3 Best Digimon Games to Counter Absence of Digimon Survive

With 2020 nearing its end without Digimon Survive, Digimon fans might be wondering where they can experience their Digimon gaming needs. See the best Digimon games for aspiring newcomers and longtime fans, ranging from classic turn-based adventures, semi open-world virtual pet-simulators, and multiplayer MMORPG's.

3 Best Digimon Games to Counter Absence of Digimon Survive Cover

Many uncertainties are piling up regarding the release of Digimon Survive despite being confirmed for a Western release back in 2019. In fact, according to the game producer’s (Kazumasa Habu) recent response to a distressed fan on Twitter, a delay might be imminent. Consequently, fans of the beloved Digital Monster franchise might be wondering where they can get a dose of the Digimon flavour while they await further confirmation regarding the series’ upcoming instalment. Worry not; today I’ll be listing 3 best Digimon games you can play while waiting for Digimon Survive.


Two games in one.

Two games in one.

Originally released back in 2016, Digimon Story Cybersleuth is a JRPG developed by Media.Vision and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PS4 and PS Vita, with a sequel following suit on 2018. The Complete Edition was announced and released late last year exclusively to Windows and Switch, offering both games in one package. I put this first in my list because I believe its the most accessible one out of the others in this list. I highly recommend the complete edition because you can instantly jump into Hacker’s Memory as soon as you’re done with Cybersleuth. However, if you’re not in possession of a Switch or PC, you can get the two games separately on PS4.

Hosting a variety of Digimon to collect, addictive turn-based combat, refined Digivolution system and an engaging plot with Japanese voice-acting, Cybersleuth and Hacker’s Memory earns being called one of the best Digimon games to date, offering a little something for everyone—newcomers and longtime fans alike. 


Take care of your Digi-pets.

Take care of your Digi-pets.

This one is a personal favorite of mine because it’s a reboot of the original Digimon World that came out in the early PS1 days. Digimon World: Next Order was developed by B.B Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. You play as a mysterious outsider—one of potentially two main characters that have been transported into the Digital World due to unknown reasons. In the Digital World, File City has lost most of its inhabitants due to the chaos that’s spreading across the Digital World. I’m not gonna mince words; this game can be quite frustrating when you first start as there’s an array of confusing systems and mechanics to get familiar with if you weren’t exposed to the original game.

Moreover, people who have played Digimon Story Cybersleuth and Hacker’s Memory shouldn’t expect the same experience jumping into this, as it offers a vastly different experience and feel to those games.

That said, once you do get used to it, you’ll find a charming, open-world, virtual-pet simulator game akin to that of the Monster Rancher series. For fans of the original game, you will benefit from the enhanced systems and mechanics, enlarged world, decent voice-acting, reimagined story and improved visuals. Digimon World: Next Order is available exclusively on the PS4. 


Play online for free!

Play online for free!

The last tile on this list is Digimon Masters, a free-to-play MMORPG developed by MoveGames. From real-time combat, friend and trade systems, main quests, costumes and raids—Digimon Masters is about as much as you would expect from an MMORPG. Longtime fans and newcomers of the franchise can find a good deal of enjoyment within this game depending on how much time they can contribute to it. Unlike the other Digimon games featured on this list, Digimon Masters is encouraged to play with others. You can download this title for free on Steam


All in all, there’s a certain pattern to the Digimon games in where there is no pattern! Each game is different in its presentation and feel. Although some might be a hit or miss, Digimon continues to take experimental and bold strides with its games, making each one a unique experience to anyone interested in delving into its fascinating world.

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