ganked out of nowhere once you can go outside of the campus, but it’s in that kind of chaos that some people thrive in.

As of today, the game has officially shut down. Private servers exist, but I wouldn’t recommend playing on them.

3. FlyFF Online

Flyff Gold Official Trailer

FlyFF Online exploded in popularity in Asia during the early 2000s, where MMORPGs are starting to gain traction. FlyFF stands for Fly For Fun, and you probably know why this game was popular back then. Yup, you’re correct; it featured flying. Something that wasn’t popular back then. I remember during the popularity boom of MMORPGs during the early 2000s in Asia, new games were getting announced left and right, and it was very hard to keep up. Every game had something different to offer and a hook. This game’s hook is its flying mechanic—nothing else too special about the game aside from it, to be honest.

Official servers still exist to this date, showing players just how strong the community is.

4. Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online Trailer

Ah, yes. The game that started it all, at least in my country. I think by now, people reading this have a good idea where I live. Anyway, Ragnarok Online was the biggest game back then. Unfortunately, I haven’t played the game during its heyday, but its hardcore community still plays it to this date. With a lot of private servers around, the community just grows larger. The game was popular due to its aesthetics and music that still lives up to this date. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a few Ragnarok music even if you haven’t played the game. The biggest hook was the vast amount of classes available. With over 20+ classes available, you just won’t be able to get enough of the game.

Private servers exist, and a quick google search would show you the top-rated ones. An official server still thrives, but with games like these, I think private servers do much better.

These are just a couple of games that had an impact on me when I was very young. I loved every single one of them, but Ragnarok still stands as the top one. If there are other MMORPGs you know, that made an impact in your life, feel free to mention them in the comments section down below!

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